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Star Wars Captioning #99 - Page 3 of 5

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A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen by guest editor Cirrocco
Submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco, who whittled down more than 1000 entries to a concise ... 255 :)

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-100 - 101-150 - 151-200 - 201-255

* Han: I don't have a blaster, but I guess this will have to do.
by You don't want to know

* DIE YOU ALIEN--oh, crud.
by You don't want to know

* I wonder how many "Pull my finger" jokes this one will get.
by Jedi Master Rob

For the record...a bunch! -ed

* Don't you be talking bout my mama's vindaloo.
by Chris Burton

* I said, North is Up!
by Patrick Ward

* Now where is that contact lens??
by Marda Organa

* Don't you DARE misquote me for that caption!
by Vinny

* Stop it! *I* have no bad feelings about this!
by Vinny

* If you're a Rebel leader than I'm an archaeologist with a whip fetish!
by empirestrikes

by JohnnyRocket

* Hey, it's not nice to point!
by Zack Godfrey

* Following the success of the release of the "P.C." version of ET, Lucas is re-releasing Star Wars with all the blasters digitally erased...It's more "kid friendly" in this age of violence.
by Patrick

* Budget constraints did not allow for expensive props and forced the actors to point their fingers and go "bang".
by dude

* Everybody gets just ONE! Lando Joke.
by Shawn Lovelett

* "...for it's 'ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES YOU'RE OUT' at the old...balll....game! Play Ball!"
by Fu & Binks' Poppy

* You know... There's nothing too funny about this picture.
by Jedi Master Rob

* How did you get pancakes stuck on the ceiling Chewie?!
by Mayge

* No cookies for you! And straight off to bed!
by Dm1

by Spaiecheee

* "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"
by Des Osorio AKA Jedisoose

* ... and that is why we never flush the potty during a hyperspace jump.
by Jedi Knight Ivyan

* "ONE lithium battery! That's ALL it runs on!"
by Josey

* Stupid paper cut!
by Princess Catherine

* All I ask is for one, JUST ONE, hyperdrive that doesn't break every time the entire Imperial fleet is on my back.
by Sifu

* Threepio, don't make me get the second finger out.
by Sifu

* Your highness, where I come from this means something a little different than "1 Krispy Creme to go."
by Sifu

* Threepio, I don't care how many languages you speak! Now shut up and help us fix the hyperdrive!
by Jedi_Raptor07

* one more time princess, and I'm leaving you with the walking carpet. THEN we'll see who's scruffy looking!
by Robin_the_squeeker

* There is no finger...
by cybershark5886

by zach

* Hey! Its not a doll! Its an Action Figure!
by Striker Jacen

* It was 12 parsecs, not 15, Okay!!!
by Striker Jacen

* one! seriously, it was one year ago since the last caption!
by rinoz

* No arm-ripping
by Vo`nadu

* Rin Destroyer of Keyboards, you may only post one response and that's final.
by Vo`nadu

* Ow! I got a booboo. Kiss it, will ya, Chewie?
by Jar Jar Thinks! No, wait...

* This is the last autograph, not a single one again!
by Ian

* bad wookiee! no hair dryer!
by Za0

* "Yes, there were TWO TIEs out there."
by Ulan

* Han Solo: Just one calorie.
by Wilson

* "Have you ever wondered why they call them 'fingers?' I've never seen them fing. Oh, wait! There it goes!"
by JJjedi

* I dunno, but he's angry about something up above.
by Max Jaybo

* Why did you stick that to my ceiling?!?!?!?!
by Orcdoc

* And now for something completely different ... a man with a tape recorder up his nose!
by igotsnothing

* Erm, how many eyeblasters DID I drink? How many fingers am I holding up? Sith, I can't...hic...concentrating makes my head pound. One? or Two?
by Zach Scott

* You are not going out in that metal bikini...
by flippa scur

* I told you to be home before 10 o'clock mister!
by ryan

* "No Threepio, you can't come. 'Solo' means 'one.'"
by Darth_Hideous

* "I'm gonna thump you!"
by Giovanni

* "One of these days...BANG! ZOOM! Straight to the moon!" "...that's no moon..."
by Captain EO

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