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Star Wars Captioning #38

Ever since Luke and his friends set fire to those jawas everyones doing it
by Equillibrium

Use the Hose Luke
by Carrie Bertwistle

That tickles!!
by DAvid Lin

After messing up a fatal stunt, the stunt coordinators hose off Liam Neeson's corpse, next week, disposing the evidance.
by Jason

Beavis & Butthead's new job: Washing the stunt man! Washing the stunt man!

Han wishes he had not had those extra hot mega spicy chiles with his nerf steak
by Ado Tain

Someone left a perfectly good burnt body here. It's a little burnt but still good.
by Calson Etol

"Mr. Neeson, are you okay?!"
by AciDRaiN327

So this is how Palpatine saved Vader from the molten pit of lava.
by Antilles327@aol.com

"All right Liam, I know you never had to put up with this on 'The Stage' but it's part of your contract"
by slate76

NO NO Frank I said to water the LAWN, not Obi Wan!
by josiahgirl

I'm meeeeelllltttiiiiing.....
by Emperor Palpatim

"I gotta fire Ray Park, He wasn't supposed to REALLY hit Gui-Gon!"
by Chew-Tobbaco The Wookie Monster

another Star Wars fan that saw ALL the Star Trek movies (burned himself)
by Darth Wan

Jedi chia pets require constant watering
by nerfherder

I knew it go hot in tunisia, but this is outrageous!
by Coconut Boy

Ya see. If you keep 'em watered, they'll come back every year.
by Padawan Daroa

Lighting jawas for fun is no joke kids. When your through with your jawa, hose it down and cover it with dirt.
by Jedi Maris

Qui Gon finally snapped and torched Jar Jar with Force lightning. He didn't convert to the Dark side, though, cause it was a perfectly understandable thing to do.
by Luka Naglic

Dude... you missed a spot.
by Darth Irid

Another example of the new "watersaber"
by Lau-ra Anu xtreme_star_wars@hotmail.com

Good job Bill, but that's unleaded you're hosin him with.
by Darth Testines

"So, do you think if you water him enough, he'll mulitply?"
by Adi-Ser

I'm sick of this! When are we going to get the shower fixed?
by A servant of the great Washu

Ehhh...This one doesn't even need a caption.
by Bobo Fett

It's a new technique to get us through the Actor's Guild strike: Instant Actor. Just add water!
by Cirrocco

This is the reason why crew members should not get on George Lucas's Dark Side
by Darth Garth

"We gotta tell Lucas to cut the 'Jar Jar Uses a Flamethrower scene' before we loose a 25th actor!"
by Gua Pa Botom

Oh, yes, the Skywalker Ranch Jedi Trials were a cruel thing.
by Jedi_Master_Allya

As TFN captions got more and more obscure some people combusted with frustration
by diskerror

I'm not going to dignify this with a caption. . .
by AlmightyOne

What REALLY happened during Ewan's "Toilet Diving" dream.....
by Lady Hyde

Damn shame...he was only one day away 'till retirement.
by Bubba

Hose Guy: If this is the dummy then who's getting burned in the fire? Other Guy: Oh crap!
by Darth Ham

Man, I told Ewan to stop smoking.
by obiwan's girl

"We better hose off Ewan before the next take,George won't like it if he smells Guiness on him."
by JediOverlord

Bill and Chuck foil George Lucas' attempts to burn the last remaining copies of the "Star Wars Holiday Special".
by Darth Nader

Rudy from Survivor hoses down the ONLY crazed Jar Jar fan.
by Burtino

Master Yoda knew he shouldn't of left Larry, Moe, and Curly in charge of the light sabres.
by The Third Sith

He came out of hyperspace too close to the planet.
by Rebel Against the Clinton Empire

Fireman: It's always the same. You young sith train years for Force Destuction and then you go and misuse it.
by Tom Davies

Only you can prevent funeral bonfires from becoming forest fires
by Spineless Oaf

Half way through the funeral ceremony, Nubian firemen realized that Qui-Gon wasn't really dead.
by ShiDre

I didn't think we were actually going to use real lava in the lava pit scene...
by Jade's Fire2003

Darth Firefighter- "Ha! Take that Jedi scum!"
by Winter:)

And thus ended the life of ILM's head of pyrotechnics
by Clancy Clawson

Did Liam Neeson sign a health waver?
by Secret Sith 1138

Fireman: Geez! Why are you burning him for?? He didn't disappear, did he? If they don't disappear, that means that they're trying to fake their own death! Obi-Wan: Uh...where's Qui-Gon????
by Ben Maxwell

He's dead, Al. For crying out loud, let Qui-Gon's be Qui-Gon's!
by Steven Cavanagh

"All the women say that this guy is hot."
by ryan

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