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Star Wars Captioning #14

Yeah, we'll get right on that, Cliff.
by Andrew Coe

Okay, act casual, no one needs to know we're stuck to this thing.
by Andrew Coe

"OK, everyone done with the picture? Now lets cut it open and sleep with its insides."
by Rob Keshen

"Does ANYONE know how to start this thing?"
by Human Thunderbolt

Now where did we put those keys?
by Mark Hagood

"Nope Fred, ain't no way you're drivin' home tonight. You've had way-y too much"
by Steph Herman

And here we have the new Hoth line...sleek, sophisticated, a must for all intergalatic travelers!
by Jennifer K aka sierra916

"Yeah, right Bill, you always blame it on the Tauntaun."
by AdAm Andrusyszyn

"Come on guys! Put another quarter in! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!"
by Darth Gator

"...so Skywalker says to me 'How about being my gunner?' and I'm like 'Oooohh no thanks! I'd like to collect my pension.'" "Yeah, he asked me to be his wingman, and I couldn't say 'no' fast enough."
by Jeditricks

"So I said "You really think I'm gonna fall for that 'come over to my house and get your father's lightsaber' trick?" and next thing I know, I'm in the Rebellion." -- "Sure, whatever."
by The Random Ranger

"So, when are we going to get mauled by that Wampa?" -- "Actually, I think he's been cut from the film." -- "Yeah, we've been downgraded to 'set decor'. Yeah,that'll look reeaal good on my resume."
by Jeditricks

Hey, did I ever tell you guys about the time Princess Leia said "hi" to me? That's what made this all worth while to me.
by Michael R.

"Alright, wait, wait... ok, here he comes!" "SURPRI... aw, you're not Luke." "Boy, I sure hope Luke get's back soon." "Maybe we should have told him about this surpise party."
by Michael R.

"Oh, I can't wait for our scene! I won't forget my lines... I won't forget my lines. OK, here it is!" "and.. ACTION!" "Hi Luke!" "CUT!" "That was my best work ever! Nice working with you, Mr. Hamill!"
by Michael R.

"You know what bugs me? It's not the lousy pay, not even the way Carrie, Mark, and the rest treat us, it's that this... this...THING get's more damn lines than I DO!!!" - "Tell me about it!"
by The Random Ranger

Irvin Kershner (off-camera): "Come on, guys! You're rebels, you've got attitude! Show your bad side!... OK, move the taun-taun just a little to the left... hold it! Perfect!"
by The Gray Jedi

*sniff* "Was that you, or the taun taun?"

Han: "Great the teamsters are on strike again"
by Clay Fletcher

Three Rebel tauntaun herders pose with their charge, unaware that in a few moments, they will be victims of its rapidly mounting digestive tract problems.
by Alan Caum

Man on left: "Hey guys, what do you call a big, hairy, sharp-toothed animal that eats Tauntauns?" Man on tauntaun: "I don't know?" "Me either, but it's coming this way!!!"
by Charles S. Lewis III

"I am absolutely freezing. Are you freezing? I'm freezing. I wanna go home.Its too cold here." "Shut up Bob"
by Kriare

"You know, fellas... it don't get any better'n this..." "HEEEEEYAAAONK!" "Shut up."
by Chris Gruber

"I wonder why the chicks aren't interested of our new tauntaun?"
by snowtrooper

Rebel Studs- 'The '99 Tan-Tan convertible shoot.'
by Dlando Mckeem

1st guy - "You know the Princess isn't going to let us keep it"
by Keiran H

Hey, this thing's not movin' an INCH until the Teamsters say so.
by Mike Licari

This is the best Springer ever!
by Jatharba

Join the rebellion they said, see the galaxy they said. I didn't read anything about cleaning up taun taun ****.

Yup! Its on of those lazy bantha kinda days!
by Joel Peterson [PreacherBoy]

Knowing he could be laughed out of the academy, Derik made Hans and Gil keep watch as he placed his 25 cents in the kiddie taun-taun ride outside of K-mart...
by Matt Hallaron

"Day in, day out, it's 'pose with the tourists.' Why'd I ever take this job at HothWorld, anyhow?" "Cheer up. At least we don't have to work with Ewoks..."
by ERT

They are all sneaking up on the Taun Taun to do a bit of 'taun-taun tipping'... it doesn't really matter if there's a rider or not...

The new 99 Tauntaun, complete with bursting belly option package.......
by Bonedust

Watch out, they spit!
by Martin Dawson

I really wish you would consider getting a smaller pet....
by ViD

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