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Star Wars Captioning #52

We're assuming the one she just married is the one the blaster is pointed at.
by Corran

Second Stormtrooper from the right: "Sigh... Always a bride's maid, never a bride."
by Conor Edmiston

"This is the last time he gets cold feet! Shoot him if he runs boys!"
by Darth Sillious

Here comes the bride, blaster at her side!
by Princess Lobeli

FOX's new special: "Who Wants To Marry A Stormtrooper?"
by Rafiennes

"Ready men? I'll show him he can't leave me standing at the altar. Forward march!"
by Anonymous

Lisa's ceremony brought a new level of meaning to the term "shotgun wedding"!
by Grandma Tarkin

"We're also available for birthday parties and Bar Mitzvas!"
by MOI

"Aren't you a little short for a groom?"
by JettFunk

Desperate for new recruits, the stormtroopers were giving a gun to any Imperial citizen dressed entirely in white.
by Matthew Domville

So Mara Jade brought a few former friends to her wedding...
by Smear

"I'm out looking for a husband. Wait... there's one, set for stun!"
by Dave Frey

"This isn't the bride your looking for."
by Kenya Starflight

Her loyal bodygaurds for the wedding. but the one to her left was teasing her so she decided to put a hole in his chest plate.
by Ricky Teel

...and then TFN's server crashed as thousands of "shotgun wedding" jokes were submitted...
by Dagger

Han Solo felt it was in his best interests to accept Leia's proposal of marriage.
by Keith

BRIDE: "Uhm, which one of you is the groom?" STORMTROOPER: "It doesn't matter. We're all clones anyway."
by Darth Nader

"TK-421, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
by Dubya Fett

The winners of "Who Wants to Marry a Legionaire!" contest.
by Araviah

Considering the circumstances of their engagement, Han's pick of groomsmen might have been understandable, but Leia's laser blaster boquet gave a small girl a concussion during the bouquet toss.
by smiley organa

Brain Buster Question #14: Is this a *Tatooine* wedding or a *Texas* wedding?
by Pseudonym

"All right now, walk down the aisle. Slowly. And if you drop the rings one more time, you're going to have more holes in you than a piece of Nubian cheese."
by Sweet Uncle Biggs

Trooper Bob's new wife was not pleased with the reception buffet
by Scooter

"You know what's going on?" "I don't know, some sorta drill."
by Art Miles

COMING SOON!! Father of the Bride Part 3: Attack of the Bridesmaids

"Hey . . . the ushers wanna know where to pin their flowers."
by The Nearsighted Stormtrooper

Jane's bridesmaids' outfits had to be *special* ...
by Ann Thrax

by Emperor Alkaline

Welcome to Las Vegas, home of Wayne Newton and Star Wars Wedding Chapels
by Coruscant Jedi

Lucas is questioning two things: One, who is the groom? Two, why is she holding a blaster the best mans head?
by Donnie

Sadly, their marriage was doomed. He was stationed on the Death Star.
by DarthQueeg

"Notice the paniced look on the grooms face as the blushing bride holds a gun to his chest."
by Steve Stoick

The audience sat motionless as the vicar asked if anyone knew of any reason why these two may not be joined in holy matrimony.
by Goongsta

This isn't the bride we're looking for.
by Emperor Palpatim

"Honey, the coast is clear ... you can come down the aisle now!"
by Darth Penelope

Lucas attempts another prequel: The Runaway Groom.
by anakin_walker_of_sky

What a traditional wedding, even the groomsmen dressed in white
by cool_kyle_15

"So...uhh...which one of you did I marry?"
by Jedi Master Bob

I guess Han now wishes he hadn't made that comment about the "shotgun" wedding.
by Daesara

After the fall of the Empire, many former stormtroopers found jobs as ushers in local churches.
by MSMS Iuka

The irony is, she's probably the most likely to hit something other than a wall, a small alien, or another Imperial
by Matt Stevenson

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