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Star Wars Captioning #32

Well I can't see a bloody thing,.....what do you mean the lens cap is still on?
by Mongo

Okay, Neeson, I need you to do an overhead block, and Lucas, I need you to do a backflip away. Okay? ACTION!
by Mason Moessmer

Satan, seen here on the set of "The Phantom Menace", discusses his involvement in the film's creative process. "Jar Jar was all my idea", said Prince of Darkness.
by Optimus Prime

Little did Maul know that Qui-Gon had placed black ink on the eye-piece. Boy wasn't he going to be surprised.
by sheared

HMMMMM- Queen Amidala's bedroom. Hey wait-blasted kid and Jedi- I can't see! I'll show them...
by Deac

"Ok, George. In this scene, YOU get cut in half."
by Sally Hayes

You mean Ewoks are THIS tall??
by Lisa

Darth Maul's Tatooine survaliance scene BEFORE the budget got adjusted for 1999 inflation...
by Brian Haughwout

I see the jedi but by the time I get my cloths on they'll be gone
by joel steingart

Mr.Lucas! What does this do?
by Erica

Enough with the Jedi director...the Sith will reveal themselves and make this a fine picture.
by Darth Scourge

The Young Darth Maul looking thourgh the telliscope he got for his birthday from his Sith master.
by Bob

Darth Maul is distracted in his quest to wipe out the Jedi as he stumbles on to the set of Baywatch.
by Mike Heidenberg

Hey, that is apretty neat sho--uh, hey! who put super glue on this thing?!!?
by Tokugawa

Darth Maul's early years before he joined the dark Side. Tatooine's most notorious peeping tom.
by Dirk Vader

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Darth Maul actually has normal-looking skin!!!! HELP!!!!!
by JediQueen

I'm gonna get that pescily wabbit dis time!
by Darth's Babe

Maul: Alright, screw acting! I'm on to directing! It's a easy transition just look at Kevin Costner.......Ah crap!
by Ian Bowie

Master... I know but he was bigger than me and he stole my robe!
by Jedi Bib

Macrobinoculars aren't like this, Im sure of it.
by Michael D

Darth Maul: The High School Years - T-shirts, beach partys....embarrasing corrective lenses...
by Darth Mallrat

Darth Maul's brother, Darth Mike, on the set of his latest documentary, "From Buskin' to Tusken - Araraarg's Story" (The story of a young busker's rise to Tusken Raider status)
by Wodge Antilles

Hey, boss! The girl in the 3rd hut is dancing again!...
by Dwude

Wait...almost...yes!...TFN Humor has been updated...a little blurry but I think thats funny!
by Dwude

Man, these binoculars are way better than the ones I used last night when I sent out those probe droids!
by Joshua Griffin

Here we see a clip from the film "A Trick on Farmer Maul," in which Darth Maul has just peered into the nozzle to see why his vaporator isn't working...
by Legal Blockade

whats this....can it make cappachino?
by Dark Lord

heh heh heh..... let's see how YOU like being flipped up in the air, George!
by Rufus Holmes

40 years later after the Battle of Naboo: Maul was surgically re-attached, became a B movie flick director: Don't let Mark Hamill cacth wind of this!
by uncle owens charred remains(xtra crispy)

Star Wars product TIE-IN #29824: Sith Viewmaster
by Exar Kun

Yet another action figure that never was sold: Peeping Tom Maul with spy camera and casual clothes
by Exar Kun

I wonder what scared the cameramen?
by Master Jorge

George Lucas at the filming of Episode II: "Hey Rick, who's that guy on camera 2?"
by R2-Detour

Darth Maul fights all heros in his BVDs...
by Taz

Darth Maul taking advantage of "Casual Friday" dress code.
by Kaylar

"I see a lot of sand with this gadget." "Well, duh"
by Scott C.

Wait, wait, WAIT. The lens broke, i can actually see TWO suns in here
by Frank Fieuw

Surveying the site for the new "Darth Mall"
by Captain EO

It started out as a pimple!
by Obi Wan Kumlien

Wow! That slave kid's midiclorian count is off the scale!
by jediknt197

The uncovered link between sebulba's crash & the dusty knoll
by Exar Kun

Oh man Ain't-It-Cool-News is gonna LOVE this
by Exar Kun

Coming soon to a theater near you: "The Sith Witch Project"!
by Greg Baird

Hmmm...So that's when they'll be updating the humor section.
by Gecko41

curious george, gone sith
by rilitilijedi

by g-man from the south

Maul: I think I can see the Humor Section Updates coming over the horizon, but it might just be a group of Jawas...
by Burtino

I see that his swartz is as big as mine!
by Antilles327

This is a poor excuse for a peep show. . .
by Rogue Leader

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