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Star Wars Captioning #3

"Look Dad...I know it might not be the best time right now...but uhhh...I had the hots for my own sister and kissed her twice and everything! So... uhhh...this isn't a Skywalker thing is it?" - philong@ix.netcom.com

"On second tought, let's keep the helmet on dad!" -Stephen Reponen

1.) "Aw, don't cry, Luke. Just think, in 20 years you'll look just like me!"


You feared Darth Vader while he was alive and perhaps a few of your relatives might have been choked by him. Now own the armor that terrified the galaxy!

For only 9,999,999.99* the Dark Lord of the Sith's armor can be yours!

Act now! Don't let this offer go up in smoke!

*Imperials currency only (no Rebel scum allowed!)
** Darth Vader's body and mournful Luke not included.
*** Batteries not included.

3.) "Dad, now that I've defeated the evil Empire can I FINALLY go to the Toschi Station to pick up my power converters!"

--Kimberly Schure

"Pay no attention to the man behind the helmet!!! I am the great and powerful Oz!!!" - Brian G. Hartz, Esq.

"I'm telling ya, Luke, this is the best damn harmonica holder money can buy"!!!!! - Cliff Kasie

"The one question I really always wanted to ask - now that you are dying - is - do i get to keep the cool helmet??"

"Egad! My father is Captain Picard!!"

"I've got rythm!! I got music!! Sing with me da - oh wait. . . you don't have your voice synthsizer on. . . shame. . . James Earl Jones' voice qould have been PERFECT for this song!!"

- Michael Coleman

"And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!" - Jim Shilts

"Oops.. I broke it.. Hey! Theres someone living in my Pez dispenser!" - zem@megalink.net

"My Gawd, it's Humpty Dumpty!" - Mysteriia

"Dad? Since you're gonna die anyway, would you let me push those buttons on your chest? Always wondered what they do..."

"Well, it's not a bad thing that you're dying, Dad. Imagine all the choking you'd have to do after this major defeat!"

"By the way, Son, I'm sorry for that hand of yours. Don't take it too personal..."

"Luke, before I die, do me a favor... Do the Joker voice for me... Just once, please..."

"Try it, Luke! You'll see, it gives you a great voice!"

- Sylvain Ouellette

"Hi dad!!!! Awwww...uhhhh....ahhhhh can I get you something for that?" - Rick Levine

"Good God Dad! I would think that you would at least put a tanning bed in your chamber." - ggimse@st1.wou.edu

"Trust me. I didn't look like this when I met your mother." - Dan Longcore

"Sorry dad, but haven't you ever heard of hair implants?" - Keith Abbot

"Aren't you Elvis?" - Bob

"Thank god I got Mom's looks!"

"From the sound of your voice, I could have sworn you were a large black man."

"O.K. dad, now say 'This is CNN' "


- Brian Baxter

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