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Star Wars Captioning #50

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
by Teg Navanis

"OH MY GOD- GET A DOCTOR, QUICK!!! Wait- no, make that an ELECTRICIAN!!!
by chaoticneutraldrow

His days of shock rock over, Marilyn Manson was banished to the Saharan desert where he was uncharacteristically happy.
by Tokugawa

He's more machine now than man...
by Mara Jinn

"Whew, barely made it out of that Tron video game with my life."
by Jedi Master Bob

Mr. Rogers removes his cardigan and we realize the secret to his longevity
by Darth Chuck

We can rebuild him, we have digital technology...Anthony Daniels as the $10 Million Dollar Man
by Dex1138

Don't hate me just because I look good in assorted droid parts.
by Rappertunie

After being abducted by the purple spaceship seen above, this guy tries out the nifty set of cyborg legs the demented aliens attached to him.
by Darth Huh?

Forget the Man in the Iron Mask, here's the Man in the Iron Bodysuit
by Grandma Tarkin

I'm a real live boy!
by Benjamin Richman

"Mr Data, put some clothes on!!!!!"
by Darth Paul

"Excuse me, but are those Protocol Droid jeans you're wearing?" "Why yes, they ARE Protocol Droid jeans." "Thank you."
by Randall Flagg

I am the CyberDyne Systems model -001, a cultured British gentleman over a metal endo-skeleton
by Darthkule

Mr. Daniels models the latest in Old Navy droid fasion
by aslun

"...so after Ewan 'accidentaly' chops me in half, all they could find was the bottom half of Threepio, and sewed it on. The only bad thing, is I keep on getting shocked by the open wires..."
by Hard Rock Jedi

Isn't it against his programming to impersonate a deity?
by Steven Cavanagh

Excuse me...has anyone seen my stomach piece? I've got a scene coming up, and George hates it when I lose props..
by ~Becky~

Transformers! Robots in disguise!
by bob

Really? You did Shakespeare? Wow. Now get back in the suit!
by Waterfarmer

Oh no, Captain! The Borg got Tony!
by Darth Stimpy

The crossover of Star Wars and Bicentennial Man ran into budget difficulties halfway through filming...
by Sreya

Some day, C-3Pinocchio, you'll be a real boy.
by Darth Bludgeon

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