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Star Wars Captioning #85

A message from Chris Hanel
I thought Prince Charles would earn a few laughs... you should have seen all the entries pertaining to Natalie's downward glance. Geez you people, get your heads out of the gutter. -Chris

George "Hey, I'm flattered that you want to play Tarkin in Episode III, but you just don't look younger then Peter Cushing."
by Bildo Baggens

Mr. Lucas, I'm a big fan ! I always admired what you did in "Beverly Cop 3" !
by Oreo

"You have failed, your Highness. I am a Jedi. Like my father before me."
by AntiPersonnell

Tonight on Celebrity Deathmatch: When Empires Clash.
by Darth_Cheezel

"Welcome to Heathrow Airport. Due to terrorism, please hand over all lightsabers and credits will not do fine
by Darth_Morland

Don Lucas, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your house on the day of your... Why are we here again?.
by Davey the Hutt

(Man beside Lucas) Looking at him now, you'de never know that just two days ago he rode through Mos Eisley, wearing a dorky hat and screaming like a maniac.
by AJP Darth_Lucky

George Lucas: See, on the planet of Naboo, the Monarchy actaully HAS power...
by Purplefacedmonkey

GL: You may have the ears for it your highness, but we've already cast the role of Jar Jar for the next two...
by purplefacedmonkey

Natalie: "I've got apair of high heels just like those at home"
by Kar'Ghun

...and do you, George, take Ewan to be your lawfully wedded wife? (I'm probably not the first to submit this)
by Onli-Wan Cojone

Ewan: Why do I get the feeling we've picked up another pathetic public appearance?
by Onli-Wan Cojone

In preparation for writing the Episode III script, George Lucas consults an expert on dysfunctional marriages.
by Keith

"So what if I lost my invitation? Ewan, tell this guy who I am!"
by Oxymoron

Lucas - "So, I hear that England has officially recognized 'Jedi' as a religion. What's up with that?"
by Pope John Maul

Prince Charles -- "Ok, so in that scene where Yoda goes flyin' around... Did you have to suspend Frank Oz in a harness or what? 'Cause that was pretty cool."
by IG88-Keys

So, what's really cool is that George Lucas is actully wearing flannel. The Tuxedo is just a CG.
by Darth Edwartica

George: "No sir. I don't care who you are, I will not release the original trilogy on DVD."
by Jedi Master Lou

GL: I'm haunted by the kiss you should never have given me...
by Grand Admiral Gary

And after four hours and 24 drinks, there was still no winner of the staring contest
by megHan

-Going somewhere, Lucas? -As a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss.
by Countess

George:*waves hand* You did not double book this venueeee
by LukeHamill

So you're still just a Prince of Wales then Charlie. I'll have you know I'm King of Skywalker Ranch. It's an absolute monarchy; what I say goes. And my mother doesn't tell me what to do.
by carbonitehydrates

Nataliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee................Poooortmaaaaannnn......gaaaaahhhhh... I'm sorry, I got distracted. I don't recognize that guy on the left, was he a stormtrooper or something?
by Darth Uh Oh

To the young man's horror, George just negotiated a deal to buy and enslave the boy. And for only 200 Republic Credits for no less.
by grob

I'm sorry Charles, but your ears are more suited for a Star Trek Ferrangi than any Star Wars character.

Lucas learns that Royal Protocol doesnt include greeting the Prince with "What's up, Chuck?"
by Brian

Yeah, I'm their prom chaperone. You got a problem with that?
by cgarcia

Ewan: . o O (I can't believe George just told MY joke to Prince Charles. I'll get him for that...)
by Aro-Ron Chynn

Lucas stops Prince Charles in the middle of his speech about how all the bad guys in the OT had British accents with "Listen, Chuck, at this point I have more money than you."
by TheBiggerFish

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