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Star Wars Captioning #9

"Sweet Caroline...(duh duh duh)...Goodtimes never seemed so good....."
from Studicus

"Gee, George, with me being in this slightly altered disco suit and all, don't you think that in, say, twenty-five years this picture will look a little... well, dated?"
from Kirana Ti

"They say that Lando's a bad mutha'...."
"Shut yo' mouth!"
"But I'm just talkin' about Lando!"
"And we can dig it!"
from Mikesdcool

"Cockadoodledoo baby! You truly belong here among the clahouds!"
from Erik Beyerman

" Hey baby, I'm Chef Calrissian, the master of Sweet Lovin'!"
from Smackey007

"Hey Lobot! Less starch next time!"
from Wild Karde

"Thank yuh... Thank yuh verra much! "
"My name's Lando. / I love to rap. / My only problem is / I can't rhyme worth a hoot... "
from J. Charles Hazelwood

"Whaddaya mean publicity shot? I dress like this all the time. Hey, where ya goin, don't you want my autograph?"
from John Meyers

"This isn't as bad as that OTHER suit they wanted me to wear...."
from Dark Jedi Brett

"No, I swear these watches are Rolex!"
from Raptor1484

Lando Calrissian is Blacula!
- Lady Hyde

"Titanic? Titanic who? Lando's got yer iceberg right here. Oh, yeah!!!!"
- Callista 85

"shake shake shake ... shake shake shake .. shake your booty .. shake your booty"
- Ron Rule

"Everyone's scared of me...........even my ol' buddy Han!"
- tkhuri

"Stayin' alive, stayin' alive, I I I I'm stayin alive."
"Dude, Lobot, this is a curtain! I can't wear a curtain to dinner tonight! This is the last time I let you pick out what I wear!"
"Han, for the last time no, you can't borrow the suit."
- Jen K

"Get Down with your funky evil side!"
"Hey Good looking, wanna take a ride in my Cloud car?"
"Tell me again how much royalty money I get!"
- from: DMek79

"I love the night life, I love ta boogie, on Cloud City, uh-huuuuuh, oh yeaaaaah....."
- Eileen Tuuri

"Step over Monty, it's time for the Full Lando!"
- rhercher

"And to your left is Lando Calrissian, celebrated General of the New Republic. It was his heroism at the battle of Endor that helped the Rebellion defeat the dreaded Emporer and restore peace to the galaxy. (Hard to tell, isn't it?)"
- Bradley Gilliland

"Lobot, I thought I told you never to mix colors in the laundry! Look what you've done to my white disco suit!"
- The Nearsighted Stormtrooper

"I want to suck your blood!"
- Kreskin

" ... Modeling the latest in Cloud City office fashions is our own beloved administrator, Lando Calrissian! Lando's cape of pure Asterion spider silk lined with rayon crepe-de-chine was designed by Versace and features cunning hidden pockets for blasters and malt beverages. Completing the ensemble is a stunning blue tunic and pants set, perfect for the Imperial collaborator on the go. Let's give Lando a big hand!"
- Nancy Ott

"Move over John Travolta!"
- Dvader8

"Nothing up this sleeve . . ."
- Kevin Haughwout

- Kevin Haughwout

"If you want my body and you think I'm sexy..."
- Antilles22

"Do you want to see something really scary?"
- Brian Baxter

"I'm too sexy for this cape, too sexy for this cape, too sexy by far!""
- Brian Baxter

"Colt... 45"
- D Stephens

"Who's yo' daddy?!"
- Jeff Petersen

The Rebels are desperate for money. They got so desperate that they had to send Lando into fashion business.

"Hey, little girl....wanna see the tacky lining in my cape?"
- Davin Felth

"No, I swear these watches are Rolex!"
- Raptor1484

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