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Star Wars Captioning #27

The infamous Imperial/Bounty Hunter Choir
by Jedi Anonymous

Darth Vader: No disentrigations. The bounty hunters: Oh man forget this. It sucks if we cant blow stuff up.
by Ruthless

Darth Vader: I'm surrounded by idiots!!!!

Vader decided to ignore the "no ringers" rule in the Imperial softball tournament. But then Vader usually got his way.
by madman

If you recognize one of them, tell us which one, and where you've seen him before. Number One, step forward and say "Gimme your wallet."
by madman

Luke thought that this wasn't going to be the easiest of job interviews.
by Fluffy Ewok.

"Hi, my name's Bossk and I haven't touched alcohol for six weeks now."
by Twisted C

Vader: And the REST of you! Rather be at the PICTURES I suppose? Bounty Hunters: Yeah, yes, rather... Vader: All right go! Then I guess it's Lord Darth Vader, walking up and down the bridge!
(I love that Monty Python -ed.)

Obi-Wan: Oh-oh, looks like my gambling bets are due. Qui-Gon(off screen): I told you not to bet on Sebulba!
by Min

"...it's fun to stay at the Y M C A, it's fun to stay at the Y M C A..."
by Ron Rabbit Ron

VADER:Bossk! Yoo-hoo! We're over here. Wanna pay attention?
by Darth Shanghai

Dengar:(To cameraman) "Who let you in here?!" Fett: I say we shoot him!
by Unholy Spork of Doom

Sith Lords.. we don't need their scum!
by Aubri

Um.. OK, Darth, move to the right.. no, MY right.. yeah, and IG-88, move away from Boba Fett a little..
by Aubri

Everybody smile . . .um, that is if you want to . . .
by cjacks

actors for the Empire's version of The Wizard of Oz - Boba Fett and IG88 were a toss up for the Tin Man
by AlcornC@aol.com

"Now get out there and sell, sell, sell!" - Darth
by Locdog07

Lord Vader's first day as a bounty hunter aerobics instructor went rapidly downhill when Boba Fett refused to anything but stand there with his arms folded.
by Inara Kenobi

DARTH VADER: There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds Barney, Baby Bob and BJ. You are free to use any methods nesceserry, but I want the dead. BOBA FETT: I'll do it for free!
by Qui-gon Jack

Fett murmuring to Bossk: Hey it's that sith lord, Vader. Bossk: He wasn't invited. Fett: Yeah, maybe if we ignore him he'll go away.
by The Earthbound Strarman

Dengar: "(snoring) I wanna ride the ponyyyy?" Fett: "Ahhh, there he goes again. That's why he wears all those pads, so when he falls over, he doesn't hurt himself."
by ROCKERjk49

IG-88 "alright guys this ignoring me thing has gone a little too far!"
by Sith Citrell

Darth: OK guys, the foods over there and my gifts are to go with the cake which is in the corner. Oh, and if you didn't bring a gift-SEE ME! -(cough)HAHAHA(cough-hak!) (darth vaders birthday party)
by Aubrey-Wan Kenobi

After a screening of the prequel trilogy the night before, Vader simply couldn't inspire fear in the bounty hunters anymore.
by Azrael

"Gentlemen, I've gathered you all here because I'm about to reveal the murderer."
by Miss Mary

You can't really tell if this is captioning or the action figure one, can you?
by Tyree

The annual Galactic chior meets again to preform thier stunning rendition of "We all live in a yellow submarine".
by Majes Wasnos

The Hunter's decided it wouldn't be good idea to look Vader in the eye while was giving orders.
by Jeda

Vader to Palpatine: "... well, my master, with this strong economy, these are the best recruits we could get!"
by kwawin

Fett to IG-88: Oh crap, Bossk's frickin doing "the robot" again. Show off...
by Darth Malice

darth vador : in 1855....boba are you paing attention?
by gasgano-sith

Okay everyone look at the birdy!! Bossk!! Spit out the birdy!!!
by MrDRodent

Darth Vader: "I've got to fire whoever recrutes these wackos."
by The non jedi

Fett- "Alright, Alright I am Keyser Soze."
by Warrend

Dengar {thinking to himself} Im trying to figure out if Bossk is a chameleon or a frog
by Old-bend-kenoli

Vader: Class, we have some new students joining us today, so I want you to treat them like you would want to be treated.
by Darth Blade

Thank you Mr. Minos Cluster... Now, Mr. Hutt Space. If you had a sumggler frozen in carbonite, how would you transport him back?
by D. David Diaz

Eat my dust, black breath!
by Le'Nin

The Backstreet Boys comeback tour 2015 was tragically cut short when "Nick" fell into the Sarlaac Pit
by Ron Laufer

"Welcome to 'Big Bounties'. Im Bossk, your host. On today's show, me and my friends will be hunting some rambuncious rebels in an asteroid field."
by Chewie Baca

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong.
by Chewie Baca

Alright boys, I want ya to find that this Han Solo guy SEE? And when you do, I want you to WHACK em see? WHACK EM! Yreah!
by Jedi1138

So, hey, uh... any bounty hunters in the crowd tonite? Oh, i see one hand, any others?....
by CheezCracker

Strike a pose! *click* Now, try to smile a bit... *click* You, the 3-fingered one....a bit to the right, 'kay *click* Work with me people....
by CheezCracker

*psst* hey, guys... ever wonder how in the galaxy the lizard guy over there holds his gun? ...Hey, Fett ask him... no, you ask him....
by CheezCracker

Okay, so the spot-the-Sith game in the Star Wars activity book didn't make it through preproduction....
by CheezCracker

darn..i forgot that ones name, i think i'll choke him to death
by praxium

Some out-of-work villains discover the Tatooine Unemployment Office....
by CheezCracker

Okay, introduce yourself.... I'm... Bossk... and i'm... i'm... *sob* a bounty hunter.... *group* it's okay.... let it out, man...
by CheezCracker

Dengar: Hey, is that painting on the wall straight?
by wampa83@jedimail.net

Guy off screen: I'm sorry, Lucas said that casting for episode 2 doesn't start unil later this year.
by Cpt. Sqweky

Who let the drunken staggering bum in? And whats with that lizard? You wold think they had a screening process on these bounty hunters
by Bantha Poohead

Vader realized that meeting people through Internet is NOT a good way to get a date.
by Jar Jar Jinx

Vader: "Now the secret to a great boysenberry pie is-" Fett: "Wait, someone's coming!" Vader: "Uhhhh, so anyway I *punched* the guy in the stomach." Fett: "Okay he's gone" Vader: "If the berries...
by Kathy

Well, once again, here it is Prom night, and none of us have dates. I just don't get it.
by Giauque

Anyone here -not- on some artificial life support?....thought not...
by CheezCracker

Bounty hunter: You sure the guys at Lucasfilm wont recognise us? Vader:Trust me. These disguises are ingenious.
by Z-girl

The "Uncomfortable Costumes" exhibit at the Smithsonian...
by CheezCracker

Few know "Sith" was originally Vader's punk band...they later split due to creative differences, and he entered the galactic domination business...
by CheezCracker

The Man United pre-season training went better than ever
by Ollie Graham
(Coventry City forever! -ed.)

Vader: YES, ladies and Gentlemen the lucky bachelorette will take one of these fine young men home by the end of todays competition!
by Steve the Jedi

The Imperial Fashion Runway.
by Salana

IG-88 never quite got 'The Hokey Pokey'.
by Salana

Suddenly, Billy has a sinking feeling that he should have changed his gym class to first period.
by Heather "Wedge" Antillies

Got Solo?
by Jedi Girl

Is is just me or did it just get alot uglier in here?
by Brian

And now, KSTH, Radio Coruscant, brings you the Empire Strikes Back chorus with their rendition of "Only You"
by Brian

Do these bandages make me look fat?
by Darth Tanian

Vader: "Oh, no. He's doing `Mr. Roboto' again!"
by Jedi Wampa

DINOSAUR-LOOKING GUY: I'll show you what this scum can do with this gun, you little. . .
by James Bond

The Joker to his henchmen: NO NO NO....I said get me BATMAN....dont you even know what he loos like?....Well you came sort of close with the guy in black...
by Elais Wolf

"So let me get this straight, Mr. Towel head, Lizard boy, Buba feet, and the Dailek are going to hunt down Solo for us? Come on!" and that was the last they heard from Ensign Pabodie.
by Bitmap

Ok, I want you to search every planet, every outpost, every space station within a five light year radius...the fugitives name....is Richard Kimb.I mean Han Solo!
by Brian.

VADER: Darn it! With a crew like this I'll be lucky to find the nearest bar, the yellow brick road, a spaceship shaped like an iron, or a warm sun-baked rock.
by dD

Hey!!! Waddya mean the comic convention doesn't open for three hours. The chicks should be linin up any minute now.
by theEVILtrendsetter

Vader: "I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me" Hunters: "He is a poor boy from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrosity!"
by Kaedryl Di'Mathe

Vader: (whisphering) Frankly, I'm worried about Bossk. He just walks around with his arms straight out and stares at the ground. Dengar: Well, at least he has an attractive face.
by General Bel Iblis

Boba: I swear, if I don't get this caption printed, I'm gonna freeze all of you in carbonite.
by Boba Cheech

Vader:"This meeting of Star Wars fanatics annonymous will come to order."
by Annonymous

Vader: Shhhh! Everyone quiet! He is comming! *Luke enters room, flips on lights*Vader:Happy birthday, son!!!"*Luke collapses from heart attack*
by Z-girl

The Bad Guys Choir sings "We're bad, we're bad, we know it, we're bad"
by Jedi Anonymous

"I don't care about Luke, Leia, or even the DOJ. Get me Linus Trovald"
by Darth Maniac

I thought this scene was over why are you still filming us!?
by Taylor

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