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Star Wars Captioning #35

Mommy, it followed me home. Can I keep it?
by Darth Tom

Anakin "This Machine is great you can replace peoples heads!" JARJAR "It works for mesa!"
by Wayne Mann

Anakin meets a curious alien with the most outrageous pair of bellbottoms ever...
by Chris Knight

"I'm sorry Ahmed, but Jar-Jar was bad enough, I must stop you before you start with 'On Location'."
by Jes

Yousa liken my plastic surgery???
by Darth Denson

"Ha! Ahmed, you're such a kidder!" "No, Jake, I'm serious, I swallowed the Jar Jar head...MY STOMACH! SWEET LORD THE PAIN! SOMEONE HELP ME!"
by JS Power

NO! I'm not letting go until you get me a Turbo Man action figure!
by jediknt197

Unbeknownst to little Anakin, his good friend Jar-Jar had actually been one of Coruscant's most notorious kidnappers in a cunning disguise...
by WhattaWookie

Jar Jar (Ahmed Best) gives a pained expression when (in a scene cut from Episode I) Anakin (Jake Lloyd) punches him in the stomach, and rips his left hand off.
by HPS00

He bwoke my liwwle arm!! He bwoke my liwwle arm!!
by Ames

Let me show you how to REALLY dance Jake..this is the Electric Boogaloo!
by Kobayashi Beru

Obi-Wan: "Hey come back with my padawan, you gunga....person...gungan....thing....whatever you are!"
by Crystorix

JAR JAR!! What happened to your head???
by Condar

Come on George, let us do the song and dance number! Please?
by darth darth binks

"It's just a jump to left! And then a step to ri-iight!! Put your hand on hips! And bring your knees in ti-iight!..."
by DavidW

...it's then revealed that Jar-Jar was, in fact, a human spy sent to infiltrate the Gungans to gian knowledge for the coming invasion... yet another "Episode 1" alternate ending
by Exar Kun

You do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn yourself around...
by BobaFett_3

A scene from the little-known "Scoopy Doo" ending cut from the final version of the film. "Okay, Jar Jar, now let's find out who you REALLY are!"
by Bronan

And Iwould have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling Jedi
by spineless oaf

Young Anakin Skywalker tries to demonstrate a "Force Wedgie" on a disfigured Gungan.
by Darth Nooner

Jar-Jar : "Look Jake! Now I'm a real boy!"
by Randall Flagg

Come on, now. Everybody Conga!
by angel'esdiablo

See! I told you I had a scary monster that sleeps under my cockpit!
by Edmund Campion

"Hey George! We finally caught that strange creature that's been showing up in every scene."
by knutsonswl

Anakin's 1st use of dark side powers: Telekinetic Stomach Ache
by Darth Karg

Maul, Sidious: Lords of the Sith. Binks, Skywalker: Lords of the Dance.
by Festus Monroe

Anikin rushes clone experiment #47 off. The OJ-Jar-Jar would have to live somewhere else
by Walter Danek

This scene, another vain attempt to copy old movies: A Shirley Temple dance number.
by DarthWedge:A new Darth,For a New Century

Federal Agent Jake Lloyd finally caught up to the notorious Buffalo Ahmed, and discovered why he was skinning Gungans....
by Randall Flagg

Sad but true: before invasion Gungan skins were quite in fashion among Theed citizens.
by Jedi Jinx

Hey! Anyone order a Dark Side Bound brat?!
by Arica

The little boy was crushed after his discovery that Jar Jar wasn't real
by Bubba_Bond

Everyone: Heeeyyyyy Macarena
by Skywal5321

In a bizarre moment on the set, Jake Lloyd thinks that Ahmed Best, too, is a life sized puppet.
by darthmalice

Mask? what mask? I'm supposed to wear a mask?
by Prehistorik

After decapitation by the Jedi knights, jar-jars lifeless body was used in a transplant operation for a man whose body was tragically crushed by a falling bantha. Jar-jar was finally useful to someone
by Matt Stevenson

Pin the Thermos on the Jar-Jar!
by Erik Martin

"Hey guys, look who's playing Jar-Jar in Episode 2... Gervase from Survivor!"
by Ertin Guroc

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