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Star Wars Captioning #74

A Proud Pose and Smug Grin from Chris Hanel

For some reason, i felt compelled to pick on Bob Bean, who is playing Vader in this picture here. (I think it's due to the fact that i'm hundreds of miles away now, well out of range of his ability to pummel me into the ground.) Just in case you were wondering what's going on in this picture, Bob and several 501st members popped in for a special screening of AOTC at the Fox Theater in Atlanta during DragonCon 2002. From what i understand, the news crew wasn't expecting the Dark Lord of the Sith to Waltz in...

... here's the pick of the litter...

"Lord Vader, is it true that you have been accepting bribes for .....*gasp*....." THUD
by Jedi Knight Ivyan

Reporter: Lord Vader, do you think TFN Humor will be updated in a week? Vader: I have forseen it
by Lord_Homer

I'm only allowed to talk to Fox newscasters.
by Jedi Duritz

C'mon, just say "This is CN..*gack* (raspy) my throat...
by Darth Alrf


Imperial officer - "Reporters. We don't need that scum."
by Bart

My attorney has advised me to say that Palpatine slipped and fell down the shaft-he was Not pushed!!
by chnyst

Reporter: "Darth Vader, you just won the clone wars!! What are you going to do now?" Vader: "Im going to Disney World"
by jacenmaz

"How would you fix the economy?" -(wave hand) "You will buy American. You want me to crush Iraq. Microsoft is not a monopoly. Vote SITH Nov. 5."
by SirNi

Reporter: What do you have to say to young children who might try to copy your evil ways? Darth Vader: Join me, the Dark Side is Wizard!
by Christopher

Sir, tell us how you feel about sand.
by Rin

Slipknot announce their plans for an intergalactic tour.

Reporter: Now, we're all very curious here: could you please explain your shaving habits?
by Darth Mahler

Oh, so CBS really stands for Coruscant Broadcasting System.
by Jedi Chance7

"Lord Vader, what is your personal opinion of Gungans?" "Tasty."
by Jedi Chance7

For the last time, I have 2 kids and no more, the others are lying.
by Darth Bandeko

"We have confirmed that Death Star v1.3 will be fully operational in 2004."
by yendreck

You just destroyed the entire Jedi council what are you going to do now? I'm going to destroy Disneyland
by Billy Fett

"Excuse me, Mr. Vader--will Verizon Wireless be available only on the Death Star?"
by Z.A.A.

Reporter: "So what do you think about Saddam?" Vader: "He's as clumsy as he is stupid."
by TeK

"Lord Vader! Lord Vader! Why DOES the Death Star have a trash compactor?" (Insert chocking noises here, just like all the other submissions)
by The Unposted Menace

Reporter: Hey! You're that guy from The Lion King, right?
by The Guy With The Face

"Is it true that the Galactic Empire has ties to Al Qaeda?"
by Mason

Unfortunately, James Earl Jones was not available for the interview so all the camera got was a guy gesturing alot.
by rancor_fury

"Why am I here? It's the premier of Star Trek: Nemesis, and You're asking why I'm here?"
by Scooter

"I find your lack of sports coverage disturbing."
by Buchol

Someone, please stop Dennis Rodman before it gets too freaky.
by Buchol

"I deny any aligations that I ever said 'Yipee.'"
by Joe Hipperson

Here we have the first man in the world in line for tickets for the upcoming Star Wars movie, Episode III. Sir, do you have a life?
by Ben S. Gaulk

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