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Star Wars Captioning #89

A message from Chris Hanel
George Lucas is Takin' out the trash!

Hello. I am Mr. Lucas' defense attorney, an elite Ninja who assassinates people. I am here to ensure all of you that Mr. Lucas did not hit that man and to inform you that he has already settled.
by Ryh-Awn Welkin

*gets on phone to Skywalker Ranch* Lucas, give me 3 billion dollars and the Ep III script or I will tell Trekkies everywhere I saw you hitting Captain Picard.
by JediNemesis

George Lucas hits the luckless flunky who had to tell him there was nothing about Taun We in this week's update
by JediNemesis

It is a little known fact that George Lucas started his career as a stunt double for Adam West.
by Peregrin Toker

"You have failed me for the last time..."
by Keith

George: "Think its funny that all 46 of my possible titles were in the Top 46 on TF.N huh?" ::SMACK::
by Darth Uh Oh

Episode III Attack of the Crew.
by Harry

"For the last time: we are STICKING with "The Emperor's New Groove!""
by Macaroni Penguin

in order to cover up the resulting bruise, lobot was made to wear that..uhhh thing
by darth dude

"Taun We's MINE!"
by Grand Admiral Gary

I told you never to mention the Holidy Special ever again!
by Tekbir

"George, have you seen Lord of the Rings?" (WHACK!)
by Darth Tom

More things for the paying SW.com people to see! George duking it out with the camera crew!
by Rurouni Jedi

Meanwhile, back at the Lucas Ranch, George settles his creative differences with Fox Studio executives.
by Son of Jorel

Whats this on the arena floor? Sand? I HATE SAND!!!
by jacenmaz

Surprisingly, ticket sales for Rocky VIII were dismally low. Critics said that Sylvester Stallone had aged too much for the role.
by Ben S. Gaulk

It seems George doesn't like being told the odds either....
by Rurouni Jedi

THIS one is not worth the effort. Let me buy you a drink...
by Blah :)

unfortunatly "aggresive negotiations" are not always what they seem to be
by Lord Hideous

In the battle for sci-fi supremacy, George shows Michael "Lex Luthor" Rosenbaum how they do it on Tatooine
by Darth Holy-sweet-merciful-crap

Old Ben Kenobi asked one too many times when the original trilogy would be out on DVD
by Petunia

No way! I'M taking Taun We to the winter ball!
by ratmankey

Lucas: "So, Ray Park, not so tough without your makeup and lightsaber are you?
by Ajent Orenj

Unfortunatly no one can be told what the Force is, they must feel it for themselves.
by Aslun

"But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a composer!" "That's 'cause a composer don't break peoples jaws when they lose. Directors have been known to do that."
by Keith

Steal my danish, did you? Eat knuckles!
by Cie Sharp

You watch yourself, I've got the death sentence on twelve systems!
by Red 5

After this incident, no-one ever again plucked up the courage to tell George that the title was dumb, the 'romantic dialogue' was unspeakably corny, and Dexter Jettster wasn't funny.
by Keith

I truly...deeply...HATE you!
by Red 5

(before punch) What'd you say about my Mothma?
by John MacKay

by BillyBobThornton'sGuideToEatingAsparagus

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