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Star Wars Captioning #47

MWAHAHAH! And Leia thought she had a detonator!
by Anonymous

Give Bobo's nose back...ohh...wait it's "Attack of the Clones"...not clowns. I get it.
by Emperoress Palpatine

And then, TFN's server crashed after a bombardment of "What you talkin' about, Willis?" jokes.
by Sardaukar

"You feelin' lucky...Punk!"
by Dark Lord

Glurp and Gew play a nice game of Toss the Thermal Detonator
by Swin Agen

Ahh, dangit, not another Pikachu runt!
by Jason007

Mace Windu: "And I shall call him Mini-Me!"
by sullijo

These Jedi children need your help. It only takes a deci-cred a week sponsorship. Please call 1-800-JEDIHELP or visit: http://www.theforce.net/humor/captioning/ . Thank you.
by MOI

'Attack of the Clones'!?! What chu talkin' about Lucas?
by Eric Neville

Simon Says, Lift the ball above your head.Simon says levitate it. Make it zoom towards me. You are too good at this my padawan.
by Alli Jinn

Armed with a normal-size thermal detonator, Jedi Padawan Gary Cole-Man decides to turn to the Dark Side(either that or the South Side)
by Tim Piper

OH NO! A very tiny Unicron is attacking that child!
by Jedi Bib

"I choose you, Pikachu!"
by _Wheels03

Failing his test, a young Force-strong youth puts on his helmet to drown out Jar Jar.
by JediMasterJeremy

The young Jedi was forced to resort to desperate measure when his Pok?ball refused to open...
by Callista Skywalker

Emmanuel Lewis, TV's "Webster", makes a cameo appearance in "Star Wars - Episode II" as a young Lando Calrissian.
by Dubya Fett

"It's not to late... to Whip It... Whip It Good!"
by Chris Knight

After being told that he wouldn't get to play with a lighstaber, one of the extras snapped and threatened the cast with a thermal detonator until his mommy could be found.
by TwistyMaeSkywalker

No you can NOT endorse Colt 45!
by Neej

"Jeez, these training remotes are sure larger than the others."
by Rogue_Jedi

Child labor laws are ignored for small Padawans.
by Jedi Knight who says NEE!

"You're really a Spaceball, you know that don't you?" "Thank you sir"
by Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker

At Burger King, Pokemon balls are no longer a choking hazard...
by jedidarklord@yahoo.com

"Off the model of the Naboo ship, Bounces off Jango Fett's Helmet, hits George Lucas in the back of the head: nothing but net"
by Mystik Fett

by Gideon

Little Timmy is having some doubts about the new Babysitter droid his parents had attached.
by Ashion

Its true... yes, I am a Power Ranger. Unfortunately I received a hand-me-down helmet.
by El Bizong

"Webster, now put that thermal detonator down, you rascal!"
by BaiKher

And Luke thought HE couldn't see with the blast shield down!
by ssyoda

Holds up envelope to his head- "Clones, Mini-Me Jedi, and Pokemon"... Opens envelope. "Three bad subjects that will be overused in captioning this picture..."
by Peter Tutham

Loyal Bear Clan member Mee-Kal Jordann learns Levitation Basketball.
by Cyax

Rancorchu, I choose you!
by Flirbnic

Gary Coleman didn't really cut the mustard as a Jedi Padawan
by Bash

In his early childhood, before deciding to become a bounty hunter, Boba Fett tried his hand at deep-sea diving.
by Jedi_Hood

This is why the Pokemon balls were recalled.
by Vanakin

Slave Boy: $200. R2-Unit he's balancing on his head: $2,000. Living in a galaxy, where no matter how old, or what race your slave is they'll explode in a huge fiery ball of flesh and bone: Priceless
by Rappertunie

Young Lando discouraged by his daily bowl cuts removes his bowl and leaves the Jedi Order to pursue a career in business.
by Mojodeli

Awww, how come I always have to carry the All Seeing Eye of Mordor?
by DarthQueeg

"OK, you can take off the helmet...SURPRISE!, You're the lucky person to first see the new episode II official name... ..... ...Why is he frowning?"

I will call him Mini Mace
by JamestheStrangeJediDude

Lando Calrissian in his youth, trying to impress girls with his cute Pit Droid imitation.
by Gary T

For a millennium the Sith were vanished from the galaxy, but little the the Jedi Council know that this younge Padawan kept them safely in his mighty Pokeball.
by Solomon

Kegs look different in the galaxy far, far, away. Some Padawans even get to participate.
by Jedi AA brother

The Crossover Police were looking the other way when Mace Windu got hit by the "Infanto Ray"
by Cirrocco

Desperate for work, Gary Coleman takes a job as droid #221. Somewhere in the distance Mr. T is crying.
by Davin Garklighter

He's got the whole world, in his hands, he's got the whole wide world...
by yendreck

I am Crazy Thermal Detonator Head Man! Gimme some CANDY!!

At Jedi Preeschool graduation, the class clown fills a a Pok?ball to its limit, and prepares to hit his teacher
by darth Homer

"Arbilus! It's UNICRON!"
by Specter of MatrixFans.net

But I don't want to be a Jedi! I want to be a member of The Residents!
by Karl Mamer

Mommy! Mommy! Look what the nice Sith Lord gave me!
by Invader AL

"Now my friends can't call me blockhead."
by Jedi Girl of Corellia

The new Clear Eyes spokes person... "Clear Eyes....Wow"
by ~Becky~

"Attack of the Gary Coleman Clones"
by DavidW

Although dodgeball was invented on Earth, the people of Naboo found it much more intresting with a thermal detonator.
by Art Miles

Young Mace Windu practices in the new TV spin-off "Jedi Kids", coming to Fox this fall.
by Assistant Manager Piett

Anounncers: Young Hrokin has come up with the dreaded 7 10 split, if he picks this up he will win it all, can he do it? With or without the force, he seems to be in deep concentration......"
by Mr.Maul

Master Yoda, give me my lightsabre back or I'll squash you like bug!
by Texmaster

Disappointed with the "Wookie Habitrail," young Arnold-Wan Drummondi said "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Whillis?" when given the Ewok exercise ball for his birthday.
by Sid Spinmove

Young Lando Calrissian was quite the charmer when his mother went to the beauty salon.
by Mad Rappa Christian White Boy of Beacon

Macho Macho Man!
by huh?

"Uh excuse me, Master Yoda? My droid's head popped off, how do I put it back on?"
by bili

Dodge-ball, Padawan style. Watch out fer them nasty mind tricks.
by Annette

Eat your heart out, Dark Helmet!
by Jedi-nighty night

Gary Coleman as young Mace Windu in a flash back scene from the upcoming 2nd Star Wars Christmas special...
by Darth Silious

The boy is dangerous...he can throw that gray bowl across the whole room.
by Dark Lord

Seconds later, the Jedi child dropped the Pokeball, and an evil force more powerful than any Sith plunged the galaxy into chaos...
by Darth Ekim

The secret behind R2's almost human behavior: the accident at the "Bring Our Kids To Work Day" atAstromech A/S
by Lilu

The stranger slowly removed his helmet, revealing himself to be the legendary Jedi Master Emanu-El Lewis.
by Mike Heidenberg

Attack of the Pokeclones: the crossover from Hell!
by nerf_herder_girl

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