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Star Wars Captioning #48

This is too disturbing to even write a caption.
by Dark Lord

Techno-pop sensation Moby retains his upbeat attitude even while being devoured by Audrey II.
by Repo Man

My new apprentice. . . Darth Chlorophyll.
by Wide Altoid

What is this, Star Wars or Sid and Marty Kroft?
by JediOverlord

And here we see the Man-eating plant native to Circapious IV that injects it's victims with a toxin that induces euphoria
by Dex1138

Coming out of retirement for his friend George, the Jolly Green Giant makes an Episode II cameo.
by sullijo

The guy in the "Lord Of The Rings" Ent costume shows up on the wrong set.
by Darth Jersey

Like my new chest hair implants?
by Jet Vega

This Star Wars fan has been waiting in line for Episode II for so long, he has begun to take root...
by Michael "The Admiral" Zecca

Genetic engineering made me into the stud muffin you see here!
by Darth Lister

A tentacle beyond Pluto
by R0-4

So the clones are pod people?
by cool_kyle_15

"And I thought what they made me wear at DragonCon was bad..."
by Jade's Fire2003

"Somehow an aloe plant got in the telepod with me, and caused our molecules to merge into a 'Brundlealoe'."
by Bubba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt and Yarna d'al'Gargan's love child!
by JediGemini

Dude, got a smoke for a weed?
by jar jar vince

"Feed me Seymour!"
by Rafiennes

Someone feeling a it horny today...
by Kim-don Zign

Future winner of the Least Popular "Star Wars" Action Figure poll.
by Assistant Manager Piett

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the rhododendrons. At last we will have revenge."
by Admiral Akbar & Jeff

All hopes that Episode II would be on par with "The Empire Strikes Back" faded away with THIS photograph.
by Jedi Master Eipee Free-Lee

Jedi Master Chlo-Ro Phyll possessed the Force power to speed up the growth of plants.
by Joe Antilles

"Oh no! Anakin has become corrupted by the Green Side of the Force!"
by Indiana "Bridget" Jones

Yet another failed Sith Apprentice concept: Darth Asparagus
by Darth Skater

It's Star Wars meets Broadway in... "Attack of the Little Shop of Horrors"
by LadyV

Episode II update: Moby as Senator Grinch
by Captain EO

After a deluge of fan requests, George Lucas capitulates and allows a "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" cameo in episode II
by Sid Spinmove

Do I have something in my teeth?
by angeles

I am not wearing a Venus Fly Trap. I don't care if it is an "honor" to be in a Star Wars movie; I am not wearing a Venus Fly Trap.
by Gideon

Eminem making the video for "Will The Real Darth Vadey, Please Stand Up"
by trox

Bob was suddenly very sorry that he had ignored that quarantine sign....
by kamo

"It's a cactus! It's an aloe! No, it's... Plant-Man!"
by Bib Fortuna Sandwich

The attempt to clone Scott Hamilton and a twilek gone wrong.. horribly wrong...
by Peter Tutham

"My parents did alot of 'experimentation' during the 60's"
by Jedi Girl of Corellia

Jea-Luc Picard served a brief stint as the mascot of a Jedi cafeteria before joining Starfleet.
by david low

George Lucas, on the brink of bankruptcy, is forced to have a budget equal that of a "Lost In Space" episode
by Darth Insidious

Those incognito fanboys just aren't trying anymore
by Exar Kun

Episode II? I thougt this was a Fruit Of The Looms commercial.
by Jedi-nighty night

This is what would have happend to Mara Jade-Skywalker if the Vong disease actually had a major effect
by DarthTrunks1138

"Hi, I'm Artichokius!"
by me

Star Wars Episode III: Day Of The Triffids
by blue max

With Episode II getting so much press it was quite easy for George to work quietly on his live-action version of "VeggieTales." Bob has volunteered to show us the asparagus costume. Thank you Bob.
by The Queen of Air and Darkness

You call THAT a prom dress?!
by Jedi Mango

"Just another friendly message from the ever-so-jolly Green Giant..."
by Araviah

ILM is really slipping these days...
by sithspit

The Newest Sith Apprentice: Darth Artichoke
by Vader Hater

Methinks Lucas needs to terminate his contract with Jim Henson's Creature Shop.
by Sasquatch

"Sigmund!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO..."
by Emperor Poopitine

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