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Star Wars Captioning #54

"So George...since I am playing ALL of the clones in the film.......Do I get paid extra?"
by Noon74

For a donation of only a 100 Imperial credits, the Emperor doll with spark lightning could be yours. Clone Children are standing by to take your calls.
by jedi adam

"G-14, miss, H-15, hit...you sunk my battleship!"
by Mark Vaughan

"Concentrate Ender, it's nothing like using the Force."
by Charles Kerekanich

Cloning the technical support staff was the best move Count Dooku ever made.
by Darth Penelope

"Jazz to Moon Base Two, Jazz to Moon Base Two: any Decepticon shenannigans in your area?"
by Darth Bobo

"Oh no!! That blue screen again...let?s see...Ctrl-Alt-Del..."
by Reuters

If a thousand clones typed on a thousand terminals...
by Keith

Regis (off-camera): "All right, it's time for our next Fastest Finger question."
by ComicKook

The CGI effects of Episode II are so complicated that they required the help of many young computer graphic wiz kids, seen here droning away on a very important scene.
by bili

"Tank you for calling Miss Cleo's Psychic Hotline, we'll be answering all of your questions about de future."
by SunBlakeD

I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of a song by Weird Al.
by DataDroid

"Operator, state your emergency." "Tank we need out!" "Excuse me?!" "Sorry, wrong number".
by Kyber

Even during the Clone Wars they had telemarketers...
by Julia Kenobi

The world's children jumped at the chance of the online chat with Harry Potter!
by 10 inch saber

"You ARE the Weakest Link. Goodbye!"
by Jaded

Despite his new rear-view mirror attachment, the young lad fails to notice the pranksters sneaking up on him with a whoopie cushion.
by Chad Evans

"This retainer sucks!"
by Clueless Chimp

".....They're all staring at me......and me.... and me..."
by r2tincan

"Hello, My name is Wilma and I am wondering if you would like to buy a Jedi to handle your houshold chores?"
by JediEwokElizabeth

If Star Wars gets on the curriculum, the headsets will be mandatory...
by Deac Starkiller

"Resistance is futile. Roger Roger."
by Darth Andy

"Would you be interested in a timeshare on Alderan?"
by Matthew Bok

"Woo! 5000 points! Eat that, #3829!"
by Drak Tanner

Things changed at Tommy's school after the president's new education bill was passed ...
by Grandma Tarkin

"Sir, this is the third time we've called. Either pay your phone bill or we blow up your planet."
by Art Miles

If you give a million clones a million computers, sooner or later one of them will write the script for Episode III.
by Keith

"Thank's for calling The Force Technical Support Line. For problems with Jedi Mind Tricks press 1. For help drying out your Lightsaber, press 2. If your apprentice is turning to the Dark Side, press 3..."
by Dave Edwards

First Clone: "Nice suit!" Second Clone: "Hey, right back at ya!"
by Turtle

Josh frequently showed more promise then the other boys of the TheForce.net staff...
by Frank Z

"Where's the 'any' key?"
by Q99213

Tetris is even better cloned a million times!
by simba_online

The prisoners were forced to watch bad 1970's sitcoms until they went mad.
by Princess Lobelia

THE biggest game of networked Unreal ever!
by t!m

"And I will call them... Mini-Lobots!"
by Jedi Master Arra (not Aurra Sing)

At Huttworts School of Magic, Jedis learn to raise X-Wings
by djoe

"Hi, I am calling to activate my Windows XP."
by Reuters

"We get signal!"
by Trach N' Load

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