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Star Wars Captioning #95

Hayden Christensen ... sand ... say no more.
(Image appears in Interview Magazine).

A message from TFN
Thanks to everyone who sent in entries. Our favourite submissions are listed below.

* Hayden on the cover of "Worst, pickup lines, ever!" magazine.
by Darth Nima

* What did I tell you? Revenge of the Sand.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Things start to go sour in Anakin and Padme's marriage after she insists on a honeymoon at the beach.
by Darth Seminarian

* I couldn't let Ewan be the only Star Wars cast member on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
by MF Bubbles

* This is what happens after one too many death sticks.
by Ash Kinsa

* I'm too sexy for this sand.. too sexy for this sand.....
by Capt. Chris

* "Sand is rough... and rough is good... and I am good... so I am sand..." (hayden's latest pickup line)
by Rana_K

* "I Tell her, 'I HATE SAND!' And what does she do?! SHE LOSES A HAIRCLIP....IN THE SAND!!!"
by Qui-Dal Jinn

* *Looks around for lightsaber* Not again. Obi Wan's gonna kill me.
by Darth Lairdman

* The results of Anakin and Obi-Wan challenging Mace Windu and Yoda to a beach volleyball tournament.
by Darth Lairdman

* Unbeknownst to most Star Wars fans, sand inhalation was the real reason Anakin was required to wear a breath mask.
by Darth Lairdman

* Just like Beggar's Canyon back home.
by Darth Lairdman

* I was going to make some smart-a**ed joke about sand people, but I don't like the way Hayden's looking at me...
by Jimjams

* If little Ani would have stayed on Tatooine, this is what the slave girls would have had to look forward to...
by Edi The Jedi

* Damn Padme and her boudoir photography! Two week anniversary my a**!
by Jedi Master Gourry

* Enjoy those good looks, kid, because come the next movie, they're going BYE-BYE!
by Macaroni Penguin

* TFN humor server crashes after thousands of 'I don't like sand' jokes are submitted
by Jedi Master Gourry

* When you join the dark side, you must do things you don't like...
by Jedi Master Gourry

* I'm not posing! I'm sinking, dammit! Get me the outa here!
by Jedi Master Gourry

* When he entered the cave on Dagobah Anakin was finally forced to confront his worst nightmare
by Bluemilkmonitor

* It's as though a thousand fangirls cried out...
by Obi-sesive

* I don't like sand...it's rough...kind of like me modelling...
by John the Enforcer

* I had to tell her something, I know I lied, but, I received a kiss a minute later, so where's the problem?
by fiskehandler

* I am never teasing Mark Hamill about Cadillac Summer again.
by GeekBob

* Photographer: "Okay, now make me feel uncomfortable." - - - Hayden: "How's this?" - - - Photographer: "Perfect!"
by Cap'n Gutter

* so this is the nightmare he was having
by Jaro Warren

* "Come to Tatooine: The Sand Planet." This advertisement paid for by Transgalactic Travel. Travel at your own risk. Avoid Sarlaccs and Sand People. Transgalactic Travel is not liable for any injuries.
by Kyra

* that's the last time I invite a tusken chick over...
by jedi_girl_solo, padawan of big dadu

* Photographer: "Yes! Yes! More clueless! More doped! That's it...Look like you don't want to be here! That's it!!"
by JenArwen

* "And here's this summer's 'dark side' look, as modelled by our padawan model, Anakin Skywalker. It says 'playful, but I could kill you' all at once!
by Blow-Mi-One Canolli

* That sandcastle looks *nothing* like the Jedi Temple. Hmph.
by tiene leche

* Jedi Calendars 2003
by Rurouni Jedi

* Owen Lars: GET OFF THE LAWN!
by Son of Jorel

* Seen on shores of the Dune Sea of his home world, Anakin Skywalker is the Sexiest Man in the Outer Rim!
by Davidw

* Coming soon.... Jedi Sports Illustrated
by Icebreaker

* "You're making me sandy. I don't think you're gonna like me when I'm sandy."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* After being sued by the Sand Anti-Defamation League, Hayden was forced to appear in public service announcements preaching tolerance towards Sand.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* This man killed millions. Not because he went to the dark side, but because he wanted to wipe out everyone who had seen this picture.
by Inebriated Wyrm

* And now for the Men of Tatooine Playgirl centerfold, Anakin Skywalker.
by GideonTOTG

* Life's a beach. And then you jedi.
by ham sandwich

* This is the result of "Queer Eye for the Jedi", coming this fall to NBC!
by Darth Shmarth

* Anakin makes it to the top of "Space People's 50 Most Beautiful Lifeforms" issue.
by Joanna

* Realizing decreasing numbers in the interest of females in becoming Jedi, the recruitment office opts for a new ad campaign
by anne

* "Mr. July" in the latest "Jedi Knights" Calendar
by anne

* Anakin was less than thrilled with Padme's choice of location for their new home.
by Fett-Ka-Bob

* In an effort to make amends with the sand people, Anakin agreed to be featured in the Spring 25,038 Sand People Fashion Calendar (his picture made the cover).
by Obi No

* You wanna mess with me, huh? Well, THIS is what's left of the Sandpeople after I got through with them!
by Kessel 12

* Issue number 1138 of EMPIRE ILLUSTRATED....
by Master Ryokono

* Hatred. Power. Corruption. Dark Side from Calvin Klein
by Joe-bi Wan

* The cover of "Tusken Raider Playmate Monthly".
by han Solarized

* From the Sarlacc cook book: Take on Skywalker, marinate in the darkside, roll in a lite coating of sand and bake at 350 until bitter.

* The real reason Anakin turned to the Dark Side: the Younglings' sandpit at the Jedi Temple.
by Keith

* Anakin turned to the dark side shortly after Seventeen Magazine listed him as 2nd place to Obi-Wan as hottest Jedi of the year
by ERBavenger

* Sith Hunk Calendar 2004: January, Anakin on Tatooine
by Eeth-my-Koth

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