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Star Wars Captioning #62

"I'm singing in the rain! I'm singing in the rain! Such a glorious feeling I'm happy again!"
by Aaron

Never give a Mandalorian chilidogs and root beer. Or did you think that green haze was the backdrop?
by Tarak Duras

"He's no use to me with a silly umbrella."
by 2000AD

Dorothy was nowhere in sight, as the Tin Mandalorian rusted again.
by jedijosh@elec.net

Boba: "He's still following us." Jango: "OK, on the count of three, I'll flip on my jetpack and light his stupid umbrella on fire."
by Alion_Sangre

And now, we bring you a clip from "Star Wars Episode III: Attack of the Hobbits"
by Lord Of the Craps

Umm... a little help here son? Darned suit's kinda rusted up on me. If you could just push me up that ramp..."
by Emperor Palpatim

"Green skys are gonna clear up, put on a happy face"
by Jay

The new Three Stooges film with extra new scenes! You CAN'T tell its not really them!
by eren.

"Will someone please get Gene Kelly back to his OWN SET!"
by Lang

"It's ok. I'm Mahmed Crest, I'm just filling in for Bar Bar Dinks. They'll replace the umbrella with a a large, multi-coloured computer generated head later."
by Mable Cereal

Coming in theaters soon: "Star Wars: A Midgalaxy Night's Dream"
by Darth Rex

"Hi, Mary Poppins couldn't make it for her cameo- I'm her brother, Jek Poppins!"
by Pyro Sith

Between Boba's whining and the idiot with the rainbow umbrella, Jango Fett was considering ignoring the stupid "no disintegrations" rule.
by Mykael Shone

"To find the Wizard of Oz just follow the Green Mile..."
by Dark Jedi Wiley

"OK, now you guys run that way and...EH? What is with all the green?!?! I thought I told you NO green!! I wanted BLUE this time!!
by "Weird Ed" Woody

"Oh-oh! Jango's outfit's rusted again! Get the oil can!"
by Kenya Starflight

Jango: "See that man over there with the umbrella? Thats where they got your cells."
by Jango_Feet

Sunday In The Park With George
by il314

Didn't Kurosawa do a scene just like this?
by Darth Penelope

Where's Waldo - Episode II Edition: The one that does not belong A. Boba Fett -B. Jango Fett - C. Teamster
by Craig "sketch" Thomas

"Um, can someone run to the Wizard of Oz set and get the oil can? Jango's rusted again."
by dancerjedi

Dick Van Dyke realizes that this is simply the wrong sidewalk chalk drawing
by Eric Larson

What happens when Anakin dicovers a hidden stash of spice in Watto's shop...
by Sauron

"We represent the Lollipop Guild..."
by The Red Haired Menace

Star Wars cashes in on the Five Alive commercial style
by Boston Salamander

Where's the rain?
by Lady Kahlan

Stories would be told of the great Jango Fett jet-pack versus Mary Poppins umbrella race tha took place that fateful day...
by KnightStryke

"What do you mean this is Sesame Street Studios and not Lucas Film?"
by Artimus

"I've rusted and I can't look up!"
by tealcandtrip

Another Sith Padawan arrives at the fiery gates.
by The Black Knight

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