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Star Wars Captioning #29

Luke: Stop your overacting Biggs, or they will remove this clip from the movie!
by Honk the hut

Biggs: "He, Luke, I had a really weird dream this night: You will become famous and will play a guy called Indiana Jones! Han will get a role in some sci-fi b-movies!" Luke: "Wow, that's good news!!"
by Bluecher

Biggs:"Hey, Luke! Did you hear the news? The Humor section at TF.N has been updated!" Luke: "What? Really? C'mon, let's go see!"
by Obi-Wan McKinley

"I love you!" "...I know."
by Tokugawa

Biggs :"Look Luke, I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you this, but there is no Station at Toschi, we just made that all up"
by Tzu

Ok Beave' remember what your to tell Dad. Yea Wally, I never saw you sneak out.
by Darth Varmint

I swear Luke... It is a real mustache....
by Julio Cezar Briseno

Honest Luke it's not you it's me. One day you'll find a nice assasin who'll make you happy.
by Bitmap

I'm telling you. A Tie Fighter can NOT destroy an X-wing unless the X-wing's pilot is a complete idiot.
by another wookie

I sorry, but I can't stop staring at your nose, I mean it's huge.
by Scott C.

Biggs: Don't worry about the girl in the hologram. I'll look into it for you. Lucas: Nice try, you're definetly out of the movie now
by Scott C.

Biggs: This is nice material, where'd you get it. Luke: My aunt knows someone in Mos Espa
by Scott C.

Biggs: Hey, Luke, I'm sure your father can get you into the academy Luke: What? Biggs: you know the guy with asthma and a big black mask? Luke: I have a bad feeling about this...
by Bar Bar Drinks

"Look, buddy, Camie's MINE."
by Queen Emidala

Luke, I just noticed that we've been standing in wet cement for the past four hours...
by Shinji

"You have to face facts, Luke. Im a minor character whose big scene was cut from the finished film - how can you even DOUBT that Im going to die..?"
by MajorDomo

don't look now but there's a camera watching us.
by Andre saboo

"Wait a minute, Biggs! Are you trying to tell me that Lucas is cutting this scene?!?!?!?" "I'm afraid so, Luke."
by Sdflcorran

luke : buggs, your not moving. Biggs in squeaky voice : oil can ..... oil can
by Scott "Corran Horn" Stokes

LUKE: But I was going back to the farm to do my chores. BIGGS: You can waste time with your aunt and uncle after you're done here.
by YodaYaddle

BIGGS: But Luke, you're the reason I came back. LUKE: NO! That's Impossible!
by scaryjohn

Luke, I am your Father's Cousin's Uncle's Mother's Half Son, five times removed.
by Nick J

Lighten up, Luke. It's not like the galaxy is depending on you...
by Darth Paul

Biggs: Luke I love you man. Luke: Your not getting my Bud Biggs
by Lindore

It's Ok, Luke. I'm sure the Force.net will update soon
by Gasgono

Are you sure you want to play Luke Skywalker?? You'll never act again!!
by Bob Banana

And worst of all, rumor has it your dad's involved.
by John Dillier

Biggs: I learned 3 things at the academy 1) Never but R2 units from Jawas 2) Never EVER take the estraining bolt off a droid 3) Don't do anything with an old guy in a robe that looks like a dress
by Cat55234

Adventure Heh! Excitement Heh! A boy scout craves not these things
by Stuart MacLean

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