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Star Wars Captioning #42

In the time before GL realized you could use repulsordrive on a ship.
by Obi Anne

Quick! Change that tire! Racer X has to get back on the track!
by Scrub

"The pizzas here. Finally we eat."
by Jonathan Fisher

"Why did Anakin ask for his Hot Rod to be his coffin, I mean this thing is bloody heavy!"
by jedi_022

George's Worst Nightmare: All visual effects technology is wiped from the earth, forcing the SW crew to make the speeder hover manually.
by pathetic jedi

How did THAT get in there?
by James Hook

Assistant Director: "So boys, should we trun this spare pod into a hot tub or a craps table?"
by Jade's Fire2003

Disgruntled Episode II staff take turns keying George Lucas' car.
by DT Carel of Elited.net

Someone go and find Doug, this is the last time he gets away with one of his "glue" jokes!!!!!
by diskerror

When a crew member dies, George doesn't settle for anything less than the best coffin available.
by Jedi Bib

When Rick fliped the afterburner switch to show them this was a WORKING hotrod, the four men in the back were instantly charred. Some say George's giddy laughter could be heard around the studio.
by darthwedge2000

The primitive beings decide that rather than looting the vehicle and leaveing it there, they shoud just take it with them
by Ja-Was Rul

Unable to afford the exhorbitant Coruscant gas prices on a Padawan salary, Anakin constantly had to have help carrying his speeder home.
by Randall Flagg

I guess our combined force powews STILL aren't strong enough to move this thing.
by Tahiri

Shot of the Jedi Council in "Star Wars Episode II: Gone In 60 Seconds"
by Exar Kun

Better send this to Area 51.
by Skidrowpunk

All the computers at ILM crashed one day, so in order to finish the shot they had to start shaking the ship
by Jamie

"Would it help if I got out and pushed???" ... "It might!"
by Darth Denson

So we are supposed to all ride in this thing? What kind of clown car is this anyway?
by Nathanielstarr

"Hey George, do you think any one will notice we just painted the 60's Batmobile yellow?"
by The_Bili

Another Jedi frat party gone too far. Too drunk to use the force, the brother decide to turn Anakin's speeder 90 degrees in its parking space by hand.
by nick curto

The true way ILM gets the "hovering" effect: Lucasfilm interns
by Joe

George, would you like to say grace?
by Bob

Speeder shop class at Coruscant High
by Jedi Knight Ivyan

Hey I thought this thing was CG!
by Darth Sphincter

Angry rioters continued to overturn cars and wreak havoc in the streets of Naboo after the Republic All Star Soccer team's rather embarrassing loss to the Cuban National Team.
by Hilfest

Hasbro designers meet during their lunch hour to determine where to put the battery compartment on the first ship in their new "lifesize" product line.
by JettFunk

In a dramatic show of opposition to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's election, the Coruscant Cab Drivers' Union went on strike.
by Vern

I'm gonna miss Jar Jar, is there a wake later?
by Darth Strip Mall

Gulliver's Travels gone bad
by Anthony the Hutt

So... um... anyone know where the gas cap is?
by Dan Brown

Hey, before we kill ourselves pushing this thing, are you sure the parking break is off?
by Walt Frayne

As riots broke out at the premier of Episode 2, a bunch of Star Trek fans tried to tip Mr McGregor's speeder
by Darth *Insert Scary Name*

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