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Star Wars Captioning #31

Latest Gap commerical: Everyone In Plastic
by Acid_Rain327

by chris randall

A photo of the 1979 Imperial Academy graduating class with their mascot.
by Eric Fett

An elite team of Lasertag marksmen: Lex Luthor's most conniving plan yet to destroy Superman.
by Eric Fett

Lobot: "Okay, I'm NOT going to turn around...nope...not gonna do it...not gonna look....ah, crap!!
by pezric@yahoo.com

Little did Lobot know...
by The One and Only Lizzy Starkiller

The Star Wars fans took great offense when some guy came in dressed like the captian from Star Trek
by Daniel Horton

This is the response when it was discovered that Lobot runned on Linux
by uncle owens charred remains

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley!!!
by Monkeys-R-Funny

"Alright, buddy! Take the WalkMan headphones off when you're on the subway or you're in big trouble!"
by Luke Skywalker

Hey, wait a minute, this isn't Cats.......
by Brady Gunnink

One! Singular sensation, every little step she taaaaaaakes
by Monkeys-R-Funny

Hi, I'm Lobot and this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl and this is...
by Rob Roy

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...
by Emperoress Palpatine

Although Lobot enjoyed his new career as an Imperial Aerobics Instructor, there were times when he wished he had evacuated the Cloud City a little faster.
by Alli-Wan

Dry cleaners wouldn't take American Express, eh, Nigel?
by Ryan Gregory Little

Failed Star Wars book ideas... "Where's Lobot"
by Kaylar

To the shock of Darth Vader, Lobot killed all the real Stormtroopers and put cloud city troopers in their armor.
by HPS99

I couldn't find seven samurai Mr. Lucas, we'll have to make due with these.
by Bitmap

Lobot tells Lando to try again--he only knocked down three of the life-sized stormtrooper pins.
by Novastar

"In this scene, we've secretly replaced Lobot with Folgier's Crystals. Let's see if they notice."
by OsBlos

" He he.. look at him, he's got earmuffs on....Hey buddy... you forgot your coat!"
by frank

Picard to Enterprise: These new earmuffs have beamed me to an alternate dimension
by IBM: putting the e in ewok

Buy "The Troopers" latest Album featuring Kojak. (limited Cloud City edition with bonus track "Lollipops 'n Clouds")
by Kel Ommis

Lobot's previous job.... I tell you Lord Sidious, there is no way these soldiers cans be shot down, and they can resist to anything that is thrown at them, including rocks...
by Jonny the Hutt

Only after heavy persuasion did Lobot agree to say 'Are you sure I said that?' for the humor section.
by Emperor Palpatim

Psst! Hey, Charlie, I think I hear Britney Spears comin' outta his headphones!
by Darth Idiot

*Tom Jones playing in the background* "You can keep your helmet on....."
by Jedi Helen

Lobot: "Listen, you TFN guys. I want a caption up and my stormtroopers and I aren't leaving until we get one posted!"
by AlmightyOne

The Storm Trooper who bumped his head on the door in A New Hope never worked again.
by Alex Griffith

Lobot was disappointed to find out that he couldn't be a stormtrooper because the helmet wouldn't fit over his oversized hearing aid.
by bfett

Lobot: You can't go wrong with Turtle Wax.... for head or armor, it's simply the best!! Order now, and you get two cans for only $99.99!!
by Trish

This is the part of "Sprockets" where we dance!
by Judd-I Nighty night

Lobot's Fashion Don'ts: DON'T wear white shoes after Labor Day!! UGH!
by WB

Not only am I the president of the hair club for men...
by Nima, The Disco Jedi, aka Obi1Sepassi

Bespin's cheif of security posing with the Backstreet Boys
by Gutter Rat

"I shall call him........Mini-Lobot!"
by Fuzz Mocha

They all stood waiting patiently for the updates from the humor section of TFN. The only question that remains is if rigormortis or fossilization would set in first.
by Rob

Give us your lunch money or you'll NEVER find out where we hid your toupee.
by Mighty Quinn

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