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Star Wars Captioning #17

umm..... I can't breathe in here.
by Michael McKinley

"Blub, blub, blu Help! The Wompa ate me! Somebody get me ou... Ops! hey guys!
by Meance

Hey Luke, you know, you sound an awful lot like Darth Vader when you breathe through that thing. I wonder if you could perhaps be related?
by Salana

"...two teaspoons paprika, and a dash of pepper..."
by super boomer

Don't complain, he wanted to wear the thong.
by Scott C.

At the annual carnival, "Dunk the Jedi In a Diaper" was a popular game
by Mike

"Sir, I will need to see your insurance card before surgery."
by Victor Mora

FX7: Dude, this is the coolest lava lamp I've ever seen. . . . 21B: Hey, man, maybe we oughta lay off this stuff. Yer startin' to look like a ROBOT, man. FX7: Dude, I AM a robot! Both: Duuuuude.
by The Nearsighted Stormtrooper

"So tell me, how does dressing this guy up as a sumo wrestler and drowning him in a tube of bacta heal him exactly". "Don't ask me, this is only my Saturday job."

To ensure that your Jedi is a light side jedi simply place him in a vat of water and if he floats you've got a dark side user, kill him immediately. If he sinks and drowns you had a light side user.
by Shadowstrider

Hey, ever see the Seinfeld when he is put under by the doctor and nurse??? I've been thinking....
by Varth Dader

Hello, maintenance? It looks like we got another stopped up shower drain.
by Eric Fett

Luke:"When I said: make me a glass of juice, I didn't mean it literaly!"
by jastermereel

Medical Driod:"Maybe its about time we turned on his breathing tube?"
by Reanimator

Suddenly, those eating at Chez Gungan realized in horror that the marine tank wasn't going to feature a mermaid
by Skeearmon

In the event Mark Hamill would be needed for episodes 1-3, George Lucas prevents the actors body from aging and any unforseen "accidents"
by Jim Haskett

"Another minute and it's a record, now they'll never forget the name of Mark..... What is it again?"
by Jimbob

"Hmmm.... now what does this button do? AHH!!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
by K'Coraan Jaden

get a load of what happens when I press the puree button!
by red five

Boiled Jedi again tonight? *Sigh*
by Matthew du Plessis

If Houdini could do it, so can I.
by T. Ellis Adkins

You see, son, at one time, these creatures roamed uncaged.
by Jeff Giammo

"Bartender! There's a human in my bacta!"
by Jemm

"No! Not the 'Jedi destroys battlestation! I distinctly said to use the Mars vacation memory implant!"
by T. Ackerman

Help! I can't swim!
by Grandma Tarkin

"How long before he has to come out?" "Depends. Do we get paid by the hours he uses the tank?"
by knutsonswl

Some of Mark Hamill's finest acting.
by Ael

I hear the Jedi's very good here - I'll have that little whiney one there please waiter.
by Darth Mark

(Luke thinking to himself): I wonder if Leia thinks I look sexy like this. (Han in backround thinking to himself):Stupid idiot pulling the bacta = undies jive on my girl!!!!

"Well the company policy allows only a day in the bath. Unplug him"
by Pash Cracken

Under-roos are fun to wear! You can wear them anywhere!
by WaaaahhhhPowerConverters

Heyb there'sb ab holeb bin thisb tubebl hhheelpbbb.
by Joy Moore

"I don't think we should tell him that the "bacta' is really the urinal for the tauntauns..."
by Sith Lord Vader

Having never been officially "initiated" into the Alliance, Luke awoke from his stuporous night sleep in Taun Taun entrails to find that the Rebel jocs had stripped him and left him in Leia's washing
by md2b

"Ooh, Skywalker made a big splash when diving feet first after he slipped, that's going to cost him the diving championship."
by Will the Master

"Welcome to the Hoth Day Spa. Spend the day hunting Wampa and your nights relaxing in our exclusive underwater recovery tub! Complete with electronic diaper and your guide TwoOneBee!"
by elle3321@aol.com

"hey bill, look through his wallet."
by Lane Spot

These sea monkeys are looking stranger and stranger...
by fett26

Yay! He's drowning!
by r2-d2

"...ok FX-7, this insta-grow Luke has been sitting in the water for a week, is it going to get any bigger or can we take him out?"
by Michael R.

Hi, i'm not a medical droid, but I play one on TV.
by Paladin

He can't see out of the cylinder, take his clothes before he surfaces. Don't woory about me, I'll tell him 'I'm bolted to the floor, I couldn't stop them.'
by Paladin

"Does this look infected?"
by Adam F.

The droids didn't realize the relaxation power of watching humans swim in their fish tanks.
by Mike Drucker

Just bobbing along, singing my song... on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea.
by Mike Mazurkewicz

TO SERVE MAN: Ingredient #1...Mark Hamill
by Evan Burr

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