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Star Wars Captioning #28

"Battle Droid, party of 7, a seat by the window if you will my good man.
by Brian Rogers

"Wait a minute! We're naked!"
by Ertin Guroc

if you are so sure we parked here, where's the car!!
by john redd

got roger?
by Michigananian Jawas

Excuse me, Im new here, which one of you is roger?
by Jamaican Jawas

"Weren't we suposed to take a left at that last corridor?"
by Mario Gomez

Nobody move, I lost my contact!!
by Cat Kenobi

Roger roger. Roge oger? Oger oger roger-oge-dodger
by Oxymoron

As all the other droids set their weapons for 'kill', THX 138 wonders, "Did I leave the iron on?"
by Amidala

you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out...
by ObiwishIwouldawon

"well i don't know about you guys but i think i look better in CG form".
by mr.yoda

by Psycho Jedi

All right boys, let's get this job done or next thing you know we'll be replaced by humans!
by robo_doughboy

"Man... I could have sworn that just last week we were a bunch of bounty hunters and a sith lord..." "You're imagining things." "Roger roger."
by Randall Flagg

"Umm, on second thought, let's not go to Naboo...it is a silly place..." "Roger Roger, Roger Roger..."
by BobaFett_3

One...Singular sensation, every little step she takes. One...Thrilling combination every move that she makes.
by DavidW1227

"I knew that I shouldn't have worn this outfit..."
by Lei-Kon Jinn

We are not Weasels! This is not Roger Rabbit!
by Bill Fuller

"hey, did anyone see where the blue screen went???"
by Jonathan Hunter

Resistance is futile, your abilities will be added...Wait, we don't need your abilities. Blast them!
by Darth Promotious

Wait a second! Where are our guitars?!
by Jaina

Psst! Yeah you? What was my line again?
by Jaina

(To droid on far left) Hey! Wake up! Here comes Mr. Lucas!
by Jaina

Introducing the newest in Galactic Domination: the T-1001! It's sleeker, more efficient, and most of all...you get more for your money!
by Dave

ALLL RIGHT plebes! Get in line! Count off by the square root of pi to the nearest thousandth! FAAAAAALL IN!
by Aubri

And here we see a group of trainee Battle driods tackle the difficult subject of "Air Guitar" 101
by Tzu

Droid: "So wait a minute. Did ANYONE remember to bring the guns???"
by Obi-Jon Kenobi

Your tear'n up my optical sensor, when i'm blasting you; but when your blasting me I breack in two. And no matter what you do, I can't feel pain, 'cause I'm a battle droid.
by Yoda girls

Party at my house?....After, this last Death Scene?
by Anakin34

"... what do you mean, 'new crash-test dummies'?"
by kwawin

The battle droid weekly tea club meeting.
by The Great Kabouki

AT THE AUDITION FOR THE PART OF TIN MAN IN THEATOR PRODUCTION OF "THE WIZARD OF OZ": Having just recently finished filming The Phantom Menace, the droids were surprised to run into each other so soon.
by Jingle Bill

"And guess what this guy said to me!" one of the other droids - "What?" .. Another one - "Shhh! you idiots! Jim over here is telling me something.." pauses and says .. 'Jedi.. where are they?'
by Nadzhda

Droid 1: Hey Roger!! Droid 2,3,4,5: What?
by Brad Windu

Droid #1- So, you guys wanna go for a beer? Droid #6 - you guys go with out me, my wife keeps nagging me to mow the lawn.
by Jabe Elite

would the real calista flockhart please step forward...
by kryce

"I hate this Secondary Unit stuff. The other guys are probably out blasting Jedi's. Those lucky ducks."
by Boba's Right Hand Man

Star Wars factiod #4554: Due to lack of non-programmed volunteers "Viceroy Of The Dance" was unable to make it to the stage
by Exar Kun

"Halt! You Model Makers are under arest!"
by Jet Eye Nite

Droid 1: You know it's really odd how we never seem to see our friends again after they go to this 'set' thing. Droid 2: Don't be stupid, it's just a movie, no one ever gets hurt in the movies.
by Lord Strife

(Droid in charge): OK men, we're looking for two guys in really old dressing gowns, a kid, an R2 unit and a girl wearing more clothes than five people usually do!
by Top Jedi

Wha- a, this isn't the battleship, I think we're lost!
by Kevin

You mean everybody brought gear oil? No one brought sandwiches or chips or paper plates?
by The Joe

"For crying out loud, two Jedi can take out five of us just by waving their hands around! You know, sometimes I wonder why we even bother."
by Whodat

The Usual Battle Droids
by Locdog07

"Surely we can't all be named Roger." "We are all named Roger, and dont call me Shirley."
by SallyHayes

"No, no, you idiot, it's right, left, step, step! Who taught you how to dance?"
by Our_Lady_Palpatine

"Theed!" "Theed!" "Theed!" "It's only a model." "Shh."
by Randall Flagg

one of these things........ wait they all look the same
by arex

will the real Mr. Robot step forward
by arex

Drois 1: heres where the party is. Droid 2: Mr. Maul, we're with the band
by Kevin Bryant

"Hey, don't look at me. The sign said 'dry-cleaning while you wait'."
by Darth Soandso

Erm.......did they saythey'd add the weapons in post-production??
by daft ada

Kevin Rubio's Troops:Episode 1
by Warbuff

"Oh, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Love a Paraaaaaaade! Doo Do De Doo..."
by jmars72

"...so then Nute Gunray was all, "Get in there and kill those Jedi," and I was all, "YOU kill 'em, you green-skinned freak!", so he was all...shh, shh, here he comes..."
by jmars72

OOM-9 was clearly the Frank of the Battle Droid Rat Pack.
by jmars72

"Resevoir Droids"
by jmars72

bateries not included
by brad carpenter

As you could imagine, Disney's "Hall of Presidents Without Skin or Clothing" did not go over too well with the kids.
by Bubba Fett

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