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Star Wars Captioning #51

Mel Brooks latest project, SpaceBalls meets Blazing Saddles
by Darth Skater

Bad guy lineup from "The Lukes of Hazzard"
by Steven Cavanagh

Guys with the guns : "Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck Season! Rabbit season. Vader: "REBEL SEASON!!
by Virago

"Alright gang, let's bag us some Trekkies!"
by Matthew Domville

Chosen to direct "Attack of the Clones", Oliver Stone argues that Darth Vader could be linked to the Texas oilmen that masterminded the JFK plot...
by Repo Man

Skywalker: Texas Ranger.
by Katy Farry

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good shotgun by your side.
by 2000AD

One of these things is not like the others. . .
by Salacious Crummy

Darth Vader on the set of his latest project "A Fistful Of Credits"
by ComicKook

"The Empire Strikes Back" Ultimate Edition's extended bounty hunter scene
by nerfherder

Hoping to succeed Charlton Heston as president of the NRA, Darth Vader is eager to show his support for the Second Amendment.
by The_Anti_Her0

Q: What isn't right with this picture? A: The "Western" buildings have metal railings
by Dagger

Vader resorts to the cheaper bounty hunters.
by FiendishJedi

The Holiday Inn Defense Force
by aslun

"You reckon that there Bin Laden fellow will come quietly?"
by Arnoldo Rangel

Shotgun wedding... lightsaber wedding... *shrugs* As long as there's someone gettin' hitched, I ain't one to argue.
by calilac

Darth Holliday's showdown at the OK Corral
by jeffbee13

Hokey weapons are nothing compared to a good Smithson 55.
by Durham

Sheriff Joe and Deputy Hank weren't too sure about the new guy...
by Iceheart

"Horses? We can't afford to lose no horses. Send over a couple of stormtroopers."
by Darth Penelope

Vader and Co. track down Han for a good ole shotgun weddin'
by Just Jeff

And this is what happens when Mel Brooks can't keep his films straight...
by Darth Monn

(From left to right) Darth "Vinny" Vader, Joey "the Hammer" & "Big Al" Celioino were apprehended today for mob dealings & racketering charges. More at 11 tonight
by Walter Danek

Darth Vader's never before seen cameo on Dallas
by -=Exar Kun=-

The Governor of Texas, the Mayor of Dallas, and, well you know, getting ready to be sent on dipolmatic mission to Afghanistan.
by yavo75

"Well it sure is a purdy color, but I'll bet my horse you can't hit that target from over here."
by kaya the rebel princess

You want "Wagon Train to the Stars!?!" I'll give you "Wagon Train to STAR WARS"!!
by Mike M

One of Vader's first assignments was to clean up a little place called Tombstone...
by cyberspace pirate

Meanwhile, Boss Hogg had come up with a foolproof plan to catch those Duke boys.
by El Chuxter

"Vader, go find Doc Willoughby. If he's sober, bring him in."
by Grandma Tarkin

Guns don't kill people, lightsabers do
by Galactic Rifle Association

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