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Star Wars Captioning #53

"You know, maybe getting shot down wasn't so bad after all..."
by Mike L

The real reason why TK-421 wasn't at his post.
by yalpdloc

After shooting Episode II, George Lucas and Rick McCallum stumble onto a case of Jack Daniels in Lucas's prop warehouse.
by KLBS180

"Is there something alive in here?" "It's your imagination, kid..."
by ERT

"There's too much chlorine in the water -- our uniforms have been bleached white!"
by Princess Lobelia

"Look sir...dingys!"
by Bash

Stormtrooper Armor Integrity Test #17
by Jedi Master Trudics

"I seem to never get a tan."
by Chris

Unfortunately, the argument on who got to ride the Millenium Falcon turned nasty when one of the stormtrooper took out a blaster.
by Lirak

Lifestyles of the Cloned and Famous
by Sardaukar

Your Imperial tax dollars at work.
by Rappertunie

"Those Gungans will have to come up sooner or later!"
by Chris Gerrard

The real reason stormtroopers can't aim.
by Jeff

Scenes from George Lucas version of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
by Exar Kun

And when General Veers wasn't around, the Stormtroopers explored their "Rebel" side
by LarryManoNegra

"Dude...I hear the second Death Star is gonna be even better!"
by Steve Stoick

"TK-993, I tell you the one rule and you don't listen. No cowboy boots in the pool!"
by Burgha the Hutt

"HEY! I didnt know there was an infinite improbability drive on the Death Star!"
by jedi master mongoose

"Anything you can say to me, you can say in front of the rubber duck!"
by Matthew Domville

"In my worst nightmares i never thought it would come to this..."
by megHan

The AT-RT (Aquatic Terrain Rubber Transport).
by Steven Cavanagh

When Troopers Relax IX
by Darth Mentos

Clonetrooper Gene Pool
by JediPat

The earliest form of the Imperial Seatroopers
by Darth Karg

The rarely seen 'Rubber Duckie' escape pod from the Millenium Falcon shown here with Stormtrooper #1138.
by Maul of America

"Rubber duckie, you're the one ..."
by Grandma Tarkin

Feeling jealous of DV 649's new armour, TK 394 attempts the first ever swim-by shooting
by The Littlest StormTrooper

See what happens when you let Stormtroopers play Hawaiian music in their helmets?
by Thrawn05

The Imperial Marines: We do less before noon than most people do all day.
by Just A Slacker

"Aren't you a little nude for a stormtrooper?"
by Boba Fett, the EWOK??

The party was going great, until N-3053 showed off his new Sando Aqua Monster...
by The Ewok Avenger

On the bright side, you might get stationed as a "Sea-doo Stormtrooper"
by aslun

"What is that yellow thing next to you?" (other stormtrooper holds the yellow thing up) "This? It's a rubber duck!" "...What's a duck?"
by MOI

Here we see the most elite stormtrooper: the Holiday Inn Pool Guard Trooper
by Darth Dave

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