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Star Wars Captioning #90

A message from Chris Hanel
To answer all the questions surrounding this picture: Yes, it's me. Here's me in my full armor.

Further proof that Verizon is in fact part of the evil Empire
by Taelys

"It's a little known fact Jimmy Boy. If Vader goes like this (Makes the choke gesture) you go like this and everything is ok."
by Chad Evans

"And this I vow. Return my armor and no disentegrations today."
by Chad Evans

Luke, take off that stupid helmit, I told you that you couldn't go to the Acadamy for two more season. So get back to work!
by Bildo Baggens

"Peace Palpy, I just wanna sit and eat cookies and watch The Carebears all day!"
by Draven

I've got 2 things two say! We stormtroopers are NOT clones and I can't see a DAMN thing through this helmet!!!!
by Anakin_bcd

Wow, they really have reduced the budget for Episode III
by purplefacedmonkey

No its not TK-421...Look! Its 5-21-03....Duh...
by Will-Mun

2:34 A.M...That pretty much explains it all.
by snowdog83

Stormtroopers: Beneath The Helmet
by Sith Lord Moore

Sorry, sir. Some punk named "Skywalker" took the rest of my armor.
by Darth Lairdman

Look, sir. Hippies.
by Darth Lairdman

Aren't you a little pacifistic for a stormtrooper?
by Darth Lairdman

This is a Trooper... This is a Trooper on drugs.
by khellhound

So THAT'S why the rebels never got shot. It wasn't bad aim; they were just protesting the war.
by Onli-wan Cojone

" Yay ! I captured Pikachu ! "
by BrenDarklighter

Once they realized that fund raisers were possible, thousands of Star Wars freaks began picking up their videocams...
by PPC970

Storm Trooper Webcam Training: "Ok now how many times do you shoot at them before they shoot you?"
by The Dougger

Once this picture leaked out to the Imperial Authorities, life for young TK-8976 was never the same....in fact, it was over.
by Lau-ra

Gary the stormtrooper, unable to make it home for "Life Day", records a touching video for his folks in his Death Star quarters.
by Cleeve

Am I Hot or Not?
by attackrat

NATALIE PORTMAN: "Hee hee hee! Oh, this is too good! They can't even tell it's me! I just love screwing with their heads!"
by Macaroni Penguin

Reasons Caption Action is never updated.... The editor signed up with Verizon and suffers with incredibly slow speeds.
by Daniel Glasglow (also a Verizon customer

DUDE! PLEASE tell me you ARE NOT going to wear that if you ever actually get a girl to come to your room with you!
by Son of Jorel

The Dell "Dude" finally gets a new gig.
by Son of Jorel

I don't know WHAT they put in that blue milk, but I LIKE IT!
by Son of Jorel

I sense much beer in you.
by Son of Jorel

by Sith Lord 61

So THAT's what the TFN Humor editor looks like... even more demented then I thought.
by Gamingboy

Luke's early years: Gettign ready for Biggs' Halloween Party
by darthhoss

Troops: Episode 2: The New Batch
by You saw it coming...

George: You told me you DESTROYED that tape!
by You saw it coming...

Harrison: How many do you owe me now, kid? Luke: Uh, two, I think. Yeah. two. Is this two?

star wars kid joins the witness protection program
by canada ham

I've almost lost my virginity, TWICE.
by Son of Jorel

Homestormtrooper.net: "It's Dot-Com!"
by Oxymoron

"mmph mmm mrrr mphh mw?" "MMPH MMM MRRR MPHH MW?" -takes off helmet- "Can you hear me NOW?! ... Good!"
by Ken Benobi

"Peace in the Middle Rim."
by Bluestheforce

See? No buzzer. Kentucky Derby, here I come.
by DaMijit

Haha, you picked paper! You have to do my guard duty.
by DaMijit

One Helmet to rule them all, one helmet to find them, one helmet to bring them all, and in the darkness BINDS them.
by Vader

May 21st., 2003. The day Star Wars died.
by Vader

Only two days till I get my Reloaded DVD Rip! WIZARD!
by Agent Smith

This was originally intended to be a poster for Episode II but was dropped because he's clearly too short for a stormtrooper.
by Kar'Ghun

The Exclusive content on SW.com -Clones on webcam!
by Brian

This is Charlie's video application for his local video dating service. The closest he ever GOT to a date however, is the date at the bottom of the screen.
by Blow-Mi-One Cannoli

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