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Star Wars Captioning #49

Wow! Samuel L. Jackson! Its a real privalege to meet you. I've been a big fan of yours ever since I was a larva!
by Darth Andy 1138

And so my father was in an Earth 'freak show'. So was my fathers father. And my fathers father. And my fathers fathers father...
by alex

"See, dude? I told you this Rogaine stuff works."
by Rincess Pleia

"No, Master Yoda, I can't tell that you've had a facelift."
by Captain EO

Green Guy: "Older brother where is? Yoda. I seek Yoda." Mace: "That line's going to haunt us later."
by The Littlest StormTrooper

And you know what they call a Bantha Burger with cheese on Neimoidia?
by Darth Jersey

"So....Mace...What's with your head?"
by Eric, CT

"Oh yeah, and remember that time we walked into a hair salon and demanded our money back? heh heh that was a good one"
by Deimos

"Mommy! Mommy! My ponytail is too tight!"
by Darth Sillious

I just got my tentacles styled...do you think Mara Jade will notice?
by Solomon

Be honest, now -- do these tentacles make me look fat?
by Grandma Tarkin

"Ok, I got another one: A Jawa , a Tusken Raider and a Moisture Farmer walk into a cantina...."
by Davidw

Yeah mace... hardy har, replacing my Visine with modeling cement is SOO funny!
by Darth Spanky

You're inside, you idiot, take off those sunglasses if you want to see anything!
by Kippers

This is the alien baby from MIB all grown up
by Cole Hooey

Why did we volunteer for this toothpaste commercial again?

"And then I said, No...he will not be trained! Hehehe ya shoulda seen his face! I love getting to do that!"
by Eladriell

"I just put some Ex-Lax in Palpatine's coffee!"
by Glen Stuart

So, how do you keep YOUR head so shiny?
by Iceheart

Attendees of the Hair-Club-For-All-Species Convention take a break from the showfloor to share a quiet joke.
by Emperor Palpatim

Alien: And it even comes with Captain Picard! Jedi: Yes, this Starship Enterprise will do well. Now, remember..don't tell Lucas
by Chris Verge

Why are there rotting salami on my head?
by Cockroach member 4

"No," Sam Jackson laughed. "This is the set for Star Wars Episode II. The X-Files is down the hall."
by Heather Kenobi

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