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Star Wars Captioning #5

"So...tell me Darth, do you button then zip, or zip then button?" - JusitnTG

"What do you use on that helmet? Landspeeder wax?" - Sean Wallitsch

"Tell me honestly, Boba, does this cloak go with my helmet?"

Boba: "How can you SEE out of that thing??"
Vader: "How can YOU see out of THAT thing??"

"Can I punch those buttons on your chest?"

- Martin Dawson

Vader : "Hey, Bubba"
Fett: " It's 'BOBA'"
Vader : " Whatever. Hey, betchya 20 bucks I can hit that little muchkin guy by the computer thingie"
Fett: " You're full of #%&*"
Vader: "No, really, you're on!"
Fett: " Alright, you're on!!"
Vader: *PTOOIE!!!!* "OH!! CRAP!!! I MISSED!!!! HERE HE COMES!!! RUN!!!!!"
Fett: (running away) "You owe me 20 bucks!!!!!"

- Ryan Lechner

Boba Fett: "Is that your piece of junk shuttle outside?" -Andrew Sniegowski

"Lord Vader, if I may say so, sir, the electric charges that Monseiur Solo will be using to demolish the sheild generator complex on the forest moon of Endor might have enough fire power to destroy the structure."
"Say what?"
"The bombs that Solo will use will blow the thing to hell."
"Ohh. Much better."
"Any time."

- RMontonye@otpco.com

"Tell me, bounty hunter. Do you ever feel... not so fresh?" - Lori McGriff

"Sheriff Dillon and Deputy Festus have joined the Dark Side. This is the last known picture of the duo..." - Jared Smith

"YO! Darth baby! I think your eye peices are all fogged up. Didja hear me? I said..aaaaacccckkkk!" (Boba Fett hits the floor with a thump and Vader lightly dusts his hands) - glen

"Mr. Vader, if I could ask you a question, kind sir." "What do you want?" "I was wondering if you wanted to buy some lemonade?" "I don't drink lemonade." "I bet you do if I told the whole galaxy that when you were a kid you looked like that kid on Jingle All the Way, or that you use a mini porta-potty in your suit, or that-" "Okay, I give! How much does it cost?" "As much as I'll bet that your own son is going to destroy you." "Shut up! That's all the crap I'm taking from you" Then Vader does his choke thing thing to Boba. "Now YOU won't be killed by my son's friend at the sarlaac pit." - RMontonye@otpco.com

"Hey Boba Fett, does this skirt make my butt look big?" - Paul McCollum

Boba Fett- sniff, sniff..."Are you blowing Force farts, again?!"
Vader- "heh, heh, heh...."

Vader- "How could you?!"
Fett- "She means nothing to me, I swear!"

Fett- "Hey Vader, check out Leia, she's looking pretty hot, hmmm?"
Vader- "That is my daughter, you perverted nerf- herder!"

- Timothy Mellonig

"If Solo doesn't survive, say goodbye to your two best friends. And I don't mean the ones back on the Star Destroyer." - Aaron Leniski

Vader: "Doesn't this skirt look good on me Boba? It's on sale."
Boba:(Sigh) "Being your babysitter on these mall trips can get really embarrasing, you know that?" - Steba

"Psst... Your fly is unzipped." - JLSAMURAI

"Vader, you're my hero.......I love you man!"
"You're still not getting my force light(sabre)." - John Graham

Boba Fett and Darth Vader Perform "Who's on First":

Boba: Our baseball team has some really strange players. Who's on First, What's on Second, and I Don't Know is on Third.
Darth: Who's on First?
Boba: Exactly. - Joanna Boese

"Hey! Is it just me, bounty hunter, or is there mold growing up on that roof?"

"If you shoot my leg with that thing I swear I'll kill you Boba! It's not like I care about my leg or anything, hell, the dang thing's metal anyway. .. It's just really hard to find a nice suit like this nowdays. I mean, look how slimming it is around the waist!"

"Ummmm . . . Mr Vader sir, I think your cape is on fire."

"Okay, now that your've done the laundry, I'd like you to also spray out the kitchen with that bug gun of yours, Pest Extermenator."

- D. Sloan

"Pardon me sir, could you tell me when the next train is due?" - Eric Hanson

"Yeah, but the really COOL feature is this built-in corkscrew and nail file!" - CandyFish

Boba: "So why did Calrissian want us to wait for him down here?"
Vader: "I'm not sure...do you smell something burning?" - Joey Leniski

"If Han dies I'll shoot your foot!" - Garrett McDonald

"Gotta mint?" - Shane Duff

"I'm only interested in Captian Solo, NOT your money belt, Lord Vader." - Jeff Kula

Fett: "What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me."
Vader: "Then he dies. You got a problem with that?" - Beatriz A.

"Hey, Dark Lord or not... Can't you uhhhh... Relieve yourself in the men's room like everyone else? I mean... Jabba's not gonna buy the 'we froze Solo in rare yellow carbonite' story..." - Phi Long Nguyen

Hey, Darthy! My helmet is cooler than yours!

Hah! Saw you move!

You oughta use a belt instead of your hands to hold up your pants, Darth.

- Ed Canale

"Hey Darth, when you wear your helmet, does it chafe your neck?"
"No. Why?"
"No reason!" - Jesse Miers

FETT: "Why are you always grabbing your belt like that?"
VADER: "Well, you see, when I push the button on this little box, it makes Captain Kirk and the crew writhe in agony and... Oh, wait, that's Star *Trek*. Um... Never mind." - Brian G. Hartz

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