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Star Wars Captioning #46

"Crikey! This bloke's a hoot!"
by Araviah

"You need to brush those before we start filming."

Another day of shooting "The Huge M?lars of Horst Nordfink". (Svenge is on the left.)
by Monty

"My name is Cthulhu, and I am here to audition with Mr. Lucas. Show me to him now before I suck your face off."
by Gideon

"Do I look like a Octopus to you?"
by Darth Hidious

This unfortunate LFL employee - having just initiated in a staring contest with a fish - has just made a horrible mistake.
by Jedi Bib

"I.... *gasp* had my first cigarette... when I was thirteen....*gasp*"
by Halcohol

"The bad news is we couldn't get you into the Tatooine cantina.The good news is we booked you on a nice Jabba the Hutt boat trip..."
by Watto

Lucasfilm's production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
by Jace Nylor, Jedi Knight

"How many times to I have to tell you...CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!"
by JediMike

"Aw come here Ani and give Aunt Olga a kiss!"
by Lady Vader

Fry and Dr. Zoidburg face off in the new live-action Futurama movie.
by Darth Datadog

"Carrot Top's got nothin' on me, for I am CARROT TOOTH!!!"

"You're right. I HAVEN'T seen this kind of dental condition before."
by Dagger

Originally Lucas made the trilogy as some tribute to Akira Kurosawa... now the prequels are a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft
by Exar Kun

"OK, one kiss, but no tongues."
by angeles

"So you must be a squid man?" "So you must be Doogie Howser?"
by Nathanielstarr

"It doesn't look exactly like a facehugger, but..." SCHLORP!
by nerfherder

The Quarren marvels the primitive humans with his aftershave.
by Deac

  "Ooohh you are so beautiful! I'd kiss you if I could only find your mouth..."
by Dr. Grant

The Intergalatic Staring Competition begins with a human and a...a...hey Bob, what's that thing called again?
by Jedi Thespian

"Ehhh dude..ya got something on ya face...ask Vader about wart removals...he had them when he turned 16..."
by Josie_K

"For the last time, sir, we only have 2 washrooms in this cantina, one for male and the other for female, its not our problem if you dont fit in any category."
by Mara babe

Little did the strange man know that it is unwise to insult a Squidhead, as they are subtle and quick to rip your limbs off.
by The EVIL Sprout

"Alright buddy, I've told you twice already! No, I don't care if you really like Star Wars, you can't get into the Denver Celebration without your pass!"
by Swin Agen

"Strangers in the night, exchanging glances..."
by Darth Nader

"Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the seafood bar? I hear its squid night"
by Aquasquish

"Hey, what's Cthulhu doing here?"
by Repo Man

"You've got to blink sometime you rascal you."
by Dan Reyes

John Lennon was a little surprised to find out Paul McCartney wasn't kidding when he said "I am the walrus"
by Darth Skater

See, children? This is why you don't let your friends use your head as a candleholder.
by Skirball

"Human, is my mustache not dynamite groovy?"
by Noman

"This tenticle has the tattoo of my doggie. This one has a tattoo of my wife, isn't she precious?"
by Alli Jinn

"Now what did I tell you about trying to eat four carrots whole all at once?"
by Emperor Palpatim

"Sorry dude, but Michael Jacksons got first dibs on my bones."
by Lisa-Marie

Luke's first kiss proved a little difficult
by Ernie Fossileus

"Don't you poke your tongues out at me young man!"
by Bash

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the sea food restaraunt two blocks over, they're hungy over there."
by Lord Savaunt

Fry meets Dr. Zoiberg in the big budget, live action movie remake of "Futurama".
by Assistant Manager Piett

Gringtoff had him in his hypnotic trance, his tentacles creeping closer, closer
by Bubba_Fett_22

Calvin: "Well, now you've done it, Hobbes. You've busted my trasmogrifier, and now you're stuck as a Quarren. What do you have to say for yourself?"
by Ali-Wan

"Dude do you think its safe to smoke with those?"
by Jerhhhh

"Grandma! What big tentacles you have!"
by Karoline

Han and Chewie's Seldom-Mentioned Understudies
by ComicKook

"You like 'em, huh? I can do shadow puppets...watch...Jar Jar's on your shirt!"
by Cyberspace Pirate

"I told you, if you shave, your hair just grows back in thicker."
by The Effervescent Wonder-Goddess

"Are you serious Mr. Hamill? You, in a car wreck? You can barely see the scars!"
by _Wheels03

"You've got something jammed in there real good. Have you been eating Ewok stew?"
by Extra Chewie

"I said, Pull my Tendril!"
by Jimmy DaBomb

"He was SAFE... He was OUT... He was SAFE... He was OUT..."
by Obi Von Mando

"Ohh, can I have that Slim-Jim?"
by KLBS180

Human guy: "Are you a Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?"
by Dark Lord

A time-warped human astronaut discovers a frightening alien world in "Planet of the Squids".
by The Third Sith

The Odd Couple 3000: "One's a slob, the other discharges ink when threatened... hilarity results."
by Joe Antilles

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