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Star Wars Captioning #79

A Big Skiff-eating grin from Chris Hanel
Some people thought the better question was not "What's on Luke's mind" but "What's Luke looking at?" Either way we had a record number of submissions again and here's the cream of the crop. Stay tuned for a new Caption picture next Tuesday night!

Oooooh ... Remind me never to go out drinking with Han the night before a rescue attempt ... I'll never be able to look at Chewie the same way again ...
by overworked stalker

It was all a dream! and you were there... and you were there! Hey, wait... Where's Ben?
by LukeHamill

I Finally have fealings for a girl and shes my SISTER!!!
by Obi-wan Tednobi

"Man!, I got to think of something funny to post on TF.N"
by OutLander

Dude, where's my X-Wing?
by Jedi Master Jeremy

M.Hamill: "Yeah, yeah, very funny. Superglue on the glove. I guess you got me now get rid of that smirk and find me some turpentine or something!"
by Ajent Orenj

Luke: "I think one of those stormtroopers grazed me. No, wait I guess is was just my dangerously unruly bangs."
by Ajent Orenj

Where will you be when your headace medicine stops working?
by Rin

"Dang! Does EVERY stormtrooper bang his head on that door?!"
by Blow-Mi-One Cannoli

*singing softly* Too sexy for my helmet...
by Kalahari Karl

Wow, look at his bellybuttons. Got it ? Bellybuttons.....okay okay, i'll shut up
by Darth Fletcher

"After she said I was short for a Stormtrooper, I asked her if she was an angel. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!"
by Oxymoron

Such a horrible dream......... the TFN Humor Editor actually updated on time! O NO! NOW THAT I SAID IT THERE WON'T BE ANOThER UPDATE UNTIL 2025!
by Gamingboy

In a parallel universe, Luke finds out he *is* TK-421...
by Prizm

Leia (outside): "C'mon Luke, hurry up! I gotta go too!" Luke: "Yep, almost done..."
by Prizm

Only then, did luke realize his peril. He was stranded on the Death Star, a Sith Lord was after him, a beutiful princess wa sin front of him, and he had forgotten to wear pants.
by Master Fwiffo

Man, these updates really are a headache!
by TFN Humor Editor

That's it! You're not exactly tall for a princess! That's what I should have said!
by dx3

Mark Hamill's brain begins to hurt as he searches desperately for a Monty Python quote that will work.
by Ajent Orenj

Luke: ten, nine,eight.Im not peeping Liea. Ready or not here i come.

Are you sure my hair's on straight? Boy, if word got out that I was as bald as William Shatner, I'd be a laughing stock!
by Darth Humor

American Eagle brand armor: "For the stormtrooper in us all"
by Grim Melee

my god...TFN humor updated...ON TIME!!!!HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!HELL HAS - *thwap*....owwwwwwwwww...

THis scene taken mere seconds before the lights dimmed and "Sexual Healing" began playing
by JEdi Academy grad 1967

"What??? 'Corvette Summer' bombed at the Box Office!?!"
by Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.

What's this? Dandruff? No...NOOO...It's not true....THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!
by JEdi Academy grad 1967

Hello, I'm Mark, and my extremely short friend behind me is Coco
by JEdi Academy grad 1967

A vision from the Force tells Mark that if he holds on to the crappy plastic armor he's wearing, he can sell it later for more than he made in every B-movie, computer game and voice-over gig since.
by Lighthammer72

Luke was slapped hard by Leia when he walked in her prison cell without knocking first.
by Darth Steve.

"Clean up in Cell Block 1138!"
by Son Of Jorel

Alcohol is the only way I can forget doing that DAMN Holiday Special.
by Son Of Jorel

Good bye hand. I'll miss you.
by Son Of Jorel

That?s it. THIS is my LAST convention!
by Son Of Jorel

Dang! LOTR really *is* better than SW!
by susan

bears a striking resemblance to "Joe Millionare" here.

Mark Hamill after he found out how much Star Wars: ANH grossed and then remebered he opted out of the profit sharing. "OY Vey!"
by Var Zol

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