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Star Wars Captioning #83

A roll of the eyes from Chris Hanel
Being a former Gateway Employee, I find this funny. Apparently, so do you.
Though apparently not for all the same reasons. Here now the best.

"We really need to tell Vader that Moore's Law does NOT mean he has to buy a new interrogation droid every six months!"
by Sommers

This is what happens when you delay Star Wars: Galaxies for too long.
by Inebriated Wyrm

Tired of hyperspace jump computations taking 10 minutes, Vader decides to upgrade the Executioner's computers.
by Admiral Helmut, Dark Lord of the Sixth

Don't look at me. He was the one that left the keys in the hover car.
by Admiral Helmut, Dark Lord of the Sixth

The real reason that the Executioner lost bridge deflectors during the Battle of Endor.
by Admiral Helmut, Dark Lord of the Sixth

How the employees of the empire earn an extra buck.
by noble

"HE burnt out the motherboard playing StarCraft my Lord."
by Chad Evans

"Secure the homing beacon to the Millenium Falcon."
by Chad Evans

Stop complaining! I let you kill that damn Dell boy!
by Angel 17

While normally the security guard would try to stop any thief, regardless of what they looked like, the force strangled salesman made him decide that for once discretion was the better part of valor.
by Admiral Helmut, Dark Lord of the Sixth

Now you shall witness the power of this fully armed and operational PC! HAHAHAHAH!
by Peter Tutham

Hey out there! Can you give us a hand with this? *two blaster shots*
by Peter Tutham

We all dressed up for Let's Make a Deal and all we got behind Door #3 was this box.
by Jedi Duritz

The humble beginnings of the building of the second Death Star
by biggamejames

Vader: Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed, the abilty to download porn at high speed is insignifigant compared to the power of the Force
by Rogue_0009

You came in that thing? Your braver than I thought.
by Joolzzz

Look sir! Hatchbacks!
by Rogue_0009

Hey! Those look just like the wheels that were stolen off my Tie low-rider....GET HIM !
by Joolzzz

"Pick it up... ALL of it."
by Brian

"Shotgun!" "Dammit Darth, can't someone else have a go? *ACK* *ERK*!"
by Kar'Ghun

He said they don't take credits boss, so we shot him.
by SirNi

What I really need is a computer that understands the binary language of moisture vaperators.
by SirNi

When we last me I was but a learner, now I am teh 1337 H4xx0R!
by SealyJedi

-"You call that radar?" -"No, sir. We call it Mr. Gateway."
by SirNi

You were supposed to carbon freeze Solo, not put him in the trash compactor!
by Bride of Jango

With the imperials bying Gateway, this disproves the idea that Vader is really Bill Gates.
by Brian

Vader: This vehicle is crude but it should be adequate to transport the Emperor's new computer.
by Master Aero

by Jymm Roquand

And TF.N humor crashes under the sheer weight of jokes about it crashing under the sheer weight of 'pull my finger' captions.
by Nemesis

Whenever Bob Bean goes computer shopping, he brings a couple of friends from the 501st.
by doggans

Vader: Well... It is SORTA evil... I guess...
by Munki

Wow! It's a Death Star-In A Box! Technoloy. It just keeps getting smaller and smaller
by Ganon

TK-421: "We've got to deliver this to the ranch quickly...ILM's doing all the Episode III effects on this baby."
by doggans

And thus, after recieving many strange looks and making a cashier wet himself, the imperial forces were finally equipped to submit captions to TFN humor.
by Inebriated Wyrm

Darth Vader looked upon the scene disapprovingly: "The humor editor is as stupid as he is clumsy."
by Ben S. Gaulk

Vader: "Now you're sure this will run X-Wing Alliance??"
by GSimpsn

WOO! Now we can look up Taun We P.... err, portraits. *SORRY!!!!*
by Fwiffo

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