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Star Wars Captioning #61

"I am the Dread Pirate Roberts... you shall all die! Ooops, I mean, 'so be it Jedi!'"
by jedijosh@snet.net

After running short on money, Episode III becomes Star Wars Episode 3D!
by Eric Brown

The new Sith decides to use fresh tactics and demonstrates how he will do away with the Jedi by chasing them away with a massive bogey on the end of his finger. Cunning eh?
by goongsta

Darth Andre tells Westley that Princess Buttercup is his sister, totally ruining the love story.
by Ethan

Clearly, Darth Sidious was influenced early on by the school bully.
by Tusken Jawa

"Pull my finger."
by LisaFett

"Beweah the Dwead Piwate Woberts, oh you will witness the fiahpoweh of this fully awmed and opewational battle station!"
by Drak Tanner

"*urk* Give me *urk* my *urk* mediccaattiioonnn!"
by Jedi Bob

While controversy raged regarding the N'Sync cameo in Episode II, little was said about the appearance of "Darth Fezzik".
by JB-Jedi

"If you will not be turned, you will be body slammed!"
by Azeem

Everyone reels in horror as Andre the Giant's ghost crashes the Episode II set...
by Mike M.

"You have just made the second biggest mistake! The first of course is getting involved in a land war on Naboo... The second is trying to outsmart a Corellian!"
by Peter Tutham

Uncle Sidious Wants YOU!
by Maulbert

...So this is what happens when you let Rob Reiner direct a Star Wars flick.
by DraX

What Hulk Hogan will see when he dies.
by Jedi Bib

"I am the Dread Pirate Roberts! There will be no N'Sync cameo!"
by Grandma Tarkin

My Dinner With Andre The Emperor
by Dex1138

"That was a fumble, not an incomplete pass!"
by Karen Christensen

"My name is Darth Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."
by Vesp

"And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids!"
by DarthQueeg

After a screen test George decided that Andre the Giant just wasn't right for the role of Palpatine.
by Clonetrooper

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiire... Baaaaaaagginssss..."
by rufus holmes

"Westley...I AM you father!"
by shaquira

"You will pull my finger. I have forseen it."
by Mooman III

"I am the Dread Holiday Special! I have come for your souls!"
by Darth Monkey

It's the WWF's Sith Smackdown ... with Darth Giganticus!
by Darth Penelope

"Hey! You! Weren't you on the Holiday Special? You know! The scene with Maude?"
by jedimaster7705

Taking a page from Robotech, Lucas has Palpatine cloned into a Giant Emperor with a bad French accent
by Darth Karg

The Emperor became stupefied at seeing Viggo Mortensen stealing his trademark "dark cloak" look!
by Marco Hughes

No matter what he did, Palpatine always was terrified of becoming over weight.
by LanceJade

After the gate guard pulled Fezzik's finger Westley and Inigo fell to the ground like burnt spiders.
by Tyson of Tucson

"E.P. phone home..."
by DaftMaul

"Look Boss, Da Plane!!!!"
by Eric Ono

"I am the dread Darth Fezzik! There will be no survivors!"
by Stelmarta

"Hogaaaaaaan I am your father..."
by Jedi Ottolam

"Bah sooon you Jedi will noh be heeeeere... Da Dwead Piwate Palpatine is comihn foh your soullllllsssss!!!!
by Darth TK421

In the Episode II DVD extras, we see here a game of Red Rover where Darth Chunk "sends Dooku right over".
by Maul of America

Darth Andre wants YOU to join the Sith Army!
by Princess Lobelia

"Pssst! Wanna increase your midiclorian count?"
by jedi_who_married_sith_lords_daughter

It's Darth Gastric!
by JettFunk

"Oh, I'm afraid the shield generator will be quite operational when your friends arrive. THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS!!"
by Alcander Caedmon

"Inconcievable! Oops, wrong line, wrong movie, I need some coffee"
by The Big Cheese

The Imperial Lottery: It Could be you!
by darkside childe

"Eff yoo will nah bwee tuhned, yoo will bwee destwoyed!"
by Jomero

George Lucas' enforcers track down the creator of the Phantom Edit.
by Keith

"We are the Knights Who Say...."
by Ben Williams

Does anyone else think this guy looks like the giant from "The Princess Bride"?
by mara

"Jabba, I squeeze! I will squeeze your neck like Hulk Hogan's at Wrestlemania 3!"
by Landocolt45

"If you will not pull my finger then you will meet your destiny!"
by Schnoogs

"I sentence you to watch the Holiday Special till the day you die. Mawhahahahahahaha!"
by XB-70

"I am Darth Giant, kneel before the two guys behind me set me on fire."
by Hades

Sith Practical Joke #47: slipping growth hormones into your Master's morning coffee
by Ell Jay

"Pull my finger Luke... it is your destiny!"
by Maniac2001

"...But nobody would surrender to Emperor Fezzic, so he gave me his robe, taught me how to shoot lightning out of my fingers... like this!"
by Darth Cade

After terrorising a credit card customer he turns to you and says, "What have you got in YOUR Wallet?"
by Chris Carter

And tales were told of the Dread Sith Roberts' mysterious "Seeping Gas" ability
by Boston Salamander

"The Dread Pirate Tyrannus takes no survivors. All your worst nightmares are about to come true."
by Campbell Evans

Uncle Palpatine's favorite joke
by Steve E.

"Hi, I'm George Lucas' newest CGI creation: Freaky Leering Guy With Too Much Time On My Hands."
by The man who knew WAY too much

"Another DIFFERENT actor playing me? AGAIN?! Can't the just stick with Mcdiarmid?!"
by the clumsy plum

"Don't lay a finger on my BUTTERFINGER!"
by Des Osorio

by DarthQueeg

"The Dread Pirate Skywalker is here for your SOULLLLLS!"
by Doraebon

After falling once for the old gag, Anakin would permanently don a black mask to repel the Emperor's toxic dark-side flatulence.
by Darth Neil

"My name is Daath Fezzik. You killt my Fadder. Pwepare to Die!!!!"
by Bippo

"Hey, I didn't know we were going to talk about that Alderaan incident, so you turn that camera OFF!"
by Darth Lairdman

"Hulk Hogan, I am the ghost of Andre the Giant, and I'm here to kick your butt at Wrestlemania, BROTHER!"
by mike henderson

And TFN has managed to scrounge up yet another picture that will bombard them with "pull my finger" captions...
by Kenya Starflight

"Allo, wot's this? A ring...?"
by Ian Brackley esq

"I am de Dwed Empwrer Roberds...der will be no subibers!"
by fsuchris

"Mr. Bimbo would like a word with you." Darth Fozzie's career goes downhill with the mention of the man who lives in his finger.
by The Guy With the Face

Lucas nixes plans for a CG Andre the Giant Sith Apprentice when it's discovered that he's too huge for the camera to keep all of him in focus at the same time.
by Captain EO

"Now, young Humperdinck... you will die."
by Ell Jay

"What's this nice golden ring here for? It looks so... Precioussssss!"
by Darth Gollum

Thats no Jedi, thats Andre the Giant in his Holocaust Cloak from The Princess Bride... SHAME ON YOU GUYS!
by Jon

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