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Star Wars Captioning #55

Han Solo has a beer and cheets on his wife.
by Irving Finster

"Uh, Luke... Let's not tell your sister about this. You know how she is, with the Force-throwing of objects and stuff. OK?!"
by Obi Von Mando

The real reason Han stayed behind...
by Jaro Warren

Routine retirement of a replicant, err ... clone
by Lord Gimmestrength

"Oh Leia! It's you... er... see... this is my... er... lost twin sister..."
by TNG

Half-way through the evening, she just stopped caring how many parsecs he'd taken and stared off into space for the remainder of the date.
by Matt Stevenson

"You're not Burt Reynolds."
by admiral spuzzzum

"Can't you see I'm a little busy at the moment to take you to the Alderaan system? How much did you say? Excuse us, Jenny. Me and the old man have some serious business to discuss."
by Dave

"I wonder if that farmboy has a sister... huh? Oh what were you saying?"
by Jedime

Dumped by Rachel, Deckard picks up a new girl at Daffy's.
by Sweet Uncle Biggs

Is it just me or can anyone else figure out the Star Wars/Wynonna Judd connection?
by Mikey

"Okay on the count of three you distract the Wookie, and I'll replace his ammo with blanks... this is gonna be great!"
by Bubba Wilson

"I don't have the money WITH me... oh... hi, Lea.... have you met... Greedo's grilfriend Pam?"
by SuperOogie

"Maybe I can hide from Jabba on that Amish planet."
by Onick Papazian

Cut scene from "A New Hope": Han is infuriated when he notices his "chick-of-the-week" learing at a young blond teenager that just walked into the cantina...
by cahnMAN

"Say, Morticia... isn't that your husband Gomez over there?"
by alienboy

Her destiny was not in Han Solo's arms, but on the cutting room floor.
by Grandma Tarkin

Han Solo realizes too late that Leia hired a P.I. to investigate the possibilities of him having an affair.
by Kevin "Uncle Kettch" Ray

"Oh yeah? I just DARE you to cut her out of the scene...go ahead... I double dare you..."
by snowdog83

"Greedo, I'd like you to meet Greta. I won her in a game of sabacc."
by A (Happily) Anonymous Nut

And then TheForce.net Humor staff realized that they had ran out of good pictures to use, luckily someone found this poor quality Harrison Ford photo in the trash
by Darth Bob

Princess Leia looks REAL bad in the Tatooine evening...
by Sarl Cagan

"Mulder, this is too weird for an X-File. Harrison Ford actually believes he is Han Solo"
by Joel Dick

Han Solo could never beat the reputation of having a girl at every starport
by "Big Cat" Sniegowski

The Princess falls more deeply in love with Han after smelling his new carbonite cologne
by Jeffbee13

"Ya know, I think I do see the picture. It's a rabbit right?"
by Padawan Drew

Dear Lisa, Love is.... (I'm sorry Chris, I had to. Please don't hurt me.)
by Jedi Bib

"Let me get this straight, you want me to take you to this planet, LV-426, and kill WHAT?!"
by Gary T

Girl: "Stop looking at me like that" Han: "Why?" Girl: "It makes me uncomfortable" ... Get it? From the trailer? ... Oh man that was terrible.
by WedgeWing

"Who's scruffy-lookin'? If you can't tell, why should we?"
by Chani of the Force

Sometimes Han would dip into whatever he was smuggling
by Ian Brackley

Lucas' new Ultimate Special Edition: Star Wars: A New Hope- with CGI inserts of Catherine Zeta Jones
by Screvato

Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fan-dan-go?
by Jar Jar Bites

Girl: "What the heck is that thing, Han?" Off-screen: "Meesa Jar-Jar Binks!"
by Aquasquish

"Listen, honey, it's been fun visting the Battlestar Galactica set. But... holy cow... I think I hear the Star Trek Voyager set calling me..."
by Obi No

And we have here the "Jenny" picture. Where did you dig up that old fossil?
by megHan

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