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Star Wars Captioning #100 - Page 2 of 2

(Click on the image to enlarge).

A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen and submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-93

* I am surrounded by IDIOTS!
by Mark

* Contrary to popular belief, when Anakin Skywalker died he DID go to hell
by Joe-bi Wan

* In a morbid twist on the Care Bear Stare, a group of Trekkies stumble upon the one way to render Darth Vader helpless.

* This is illogical.
by Son of Jorel

* Unimpressive. Most unimpressive.
by Son of Jorel

* Strong you are with the 4-Day ?All Access? Pass
by Son of Jorel

* Heeeey....MACARENA!
by Shada

* Dang, this Temporal Cold War has really screwed up the timeline.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* See, I told you I would be the first one to visit every star!
by Hyde

* This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke that drunk guys tell at the local bar.
by computer_geekz

* Welcome to "Win, Lose, or Keep Living in Your Parent's Basement" Tonight's guest are...
by Kent Dixon

* "Are they doing Tonto or Spock?"
by Jason Thompson

* You can just picture Darth Seinfeld saying: "Now what is the deal with Star Trek fans?

* I rest my case !
by Andy MacIntyre

* It is too late for me...son
by HarHar

* Die young and wither!
by The Collective via Jedi Knight Ivyan

* And you can have all this for the low price of $19.99 plus shipping
by Def

* "Here in the heart of the evil galactic empire, we have the hardest working slaves on this side of Ord Mantell. We call them 'Trekkies'"
by Darth_sarubious_hottie

* This has to be the punchline of the worst joke in the galaxy.
by Dark Helmet

* As a demonstration of my good faith I present to you a gift, these three droids.
by Dark Helmet

* You thought the Xmas special was bad, wait until new year!
by Dark Helmet

* Darth and the Trekkies never quite made it in the Country/Folk scene.
by Boinga

* Someone's came out of lightspeed to close to starfleet
by Charlie

* The things I'll do for a Klondike Bar...
by Darth_Hideous

* No reward is worth this!
by Obi-Wan's Bane

* According the Chaos Theory, this photo will destroy another universe.
by Helm Hammerhead

* I'm with ya, Vader. I'm confused too.
by Compy 386

* The Seven of Nine vs T'Pol argument was scary enough without bringing Taun We into it.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* It took 100 posts, but we have finally got those damned Trekkies cornered.
by Darth Yoma-ma.

* Is this your idea of an Aprils fools joke?
by Get out of Force strangle range!

* Can anyone help me? I'm looking for the Herschowitz bat mitzvah.
by Yw8t 'til Vader

* Vader's Wax Museum started to rival Madame Tussaud's ... people always commented how lifelike the statues were.
by Spoon

* Darth never got the hang of the 'casual' dress code
by Marda Organa

* We! Are! Fam-i-ly! I got all my fanboys with me!
by Jar Jar Bites

* is this all i get with a hyperspace membership?
by darthbrad

* STOP!! It's Vader Time. OHH oHHH oHH OHH OH OHHH
by darthbrad

* Holy cliche, Batman!
by Groucho989

* "I see the three of you choose paper. A single scissors will be your doom!"
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* It was either this or watch Jango Fett play the saxophone.
by Kyra

* "Don't be too proud of these geekilogical terrors you've constructed..."
by WayneSolo

* This dating service sucks!
by Benjamin Griffin

* Submit to my demands or I will glue your fingers together as I have with these poor souls!
by Mayge

* My DeLorean must be malfunctioning. I'm supposed to be a long time ago, but I'm in the 23rd Century!
by Chuck Jewell

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