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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wait, you mean this isn't a joke? (by Wookie)

Well it makes sense. Don't you remember the walk in part the Jackson 5 had? O no sorry, that was some 50's sci-fi movie called 'Attack of the Cones'. (by the return of the who)

No good will come of this. (by Grant)

Well, as Coppola did to Godfather III, Lucas will do to Episode II. (by Laurenzi)

I find it hard to believe that Lucas of all people would make a move like this, It is a big downer on the glory of Star Wars. (by DefIn1ear)

At least now the title isn't the worst part about EP2. (by Clinton)

They should be taken out. What's going on? Has everyone forgotten what Star Wars is all about? If you're going to use this to capture a younger crowd, forget it, because you've just lost some of your most loyal ones. 80/20 rule comprende. (by Bobby)

Bantha Poodoo. (by Gungun_Slayer)

I wish *I* was influential enough to be a jedi. That's obviously the only criteria needed. (by KV)

As long as I can't see them, know that it's them, hear them, be distracted by them, then hey...why not! (by Lon)


Ever since Episode One, which I thought went pretty badly, I was always praying "Please, have Episode 2 be better". It takes away from the seriousness of Star Wars. I do not want the greatest saga in the world to go boy-band. This marks the downfall of seriousness in SW. (by Kyle)

I think SW is losing its originality. GL is no longer telling his own story. I long for the old movies that stuck with story and were true to themselves. I think this is almost a sell-out of sorts. But you know I will see it anyway! lol (by Kimberly)

I'm sure the cameo will be so small that *NSYNC fans will someday be able to pause the DVD and find them, and no one else will ever notice. (by Jill)

I think it's ok just as long it's just a cameo. (by JJ)

When I first saw *NSYNC headlining the page I was upset, but that was before I read that they have no dialogue, and will only be extras. (by gcboy)

I hope that they are (a) just specks in the crowd, (b) non-speaking roles, (c) uncredited, and (d) a never repeated phenomena, or does LucasFilm really need celebrity extras? (by English Ian)

While their contribution to the film is insignificant, just the thought of *NSYNC in the films will be source of derision for years to come. I mean, can you imagine if New Kids On the Block were popular and contemporary ROTJ, and Lucas baited the media that they were extras in the film? The same way we feel about N. Kids on the Block today will be the same sentiment all will share about *NSYNC in the not too distant future! (by myrmidons)

I can't even fathom the stupidity of this move. (by Craig )

Totally commercializes the whole thing. (by stagebat)

Can you please make a version with them edited out? (by sunsetdust)


It's very sad that *NSYNC is going to be in ATOC. It was so easy for them to be cast as extras in the film due to their popularity, while millions of true fans can only dream of such a thing. Well to look on the brighter side of things, they don't have any dialogue. (by Psycho Jedi)

Finally, an explanation of the title. (by James M.)

It's pretty sad when the best you can say about them being in it, is that we probably won't even see them. (by Darth Sebastian)

They are going to ruin the whole feel of Star Wars. (by christine)

I don't even think we'll notice them that much, and if people say this ruins the film, then it's their loss. (by Mark Popham)

I really don't care that five guys who just happen to form a band called *NSYNC are going to be extras in AOTC. Most Star Wars fans won't even recognize them. But two things bother me. One, I didn't really need to know it. (Jeers to LFL, not TFN, for that). Two, which bothers me more than anything else, is that *NSYNC got to be extras because they asked Rick McCallum. We all want to be extras too, but we don't get to talk to Rick. For EP 3 they should have a fan contest with at least 200 winners. (by knutsonswl)

The Star Wars franchise is without hope. First "Attack of the Clowns", then the cancellation of my favourite Star Wars licensed card game, and now a boy band in Episode 2. Mark me down for a viewing once each of the last two movies, and then I'll bid you farewell. (by Ken Bradford)

Me and my band are big fans, so can we be in the movie too? (by DarrenBaker)

I've been a fan since I was a kid. I collect whatever I can from comics to books & toys. I've never judged the Star Wars films in any way negative, hell I even liked Jar Jar. But I have to differ on the whole *NSYNC deal. Please let them be far off in the background with masks on. I hope to the force they are left in the editing floor. What's next Backstreet Boys in "The Lord of the Rings"? (by Loyal Fan Tani)

I gotta be honest. I wouldn't recognize those guys if I saw them, so I guess it really doesn't make a lick of difference to me, one way or the other. In the same line of thinking, I'm not sure what it says about those who CAN recognize them individually. (by icaruswings)


I'm 31. This news is the last thing I needed to show me that the Star Wars universe is no longer for me. It's for the kids. I feel old. (by Darth Bozo)

It does not matter. Just because *NSYNC are in this movie, does not mean u have to get all miserable. I mean c'mon!!!! (by Shady)

It would have been akin to New Kids on the Block being in the films, had they come out during my childhood: good in the short term financially, a terrible idea down the line. For those of my generation this is pure alienation. (by qnarf)

This is the stupidest thing they could ever do. Just please don't have their songs on the soundtrack. Please. (by Ante)

Although I used to be an *NSYNC fan, I have to say that this decision just has me cracking up. Come on, peoples. Are Justin, Lance, JC, Chris, and Joey any match for Obi-Wan, Luke, Qui-Gon, Yoda, and even Han?! (by Caslin)

Can you imagine "Return of the Jedi" with a cameo by Menudo? (by joeythefilmgeek)

I don't like *NSYNC, but I'd rather have them as cameos than have Celine Dion sing for the movie. We're just lucky that rumour was false. (by jedi_knutson)

This is absurd! I know their part will be small, but it makes me wonder about the rest of the film. I guess we should just consider ourselves lucky that Lucas' kids don't like Pokemon. (by Jade)

I think this is a horrible event to happen to this great series of movies. (by Reeves)

Let's hope George rethinks this one. The Backstreet Boys would be much more convincing! (by Darth Janekk)


I know these guys are gonna be in the background, and in all likelihood out of sight, but to me it's just another bad decision on Lucas' part, decisions he seems to be making in order to change the public perception of Star Wars. It started with Greedo shooting first, continued with "Jedi Rocks", and now we have a cameo from *NSYNC. I shudder to think what lies in store for Episode III. (by General_Ceel)

I won't watch it now. Jar Jar and Ewoks I understand (hey, we all like money), but this is insulting to people that actually like Star Wars. (by Susan)

Who was in Episode I? Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Nathan Hamill, Sofia Coppola, Wicket the Ewok in nine different roles, E.T. Did I agonize when I saw any of them? Of course not. I never even saw Hamill and he was an extra, just like the boy banders. If half a second of footage is going to ruin your take on a movie, then go stand in line with the people who freaked out over the Eopie passing gas or Luke's head reappearing after he jumps down in ESB. Get a life! (by Admiral Snackbar)

They might just be cameos, but the thought of *NSYNC being in Star Wars makes me really sick. Seeing them in Star Wars makes me want to not even think there will be an Episode 2. (by chad hryniuk )

Whatever. Hey - if you can get in the flick, good for you. Since they are only bit parts, background fodder, it doesn't really matter. $10 we wouldn't even notice them if nothing was ever said they are in the movie. (by JediJeff)

As long as they blend into the background and are not noticed at all, it's cool. (It has to be now, it's already done!) (by tommy-b-wan bauer)

Stop whining, people. (by someone who couldn't care less)

I think GL did this to get even more people to come see EP2. (by Darth Foon)

Think of it this way: I have been told exactly which scene Nathan Hamill appears in Ep 1, and even seen a picture of what he was wearing, and I STILL have never been able to see him. *NSYNC as background filler: I'll live. *NSYNC singing "The Love Theme of Anakin and Amidala": you can change my name to Darth Rita. (by Jedi Rita)

It's probably going to be a brief shot during the nightclub scene, that's okay, anything more is not okay. (by Stephen P Coffey)

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