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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


Hey, guys! Guess what? If no one had told you about it, you'd have never known *NSYNC was anywhere in the film. So stop whining. Who Lucas allows as extras has no effect on your life whatsoever. (by Walter)

I really don't care; it will not influence the quality of the film. It will not influence the story of the film. I think it's better than having people who don't even like Star Wars as extras. At least these people like the movie they're in. (by DevanJedi)

While I think EP2 will rock, and *NSYNC's appearance will not change that. It does show that Lucas is out of touch with what the fans want. Cinematically, it also cheapens the legitimacy of the film. Movie making on this scale is so much above some teen pop culture fad. (by Rollo Tamassi)

I don't like *NSYNC at all, but I have no major objection to them being in the film. They're extras, and you won't be able to see them anyway. (by Gray_Leader)

No no no no no no no no no no no oh please no. If we are lucky they will have on sooooo much makeup that we won't be able to identify them. (by rick s)

The entire original trilogy was void of anything that obviously dated it. The special effects were timeless, the actors weren't giant celebs when the films were made, and the soundtrack was classical instead of pure 70's. Even if we don't see them on film, it seems to me that the involvement of a "pop culture icon" just cements the fact that Star Wars isn't what it used to be. Here's to riding out what's left of the series, and hopes for the best. (by justafan)

Think of it this way: They'll probably be unrecognizable and they'll have at most a split-second of screen time. They're only extras for crying out loud. If they had been given significant parts, then that would be something to get worked up about. (by Bronan)

Omigod, that is the most sickening thing I have ever heard in my entire life. I'm outraged at this. This is absurd. (by stacy-wan kenobi)

Very poor judgement. What's next? Bill Gates as an x-wing developer? (by Alex)

"Barf bucket, please" (by Jessica Naberrie)


I am more betrayed now then ever before. I feel that George has completely lost touch with what made his movies special. (by Joel Barsotti)

Ugh. Next we'll be hearing casting news about who will play the young Harvey Korman, Bea Arthur and Art Carney from the Holiday Special. (by Tom McDonald)

So what? They don't talk (or sing, thank the Force). You probably won't even be able to pick them out in the background, so what's the problem? (by Smoking Frog)

I'm a fan of Star Wars. Maybe if I talk to McCallum, I can be in the next movie! (by Ertin Guroc)

Two words: Bantha Fodder. (by Joe Fleet)

I've got a bad feeling about this. (by Emperor)

I had always respected these films because of the fact they did not sell-out and hire propaganda stars to put in their movies. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford were unknown before Star Wars. Now they go and cast (even in a small role) boy bands. Not good, not good at all. I am so disappointed. (by Darthmom)

*NSYNC in Episode II? Hmm, yes, it will boost ticket sales. It'll draw that young girl crowd that George hasn't been quite able to hook. But I have to say that George is kowtowing to pop culture just a little too much. He should do what he did before: set the pop culture trend, not ride it. (by Ithorian)

Ahhh! I can't believe it!! That's soo horrible!!! (by UpsetFan)

It's stupid. (by Lorn Paven)


I'm beginning to think that all those episodes 1,2,3 were a bad idea, first Jar Jar now this?!?!? (by Emperor_666)

Hey, you know, I'm a big fan too, can I have a bit part? Or do I need to be a celebrity? (by Mike G.)

I think it's great. Hopefully it will cause all those militant obsessives out there who actually care if someone they don't like has a brief background cameo to leave Star Wars fandom, and leave all us normal fans (is there such a thing? :)) to enjoy the movie. (by Kitt327)

This is horrible! I've lost all confidence in Lucas. To quote a friend: would they have put the village people in ESB? I think not. I hope they get cut before the release. (by caad2indy)

I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them, so if it sells a few more tickets, no problem! What's the big deal? (by Skymill)

I think it's pretty lame. If *NSYNC can be in Star Wars, why can't I? (by PEZman4)

I'm going to cast Spears for episode 3 as moneymaker droid. (by Lucas)

I for one am sick of defending Lucas. Considering girls are gonna flock to the movie now even though you probably won't even notice the guys in the scene, it's quite a genius marketing decision. All that matters, however, is that the fans are gonna riot. I used to want to stop that, but who cares anymore. The movie's gonna be just fine, whether the "hardcore" fans want it to or not. And they clearly don't. (by Coopra)

I love the fact that Star Wars was played by actors who you didn't know at the time, and they could be identified with Luke, Han etc. Now with all these cameos it is turning into a big exhibition. (by Darth Paul, Sith Lord)

Cool Jar Jar and *NSYNC in the same movie... next! (by someone)


Lame.. the first movies were good because they took little or unknown actors and the story made them stars. This is the typical "Hollywood marketing" rubbish to try to get as many people as possible to see the movie, even if it means sacrificing the integrity of the movie and its story. Star Wars sells itself. You don't need pop culture cameos. (by gusdaddy)

I'm about this far |<--->| from declaring a boycott on EP II. Come on George, wasn't Jar Jar bad enough? (by Gordon Kirsch)

Please Lucas, do episode 3 in 2010. Your kids will be older and will have different ideas. (by Angry one)

Oh come on guys, this is just George's way of starting his new career after star wars, *NSYNC member #6. This just in: Backstreet Boys to play sith apprentices, and Michael Jackson is Anakin's father! (by aaron jedi)

Come on, this makes even Jar Jar look like the coolest guy in the universe. Lets all just pray they don't get action figures. (by leia maria)

For me, it's not about seeing them in the movie that's the problem, it's what such an act represents. I just feel that Lucas has sold himself out in an attempt to suck teenage girls in to see his movie. (by dudewalker)

I personally couldn't care less, but I wish people would at least do their research before getting upset. Almost all the complaints about Lucas being an idiot for doing this, when chances are 50-50 he didn't have anything to do with it. Give credit where credit's due; blame McCallum. (by Mike)

NO!!! This is wrong!! Of all people, why must he pick them!!!! (by PadmeSkywalker)

You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Disowning Star Wars because of a little thing like this! I'm glad Lucas made this move. It weeds out those who aren't true fans and leaves those who are (myself included). I bet GG studios scanned them and I'm gonna buy the figures! I bet they'll be a boxed set like the Jedi Spirits from EP. VI! I hope they do a remix of their song "Space Cowboy" and make a new video for it with shots from EP II and that it ends up on the DVD, and I'm gonna watch it! (by a TRUE fan!)

It's not really something to get upset about if they're really in a big fleeting moment, and then have no dialogue. Just so long as they don't bust out a song in the middle of the movie, it shouldn't be that bad. Come on, Hayden Christensen would fit right into a boy band if he can sing! (by Dan Geer)


Good on them. (by darkelf)

George will have something to digitally remove from the EP2 Special Edition. (by Peter)

This is really awful. I don't know if I will even see the movie. (by macaroni)

Cutting room floor!!! Cutting room floor!!! Cutting room floor!!! (by Ep2 Editor)

I just hope *NSYNC possess the drive to remain as powerful and vital a band in ten years as Jefferson Starship was to become after the SW Holiday Special. (by Space Koala)

Why is this a big deal? They're extras, nothing more. A lot of people are making fools of themselves by getting so up in arms about this. (by Jeremy)

I pray for another "Phantom Edit". Why not put Dennis Rodman as an alien? Why not Shaq or Marilyn Manson? This shouldn't have got out. (by Mark)

Like I always tell my team when something is not supposed to be where it is. Photoshop Photoshop Photoshop!!! (by Art Director)

Hey, remember when New Kids On The block were in "Willow"? Great stuff. (by harry perales)

Star Wars is about story telling, which requires integrity, not something helped by cameos like this! (by Tupaey)

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