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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


Who are *NSYNC? (by El Kabong)

I'm more upset that it had to be "Announced " . As long as the cameo doesn't involve singing, I'll be ok. I don't know what they look like anyway. (by Holocron Collector)

I rather support a larger role for Jar Jar than *NSYNC! (by Bad_Move_Lucas)

Man, I have stuck with Star Wars through a lot of stuff. I defended Jar Jar and what everyone seemed to think was a shortcoming from Episode I. I guess I'll just have to give up. How does something like this even get considered? I didn't see any Bay City Rollers in Empire. (by QKDonnieSmith)

I used to love Star Wars, but there's Lord of the Rings now (minus a boyband). (by You've_Got_Maul)

I'm not that thrilled about episode 2 after episode 1, and now *NSYNC is in the movie. I don't care if you have to watch it in slo mo to see them, It still annoys me. (by PrinceNothing)

You know, if this story hadn't been broken, I'm not sure if anyone would've noticed them in the background anyway. They are going to be extras in what will probably be a scene involving 1000's of people. The only reason we are annoyed is because we know they're there. I bet even if you look, it'll be hard to find and recognize them, so just chill out. Besides, hopefully, by the time their "cameo" appears, we should be so enthralled and involved in the storyline, that we won't even notice. (by Marty)

Is it... a joke? (by DArth_Mail)

They just have to put something for the fans to hate in there, don't they? First jar jar (who really wasn't so bad) and now this. (by stellrX)

I'm not angry or anything. It doesn't make much difference either way. Anyway, it'll be kind of fun in the theater to be like "HEY! there they are!" (by Brenton)


There's a prediction that Harry Potter will beat AOTC at the box office. I see why! (by Why George!)

Although I will not discuss their music, I think there is not a single reason why such people should be in a Star Wars movie. There are so many fans who have lived all their lives for SW who would deserve it much more than singers, who probably don't know the difference between Ben Kenobi and Obi-Wan Kenobi ;). (by Sompeetalay)

It's about time people grew up! This kind of knee jerk reaction is what gives SW fans, or any sort of fans a bad name. I haven't even got a clue who the band is, but frankly, I couldn't care less. They are probably going to be on screen for seconds, and if you blink you would miss them. Grow up, get a life, get over it! (by Paul Holgate)

Dude, they are the last people that need to be added to the film. Lucas already has too many big stars. (by Sean)

Get the ring of power off George's finger!!! (by Frodo Baggins)

I don't know why it took George Lucas this long in the Star Wars saga to think it would be a wise decision, to put an "at the moment" popular musical group into one of the Star Wars episodes. Just think of the cameos we could have seen if he had thought of this earlier. We could have had the chance to look for the Osmonds in Star Wars, or how about Menudo in Return of the Jedi? Where was Hanson in The Phantom Menace? I pray they have masks on. (by Redtwo3)

Many will try to convince themselves that *NSYNC having a cameo on Episode II doesn't matter, but it does. It not only alienates the fan base further away, but it shatters the myth and magic that Star Wars is supposed to be. Now, when I watch Episode II, I won't be able to concentrate on the story as much as I'd like. I'll be thinking about this "cameo" all the time. It's so difficult to be a Star Wars fan these days. (by Frank)

What does it really matter? Is a little insignificant thing like this going to take away from what will be a superb movie? Not for me! (by Jon Rosling)

I sure wish that I had fame like that! I would ask the flanneled one for a bit part too!! But c'mon, *NSYNC???? In Star Wars???? Thank the maker that at least they will be (mostly) invisible. (by THX Princess)

I used to love the rich fantasy world that was Star Wars. I've seen EP4, EP5, and EP6 dozens of times each, and EP1 twice. I was already thinking that I'll probably see EP2 maybe once, but *NSYNC?!?!? Now I'm so disgusted that I don't plan to see EP2 at all. (by UsedToLoveStarWars)


After years of love for the Star Wars universe, George Lucas has finally turned me completely against it. NSNYC? The Star Wars name can join the ranks of Pepsi, McDonalds and all those other commercials that we hate. (by dissapointed)

I don't object to them being in it for a split second. What I object to is that we know they are in it. Millions of teenage girls know they are in it, and for as long as *NSYNC are remembered, they will always be synonymous with the film, no matter how brief the cameo. In the media it will always be "Star Wars episode 2, featuring *NSYNC". A tragic and disastrous day. At last Mr Lucas has found a way to get young girls to go watch his films. (by heg solo)

That's it! I've had enough of Lucas altering my childhood fantasy world. (by Hans)

Why a boyband??? Why not a huge star wars fan like me? (by Martin)

Hey people!!! Let's write a letter to George and ask him if we can get a part in episode III! (by Boba)

To be immortalised forever as part of the great story, I feel sick. Fans can't get a part in SW but boybands can? What is this world coming to. EP2 was looking good till today. All we need now is that rumoured Moby involvement to be true and there is where I'll leave star wars forever. (by tuddles again)

I am completely in shock from GL's decision. To all of you who say it doesn't matter since we won't see them, true, we won't see them, but it is the meaning behind the announcement. Star Wars is being commercialized!! I agree with others. As long as they don't sing, move, dance, breathe, or anything. (by disappointed)

Let me start by saying that I am a professional musician in LA, so their success as "artists" is infuriating enough, but being a life-long Star Wars fan, I am simply beside myself having just heard the news. Yes, pre-teens love 'em, BUT, to soil this story by having them appear in even an un-billed cameo is disgusting, pure and simple. (by Physically Sick)

I'm so annoyed I don't know what to say. (by Lord-Tice)

As long as they are seen briefly and not heard at all, I don't care. Fear not fans, George has taste when it comes to using the beautiful music of John Williams instead of the Hollywood trend to use a song to "sell" a film (and vice versa). (by fjk)


How can everyone here know they won't be singing? or be in for 2 secs? You can only know that when you have seen they movie. (by Stranger)

Please reconsider George, for the sake of your entire fanbase! (by Kenobi)

It upsets one to think that being a superstar gets you into Star Wars. I say, let us all have bit parts in EP3 - everyone!! (by michael)

They will always be *NSYNC! I could NEVER see them as any other part than as rock stars. They'll stick out like a sore thumb. This is absolutely shocking and by far the stupidest move since Greedo shooting first. (by Ryan Czaplinski)

Jar Jar, come back! Everything is forgiven! (by Kn orp)

This is why Anakin turns to the dark side. Why would he want to be a jedi with colleagues like that? (by Knorp)

It's like that bit of information in the back of your mind that eats at you. You'll probably love this next film, but when you think of that little factoid, it will shatter the illusion of story telling and what the saga once was. (by Jedi_hunter)

Gimmie a break. I'm boycotting the film. What's next? *NSYNC gets a cut on the soundtrack? (by the castle arrrrrrggghhh!)

Wouldn't it be, like, cool if they are in a cantina and, like, sing and dance and... sigh. (by Sigh)

Wow, it'll be a 5 second cameo, and people are freaking out. It'll be no worse than ET, and in fact a lot easier to swallow. At least there won't be any "Is *NSYNC canon?" threads. (by Kevin Rooney)


They have no dialogue, they'll probably be in makeup. I really doubt anybody will even notice that it's them. Just relax, everybody - it's no big deal. (by BartGamber)

I'm not bothered at all by this. I mean, they're just extras. They won't have anything to say, and we won't even see them for probably 3 seconds. Contrary to popular belief, this still doesn't mean the destruction of Star Wars. (by Creeping)

It would have been a lot better if we didn't know about this until after the film was released, but Lucas realizes that every teenage girl will want to see their pin up boys on the big screen now, so that means bigger box office receipts. As long as *NSYNC don't make a SW related song and get it included on the EP2 DVD, I'll be happy. But you just know that this is gonna happen. (by Luca)

If they are only in for a moment, why bother with them at all. (by Jedi knight Pozzi)

With every ridiculous revelation from the Lucasfilm camp, I realize more and more that the first two movies (ANH & ESB) were flukes. The last of the Star Wars saga will just be movies-not myth or legend, just more fodder for the masses. (by Munkynutss)

Lucas is using this as a ploy to gain a new Star Wars audience, teenage females. (by meelWORM)

Why do I get the feeling that with every new bit of news concerning the franchise that Lucas is selling out. It truly is a sad day when you have to have a pop group in your film to pull in customers. (by Mara-Jade)

I don't mind their presence in the movie. (by Luca Ferri)

George Lucas has paved the way for "Lord of the Rings" to become the new standard. After hearing this, I'm not all that upset. This is what it has come down to. Lucas resorting to cameos to sell tickets rather than an actual plot. (by Legolas)

Who cares?! I'll sit through a million cameos just to see another new Star Wars movie. I hope Jar Jar does a duet with *NSYNC. (by Monty)

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