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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


I hope it is a very small "fleeting moment". (by huskerdu)

The only condition that I will be happy is if they have no substantial role in the movie and no speaking parts. (by TheDarkJoker)

Pop culture strikes back! (by Liz Skywalker)

It's tearing up my heart. (by Jayde)

As long as they're in the background, wearing robes, who cares? We won't see them, I'm sure. (by NeuroEngin)

I know I may be the minority here, but putting members of a hugely popular boy band for two seconds in AOTC means more ticket sales from their millions of fans (that probably didn't see the original trilogy), and that's a good thing. LOTR - look out! (by Sith_Hunter)

In the end, it really doesn't matter considering they'll be in the movie for what? 2 seconds? But one can't help think that it's a huge slap in the face to fans who obviously don't cater to that kind of demographic. I really wish this hadn't been made public till after the movie had been out and released. (by BEARison Ford)

Who cares?! It's not like they are acting in it. So it is no big deal. They are just part of the background. (by Poggle)

What's next? Britney Spears as one of Padme's bodyguards? (by Michigan Fan)

You know, if they didn't tell anyone and nobody found out about it, until after the movie came out, you wouldn't care. It's stupid to base a whole movie on a few guys in a huge crowd for 2 seconds of film. (by Norm peterson)


Well, part of me wants to scream at LFL, but the other part of me couldn't give less of a care. *NSYNC is in a scene with lots of extras and we probably will hardly see them. Big whoop. (by ~Sithman~)

I just think that this news proves that Lucas is completely out of touch with Star Wars fans and shows that all he cares about is commercialism. I wonder how many "Justin the Jedi" toys Lucas will sell. (by SymfonyMan)

People who are worried about this need to get a life!! Who cares if *NSYNC have an anonymous cameo. You won't be able to spot them anyway. Wait until EP2 is out before you throw your geek fits!! EP2 might even be GOOD!? (by Umlaut)

I don't think star wars will ever be the same after this. (by Ganjookie)

I'm as giddy as a school girl!!! (by Barry)

Please no please no!!! by all that is holy **nooo!!** (by frank ozaki)

Out of all the celebs in the WORLD that would LOVE to have a small bit in Star Wars, why did *NSYNC get picked? Were any of them even born yet when A New Hope came out? I guess every episode needs its 'Jar Jar'. (by johnny six)

Not surprised. Lucas is trying to please too many people once again. (by terry)

As long as there's no singing, or dancing, or waving goodbye, I'm peachy. (by Caramba (not!))

I think that having *NSYNC in Star Wars would be a big mistake. Star Wars is supposed to be independent of our pop culture. That is why it's timeless. By doing this, LFL would be limiting themselves. (by MasterJediJared)


If I had fame to trade for a lightsaber, I'd do it, too. Wouldn't all of us? It's really no big deal. Five more extras in a scene full. I don't know the band, so I doubt I'd even be able to pick them out. (by FernWithy)

Star Wars fans buy toys of characters who are in the movies for less than a second. We know their names. I just fear that we will see *NSYNC action figures, and that they will all have Star Wars names. (by Jeff)

This is literally the worst thing that could happen. (by lordofthesyth)

I hope they do a good job of being jedi. It isn't a major deal. If they were cast in a big role I wouldn't be too happy, but at least it is small and they aren't Britney Spears. (by nataku)

There's gonna be a lot of angry people out there regardless of how small their parts may be. Beware Lucas. (by Skitch)

*NSYNC will be on the cover of the Star Wars Insider. What does that say about the world? :) (by Arsenal)

It makes me feel real sad inside. GL might as well start adding Pepsi Billboards during the Coruscant chase! Bleh! (by Jason W. Ward)

I couldn't care less if *NSYNC makes a cameo in AOTC. If anything, that's a good way to get more females to watch the movie =) (by Import Jedi)

*NSYNC in Star Wars? Who needs clones when you can have "Attack of the Cameos" (by ~Becky~)

Who Cares? From what I understand they are barely in it. So for those of you who think they care enough about who is making cameo's in a (small non-speaking role) I have pity for all of you!!! (by Darth Searle)


I love it, cause I have a few friends who are *NSYNC fans but hate star wars. They have the *NSYNC action figures, and now I can tell them they have star wars action figures. (by Brian)

It was bad enough that Lucas put Jar Jar into the films, but now he has mocked and disgraced his beautiful movies with another ploy at getting little kids into the seats for a reason other than love of the story/SW Universe. (by Saevio)

I think it's alright as long as they don't say anything and if you blink you miss them. (by Stryker)

Why let this minor news bother us? (by Jamey)

Geeze, what's next. Christina and Britney as Amidala's handmaidens?! (by Tiene Leche)

No big deal, chances are u won't even see them (by Sodapop)

This is absolutely insane. True fans do NOT want any boy band cameos. George, really bad move. You're turning away your fan base for the sake of pop trash requests. (by Michael King-New York)

I'm disappointed that Lucas would allow such big name band members in the movie, but all the same, it seems as if they only in it for a small time. (by Cungi)

I feel it's shameless pandering to commercialism, and does not sit well with real fans. The forums will be inundated with nonsense such as, " Justin is cuter than Hayden!" threads that are an insult to true followers of the series. It's worse than using Jar Jar to endear kids to the show. They really didn't have to try that hard. All it does is alienate loyal fans, who see the movies more than once, and buy the merchandise. It's really disappointing. What 's next? Britney Spears as a seductress? Ya.. (by Tiershon Fett)

Is this a teen film or a star wars film? You could've got U2, No, it had to be *NSYNC! We got Anakin already and he should be a good young character. I'm 26, and boy Star Wars has turned for the worse. I wasn't satisfied with EP1 too much. As long as the fans or the people know *NSYNC is in it, we are not kinda looking forward to it. I'm looking for more Spider-Man than this. (by Josh Fabian)


I'm totally fine with it (as long as their Bith heads are on REALLY tight). (by Hey Martin!)

As long as they don't get cloned, it's all good. (by Jacob)

Disgusting (by monteregie)

I think as long as they are like way off in the background, and not behind main players in the movie, it's ok, but if u can clearly see that it's *NSYNC, I'll be annoyed. (by Liquidity X)

They are only appearing as extras - what is the big deal ? They aren't appearing as *NSYNC, so just get over it and calm down! (by steve)

*NSYNC is an excellent group, however, they do not add to the suspense of Attack of the Clones. (by Tracey)

Who cares :P (by Orryn)

As long as they don't sing, it's fine for them to be in AOTC (by Incom4)

I certainly hope this is the worst it's gonna get. (by Annoyed)

This is positively horrible. Why is *NSYNC going to be in a Star Wars movie??!! Well, at least they won't be in the credits and won't have any dialogue. (by Franklin)

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