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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


As long as they don't break into a song, I'm fine with their cameo. (As long as they aren't in it for very long). (by Andrew Jackson)

Who really cares. Perhaps one of his daughters is a fan, and he's pleasing them. They will be background characters, in a crowd scene. Who knows, they might even all be under makeup, and no one will even be able to tell it's them. I wouldn't know them if they were standing in front of me right now for that matter. (by QuiGonGrind)

Hey, as long as they don't speak, and it takes 2-3 viewings to notice them, I really don't care. As for all those who are mad: If nothing had been said about them being in the movie, would it really matter? (by Kevin Lynch)

I just don't know what to say. I'm in a very sick state of shock. (by Dmitry Markou)

Who cares! They have no dialogue. They probably won't even be easy to spot. (by Matt H.)

I'm embarrassed to be a Star Wars fan right now. (by bigbertha)

I really hope they get left on the cutting room floor. George, pleeeeeeeaaaaase don't let them into the final cut of the film. (by Nevarion)

If I was in a boy band that was well known, I'd do what I could to be in Star Wars. When they're older and stuff they can point out to their kids where in Star Wars they were. (by Jerry)

I don't like this. If this is true, then why did it have to be announced before the film is out? (by Darth McRoy)

Episode 1 and now Episode 2 are becoming more and more a fraction of the greatness of the original series. (by tom)


In the words of C3PO: "We've been made to suffer, it's our lot in life". (by Jedi Genesis)

I think it would have been cooler if they didn't tell us and it was sort of an Easter egg. Kinda like the ET's and Wookies in TPM. (by Ron)

Pop Wars??? (by Dave)

What's next, a song and dance number? (by dex jetts)

I know it's not the end of the world but *NSYNC??? Now if it had been a band like say Sum41 or Slipknot then yes, I would see the funny side. What's next? New Kids on the Block Strike Back??? Why go through the audition to find the perfect Anakin Skywalker and cast someone as cool as Hayden, then cheapen the whole thing be the addition of *NSYNC??? (by borland)

Isn't Weird Al more deserving of a cameo? I am embarrassed again by my love of Star Wars. (by radtke327)

A disappointment to be sure, but an unwelcome one. At least Jar Jar was justifiable to keep Star Wars interesting for the little kiddies. (by Mark)

Can you imagine the scenario in the cinema? Us star wars fans glued to the screen in anticipation of Anakin showing signs of loss of control, and some teenage girl sat behind you squeaking "When is Jedi Justin gonna appear??" (by Mauls lower torso)

It's SO unfair. We all can't be famous and get a chance like they can. Why doesn't George give a contest or sweepstakes for regular peeps to get into their favourite movie? That seems fair. (by FrodoNObi)

I hope that there definitely won't be any dialogue. When I first heard that *NSYNC would have a little cameo in Ep.II, I almost collapsed. (by Obiwan02)


Wait, they get to be IN Star Wars just because they WANT to be in Star Wars? Why? Why didn't Lucas auction off spots to be an extra in the movie or something, for charity maybe? And I'm sure there are PLENTY of real actors out there who would've loved to. (by John Green)

Why George, why? Why not cast the Backstreet Boys as sith warriors and have a boyband battle at the horror of every decent Star Wars fan everywhere. (by Tom Izzo)

Utterly abhorrable. Keep pop stars out of movies, period. (by Fulit)

I'm a fan of Star Wars too. Why can't I be considered for a bit part or an extra? Because I'm not popular enough and I don't sing? George Lucas, if you are reading this, I want to tell you that I hope you can consider me for Episode 3. (by GardoJedi)

As long as they say nothing, are on screen for less than a few seconds, and don't break into song, I will be ok with it. But, If the *NSYNC fan-girls hear about it, they will flock to the theater to see it thus raising the box office totals. (by Joseph Hamilton)

I look at it this way, If they aren't seen, no one will care. If you see them in the background, so what. (by TDHArtist)

Who cares if *NSYNC makes a small unnoticeable cameo. It is not going to have any impact on the movie as a whole at all! All the people who flipped out need to chill. If you are so concerned with a cameo then don't go see the movie! It will leave me more room to enjoy the best Star Wars yet! (by True Star Wars Fan)

I am getting tired of this. I saw EP1 opening night. I will be staying home for EP2's opening. I may not even go. Tired, so very tired. Why can't Lucas just release the originals on DVD. (by Shaun Cartwright)

The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, I refuse to watch the movie! (by Stein)

I think it no big deal. They're going to be in the background with all the other extras going unnoticed. (by BEAUX MARTIN)


Honestly, I don't care who plays an extra in the film. That's the reason extras aren't listed in the credits. If *NSYNC is a bunch of fellow fans, then they must have had a blast being on the set. Really, the only problem anyone could have with this is petty jealousy. (by Thromm)

What is this? The Cannonball Run? The Muppet Show. Amazingly lame. I'll rent it. (by Stroker Ace)

Just as long as they don't make one of the *NSYNC guys Han's dad or Chewie's cousin, then we'll be safe. (by Ryan Plantin)

*NSYNC, a great marketing move by Lucas but it takes away from the magic that is Star Wars. (by T Prince)

I think it's great - way to go *NSYNC. Just one more reason for me to see the movie, not that I didn't have enough. :). BTW: Star Wars fans, no offense, but some of you are throwing this cameo out of proportion. It's only a movie and it's only entertainment. I personally enjoy *NSYNC and Star Wars as entertainment. Their music isn't that bad, really, and I used to loathe *NSYNC. All 5 guys are huge Star Wars fans and I'm sure it was a fan's dream come true for them. Don't hate, congratulate. (by Melody)

I LOVE IT! (by t)

*NSYNC? Why not the Village People they were popular in the 70's. I guess this is Lucas's way of striking back after all of the Ewok & Jar Jar backlash. But whether or not *NSYNC is in it will that stop the fans from watching the film? Who will cameo in episode 3? Perhaps Lucas himself? (by yodaburger)

I think it's great for *NSYNC to make a cameo in Ep2. It would be kind of funny to see them all dressed up as an alien band performing in the nightclub sequence! Besides, I'd like to hear a well-made electronic dance-pop type of song on the official soundtrack... :-D (by Rogue Moog)

Dear my former hero George Lucas, how could you do such a thing as to put *NSYNC in the next Star Wars film? I stood for you when people bashed Jar Jar Binks, but desecrating the Jedi by having *NSYNC play them is absolutely horrible. Everyone will still see this movie no matter what, but many of the true fans like myself will be very unhappy knowing that these guys will now be a part of the Star Wars Universe. We may be nerds in everyone's eyes, but we made you who you are today, now why don't you show a little respect for your fans. The anger will go away if the scene *NSYNC is in "accidentally" ends up on the cutting room floor. Do you think in Episode 3 we will get to see a cameo from Howard the Duck?? (by Kenny the angry fan)

** (by Larry Profitt)


Everyone needs to calm down. The part will only be fleeting and probably only noticed by those who wait long enough to use their pause buttons on their DVD players. Don't be jealous because *NSYNC is getting to do something we all can only dream about. (by J.J.)

It seems Lucasfilm is still chasing after the "school girl" demographic. (by Grant)

I think it's awful. It seriously diminishes the integrity of the film and all that have come before it. I LOVE the Star Wars series. I am looking for EP 2 to really show up and put the Star Wars good name back on the map. But with news like this, I am seriously concerned if it is just gonna be another teen beat opportunity. (by Kris)

By including *NSYNC in Episode II, George might as well be making a sequel to Spaceballs. (by tuskenjedi)

Is the *NSYNC cameo such a surprise? Have we already forgotten about the "ETs" at the Senate meeting? It is a shame though. One of the appeals of the original trilogy is that it made stars out of nobodies. Not the other way around! (by wood-wind)

I'm really starting to think that the prequels are just going to be awful. (by Jare Smith)

This is absolutely ridiculous. Fans will not like this. It really disappoints me. (by Eric)

The opening crawl should begin... "It is a dark time for Star Wars fans..." (by the1Jugg)

It tells me that to appear as an extra in a Star Wars film, you have to be a FAN and FAMOUS, and dedicated fans need not apply. I'm disappointed. It makes the myth feel somehow cheap and dowdy. (by Paul Guest)

They are in a cameo role that's all. They're extras! Why is using them any worse than a generic person pulled off the street (as is usually done)? (by Hawk-Bat)

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