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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


It is one of the worst things to happen to Star Wars since Greedo shot first. I will no longer be in a galaxy far far away. (by anton)

As long as they are in the background and do not have a main role it will not spoil the movie for me. They being there should not take your eyes off the main action going on at the time. (by droidrunner)

Great, now we have to battle 10 to 13 year old girls laughing and giggling in the theater. Just to see a 3 second *NSYNC clip. If it is a true cameo it should not be advertised. (by Alan M)

NEWS FLASH! ODB is going to be young Lando Calrisian!!!!! HA HA HA (by Willie)

I hope George reads this and is so pressured by the "true" fans and is forced to edit them out of risk of bad ticket sales. (by Robin Hood)

This is a McCallum thing I know it! (by bringbackkurtz)

How do you cast the worst band ever in the greatest saga ever? What's next - Anakin fighting O Town when he turns to the dark side? I hate it!!!! (by David Skywalker)

Can any celebrity Star Wars fan just walk on the set and demand a cameo now? This is ridiculous and unnecessary. (by Torgeir Aanes)

This is a fiasco! But since when has George cared about what we think? (by szahans)

It appears at first glance that Star Wars is falling victim to popular culture. (by Marie)


2 seconds during a battle scene - who the hell will notice them? (by Piper)

Looking forward to hear them sing 'Idej eht nioj' (by Stavr0)

This idea is as clumsy is it stupid. (by Darth)

Uhmmm, considering I don't really listen to them, and barely know what they look like, it doesn't matter to me that they are in the film. Just don't let the camera stay on them too long. (by Pam)

I find it sad, very sad, that Lucas has allowed a pop-rock band to appear as a cameo in the film. *NSYNC will be forgotten in the years to come, but the film will not. Awarding them with this kind of honour is distasteful. (by CeeWulf)

I am totally offended by people's constant references to Lucas turning away from his "real fans." If you think that because I can't tell you the history of the Republic in detail, that I'm not a fan that genuinely loves these movies, get over yourself. *NSYNC are huge Star Wars fans. I think it's great they found a way to live out their dreams. The idea that Lucas is using this as a promotional scheme is ludicrous. If, however, new people discover his amazing world as a result of it, so be it. (by Jennifer)

I am shocked. Do not get me wrong. SW will always be the best movies in the world in my opinion, but seriously, those guys do NOT belong in any SW movie. (by Jehoel)

No! No! No! Even if you can't see them on screen, I'll still know that they are there, and that will ruin the whole scene for me. I'm so angry right now! (by Jar Jar)

This is just a stunt to get teeny-boppers into the theater to see the movie. (by cat again)

I hope somebody at Lucasfilm reads these submissions. Because they have officially lost a lifetime fan of Star Wars. I don't care how small the role is. (by Andrew Segedi)


If they were given major or minor roles, yes, but c'mon, a second cameo in the midst of hundreds won't amount to anything. I actually think we are contributing to this being blown out of proportion, so with that I will go back to being excited about EP. II. (by Darth_Payback)

As long as they are kept in the background and aren't up there dancing around, I'm cool with it. (by Joel)

What next? remember Color Me Badd? I heard they're SW's fans too...uggh! Anybody want my collection? (by spoclogik)

Lucas has given cameos away before (Mark Hamill's son; producer Rick McCallum; sound editor Ben Burtt; editor Paul Martin Smith; and FX supervisor John Knoll all appeared in Episode I). But I really feel weird about knowing that they're there, lurking in the most pivotal scenes. I feel that the press release concerning *NSYNC's involvement should have been postponed until after the release of the movie. Now everyone's attention will be focused not on the film, but on something really silly. (by Jedisoose)

I'd like to give you my opinion, but it's too hard for me to type through all the tears. (by Raywagner)

I loved the unknown actors, timeless music, and would give my big toe to be an extra. Why not open it up to true fans instead of some group who may be forgotten before the movie is on DVD? (by Andrea Jade)

It makes my roll my eyes, but in reality, if you don't look for them, you probably won't see them, and it will bring in some more kiddies. The problem is that now that we know, we will be looking for them. Just think though, this two second cameo is going to make George another few million. (by danny)

Let George know we don't value Star Wars as pop-culture iconography. (by tek)

I almost do not want to go see the movie now. (by zoobee)

This is tragic! Star Wars has never been about putting pop stars in cameo roles for token novelty! What was Rick thinking? I would rather Episode II feature nothing but Jar Jar Binks for two solid hours. (by Obi-Wan Kenobi)


TPM pushed me to the edge; now I'm walking out. I won't even see this one on video. Let the teenie boppers Lucas is making movies for go see it. (by ex-fan)

I don't think this was a smart decision from a fan's point of view, but speaking for myself, it won't detract from the movie one bit. Lucasfilm has to know they are gonna take some heat over this, but in the end, I don't think it will be a big deal. (by Brad Monastiere)

This is a sign of his mindset in making the movie. It started with the changes to the old ones - Greedo shooting first. Now this. Do you really think this is an isolated decision? (by max)

Couldn't they get Rob Zombie? That would be great for the club scene. (by Shema Wan)

Out of all the people they could have chose to cameo in this film, why *NSYNC?!!! Star Wars should not be having cameos. (by Gareth (UK))

What difference is it casting *NSYNC in a cameo, that will probably amount to about 10 frames of screen time, than it is to cast Shaft as one of the top Jedi, in a major speaking role crucial to the film plot. Sam Jackson pursued a role in the films because he said he was a huge fan, and no one complained about that. I am definitely NOT an *NSYNC fan, but I know I would seriously consider losing a non-essential body part to be in a Star Wars film. Can't blame them. (by tayloaf)

If they won't be recognizable in the film, it shouldn't offend anyone too much. (by Jashu Numa)

It's a shame that the flanneled one feels the need to go pop culture. (by Darth Bandeko)

Well I think it's pretty silly but it's not a big deal. The "true fan" needs to realize that if they were true fans, they wouldn't bash every little thing they don't like. I actually liked the Phantom Menace. People need to relax and realize it's a movie. It's about fun, not winning an Oscar. Relax people! I mean, parts of the original three are pretty silly but people don't complain. Just shut up watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is! (by Jeff)

C'mon, I love the phantom menace. I'm in the minority, I know, but *NSYNC in episode II !!!! What!!!??? I don't even want to see them in the background. They do not need to be seen in Star Wars!!!! I'm finally losing all hope for this trilogy. I can't believe this is real. It's a sad, sad day. (by dallas)


*NSYNC! Why is it that pop culture has to invade everything. It's stronger than the force. (by JAX)

It's hilarious, the funniest thing since jar jar! I love *NSYNC, I just hope they can get a song on the soundtrack for the film. (by darth_boy)

It comes down to this - I grew up on Star Wars. Much of what I believe to be good in movies and even philosophical takes on "good and evil" can be traced back to these movies. Sure - it's his creation in one sense and he can do whatever he wants. I, however, think that there are steps that one can take to prevent irking your fans (no jar jar, bad titles or *NSYNC for example). (by Chris)

It's not a big deal, but my question is "why"? SW is already being bashed all over the 'net. Why play into the hands of those who love to bash SW? (by Larry S.)

I hope Star Wars doesn't turn into a comedy type - (jar jar in PM) - this is a serious movie that should be treated that way. *NSYNC - get them out. (by HanSolo)

I couldn't really care less. Everyone is whining about how they think it will "ruin" the "galaxy far, far away" effect. But those guys are just gonna have a virtually unnoticeable part for probably a nano second of screen time that you will only be able to see if you look really hard once the DVD comes out. My only complaint about this is the whiny attitudes of all the so called "fanboys" saying that Lucas has screwed us over. Get over it. (by Daniel)

I am a 16 year old girl, and I think Star Wars should remain pure. (by Lau-ra Anu)

I hate it. What's next? A bust of the Backstreet Boys in the Jedi Temple as part of the "Lost Twenty"??? (by Cesar)

Next we know, all famous SW fans will be in EPIII. The problem is not what EPII benefits from having these kids in, but the other way around. I can only pray we won't begin to see this band dressed as Jedi, making songs about it, promoting themselves as part of the SW saga. Just imagine having the SW concept permanently associated with *NSYNC. These guys dressed everywhere as Jedi, maybe attending premieres, events and all kinds of stuff. (by Sir Gerry)

There is only one word out there to describe this recent turn of events in the SW legacy: "Why?". (by phynxfyre)

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