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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


I thought it was an April Fool's joke. But it's not April. (by Pedro Alcocer)

I can't imagine George knowingly allowing this to happen. My dad (who couldn't care less about star wars) said, "That's Hollywood for you" That comment really hit home. But star wars isn't Hollywood it's --- well, it's star wars. Even if they are only seen briefly it will bother me. Nobody should be able to ask their way to becoming an extra, not even *NSYNC. It bothers me because something from our world (an annoying thing) is in star wars. Star Wars selling out? That's a chilling thought. (by WedgeWing)

Money, stardom, Britney and now this. I was alright with it if Lucas's daughters were big fans, but Lynn Hale's explanation that they were allowed to be extras because they were big fans of Star Wars made me green with envy. These guys are not even old enough to have seen the original release of ANH. (by Mike)

In short, I am outraged at the decision to cast *NSYNC in episode II. I have been a huge SW fan since before I could talk, and am extremely disappointed with this unfortunate turn of events. It matters little that they will be in a scene with many extras and have no dialogue; the fact is they are in the movie, people will know, and many will blow it out of proportion, generating a general feeling of resentment towards Lucas amongst SW fans. I'm a huge fan - why am I not cast? (by Marcos Sanchez)

Horrified. (by Andrew Wise)

I don't think it really matters and I for one am going to see Attack of the Clones. (by Will)

All things considered, it doesn't particularly bother me. (by eric alan ivins)

Aside from getting some of those screaming preteen girls to show up for Episode 2, I think the cameo was in poor taste. Heck, if they insist on putting those guys in, why publicize it? Do all cameos have to be advertised so early? I think AOTC will be a great movie, but this isn't exactly the kind of thing that will help AOTC's cause in the mind of the disillusioned. (by Dexter S.)

I think I'm gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!! (by Dr. Gonzo)

What was Lucas thinking? To me, he's making a joke out of EP 2. I had my hopes up that the movie would be a lot better then the first. (by jedimaster)


All shook up. (by wookiee)

I really don't care - the way I see it ( oh wait, that's just the point ). I won't see them. The scene, I am sure will be a quick flash by in an action shot. Overall, it's a joke. What's next, Celine Dion is Padme's Grandmother, and Wayne Newton is her Grandfather? (by Jonathan Bryans)

It would have been fine if I had never heard about it. Lucasfilm couldn't keep it a secret between themselves and *NSYNC? It just cut right down to the principle of the matter. Maybe after we hear more, I'll adjust, but it just seems like a big ploy to get teenage girls into the theater. In the end, it just becomes a big slap to our collective faces. I just don't understand why we would ever have to know this information. (by Jillianne)

The integrity of this film will suffer if GL continues to pull stuff like this. Just because his kids are fans doesn't mean he has to put them in his movie. Cheesy things like this makes me think twice about how seriously George takes his stories. Background or not, this is a goofy and stupid thing to do, and it should not be in the film. Period. (by Jango Jr.)

OMG! When I heard this I thought it was a joke. I mean *NSYNC are okay, but to put them in the movie!! That's almost as bad as the rumour that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play Anakin! I'm sorry, but what was George thinking here?! Even if it is a 2 sec cameo. Come on! First he calls it "Attack of the Clones", so it sounds like some kind of B movie. I could live with that but now it's become: "Attack of the Cloned Boy Band"! Most likely it's a good movie, but this is giving it a very bad rap. (by Owe-me-one Perogi)

We are SW fans. We are geeks. This doesn't compute. Doesn't compute. Wait a sec, you're coming with me! (by Neo)

I am personally disgusted that the members of *NSYNC get to appear in the new Star Wars instalment. There are many, many Star Wars fans out there (including myself) who can only dream about being in one of the films, and I don't think it's fair for them to appear in the movie basically only because they are famous. I'm sure fans of the boy band will be pleased, although I have to wonder how many true SW fans like *NSYNC. (by Lady Wraith)

My overall impression of this decision is mixed. While insignificant to the overall integrity to the film, this move is questionable. To millions of fans, Star Wars is an epic story much like the fame of classical compositions of the past. It seems that pandering and favour giving has superseded the integrity of this film, and that fact is what disappoints the most. Fame should be no qualification to be in these films. Substance should. (by Darth Mischievous)

You know, I don't think it's that big of a deal. They'll be in the background, not even noticeable. It doesn't matter to me, and it shouldn't matter to any true fan. (by Bryan Harley)

That's not true. That's impossible! (by Flake)


I'm beginning to realize how the Jedi were wiped out. (by Joel)

Whether Lucas did this for his kids, or because Fox told him to, it's unacceptable. Visually, it means nothing. But in principle, it cheapens the canon, as did the "potty" humour in E1. But I'm sure all the girls who saw Titanic ten times will now go see E2 at least five. Great news for Fox, like releasing the E1 DVD years before Lucas wanted to. And that's all that matters, right? A billion instead of $950 million. They should be CG'd out of the scene. (by Joseph Straw)

As far as I'm concerned, I have lost all faith in Lucas. Lord of the Rings has taken the spot that Star Wars once held in my heart. (by Bish)

When you get down to it, they were probably put in for a number of reasons. Perhaps they know McCallum really well (or their agent does). McCallum saw it as a chance to break into a new demographic of people, and perhaps make Star Wars fans out of them. And last but not least, something like this brings in cash! It doesn't bother me too much that they are in it. I just hope they don't try too hard to capitalise off this through songs and merchandise. (by Crimson Larko)

Someone needs to tell Lucas that *NSYNC fans are not Star Wars fans, and Star Wars fans are not *NSYNC fans. Worst idea ever. (by Jared Wells)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo (by BenjaCLa)

Embarrassed. (by Darth Wahl)

Please George, make a good movie with a good story and you will not need to add ridiculous cameos to sell tickets. Generation X are your loyal fans, not the 'boy band era' kids. (by C. Hodges)

Personally, I think this is just some publicity thing. They probably begged McCallum to let them be in this movie, even if it is fleeting. At least they won't be singing! :-) (by Evan Hinton)

They've got no business anywhere near a movie set except to deliver the pizzas. Just so we're clear here: Booooooooooooooo!!!!! (by Chazbot.)


It really doesn't matter to me - if they happen to fill a background scene, then so be it. I look at it this way - the more Jedi I can see fighting on screen, the merrier! Now what about casting someone like Alice Cooper as a Jedi Master. hehehe. (by Dehse)

I have to say first that these movies belong to Lucas, so he reserves the right to cast whomever he wishes to. I also trust his judgement. That being said, my initial reaction was not nice. I imagined these guys getting cast into the film strictly on the basis of their fame. Kind of a spoiled rich kid thing. It helped to read that they will be extras and not actual characters for me. I would refuse to buy the figures. May the force be with you *NSYNC. (by Jeff)

I am bothered that Lucas would allow his children's ideas to intercede with his storytelling. Realistically though, I will be way to excited with sights and sounds of the movie. Besides, we probably won't see 'em anyway, as they'll be somewhere in the back of the wide shots. Unfortunately, I'll just know they are there. (by Colin)

I don't think that was too great of a move for LFL to put *NSYNC in the movie. I hope it doesn't distract from the true meaning and purpose of the movie. Star Wars is more than a series of movies. It has played a part the definition of American Culture for the past 25 years. It could be just fine for a Cameo, Let's hope it's just a split second or it will be EP II: Attack of the Clowns. (by VegitaFett)

Honestly, everyone who is bashing their appearance in EP2 is just jealous - get over it. They're fans just like anyone else here. Wouldn't you leap at the chance to be in EP2? Don't you trust GL to make a good movie? (by Elizabeth)

If they were in there and no one said anything you probably wouldn't see them anyway. so what's the big deal about? (by Gedaly Guberek)

The fans don't realize that Lucas in 1977 would have included the popular bands of the day in A New Hope if he could. (by 1stAD)

If this is true, then I'll say bye, bye, bye to Star Wars! (by Blood)

You mean we're actually tearing our collective hair out over something that'll be committed to the discussion forum rubbish-bin in about in two months' time (i.e., the infamous "title announcement" foofaraw)?? (by Leto II)

*Screams and passes out in the floor* Why George?? Why??? How could you betray your loyal fans like this!! =*( (by Jedi Lizard)


I think this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. Yeah, it's *NSYNC in Star Wars. So what? I don't like them anymore than the next guy, but does that mean I should pout and whine and kick up a big fuss over something that will ultimately amount to two seconds worth of cameo in the background. Absolutely not. Because that would just be pathetic. (by Askaak)

I think it's alright to have *NSYNC in Ep2. For one thing, it will probably make more money for them, cause u know that the *NSYNC fans will go watch the movie just to take a glimpse of them, and it's only a small cameo, no talking or nothing. (by ART)

Why not Aerosmith? (by Joey)

Oh heavens, please, *NSYNC?!?!?! They've got musical talent, I'll give them that, but cameos in EP2? I feel sick to my stomach. *NSYNC, in *STAR WARS* ::sobs:: (by Jaded Fire)

I'm glad star wars fans aren't over reacting. We all know they won't have any speaking parts and will have a minuscule screen time. (by Freeleaves)

I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! (by Bendor)

We can all hope the moment is small, but in the end it saddens me to see a film corrupted for no other reason thank to pack a couple more people in to the theatre. Come on now, do they even have the credentials to be in a film? (by craig)

I guess the thing that makes me upset is that *NSYNC is such a product of the system, and it's getting tacked into one of the best examples of creativity and imagination ever created. The two just don't mix, and it disappoints me that this example of commercialism has been displayed. (by Mara-hari)

*NSYNC in Star Wars? Please, George, take the advice of their song: "Bye Bye Bye!" (by Michael Bower)

I don't care for *NSYNC, but this news doesn't bother me. (by Ryan)

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