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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


It defeats the purpose of the movie. This is not an MTV movie. That's why I think it's stupid. Not cause I don't like the band :) (by Mark Smeets)

You got to be kidding!? (by Paradox)

I'm far from the world's biggest *NSYNC fan, but I really don't have a problem with it. They are just another few extras, among hundreds, who have no lines, no close-ups, and are uncredited. The majority of the people who are complaining about it probably won't even be able to see them in the film anyway. They would be in-costume, with appropriate clothing and hairstyles, and would not be distinguishable from any of the other extras playing Jedi Knights. Some of the reactions to this news make me feel embarrassed to be a Star Wars fan. (by Chris La Plante)

I really have to question Lucas on this one. If they keep the *NSYNC cameo in EP2, we might be forced to boycott this film we all have been waiting for. Please George, don't make me boycott this film, please, please, please!!!! (by Bobby one)

George: "Hey Rick, how do you think we can get more girls to see this film, so it'll be bigger than Titanic?" Rick: "I've got a great idea!" (by Doug Bell)

There are many fans among the Star Wars Universe that was created, and not only have they not been given an equal chance, but hey, if you're a celebrity, we can give this too ya. George Lucas, I still believe in your magic, but this isn't magic. This hurts me as a fan. Not only do we not get an equal chance for something that we have been following for so long, the best and greatest film franchise ever nonetheless. Why can 5 boy band celebrities get a chance? (by Justin O.)

I love *NSYNC! I am so jealous! The privileges of celebrity. (by Michelle)

I'm trying to imagine how I'd feel at age 12, if SW:ANH had a cameo appearance by Leif Garret or some other 70's pop idol. I probably wouldn't have cared. As long as they are in the background, not all together, and not looking at the camera I'm ok with it. (by Kel)

Totally bad idea. The idea of a cameo by such a famous group in a SW movie will totally bring that wall of creative departure tumbling down. I love Star Wars because it's an escape from everything real. To have a cameo by a boy band, which I'm sure most SW fans don't like is a big, big mistake. (by Matthew McKibben)

Please, people, let's move on. One second of screen time which will make his daughters happy. Hardly a big deal. And you SHOULD be watching Mace! (by Grilled-Sarlacc)


Really, who cares?? Look at it this way, by the time the movie comes out, everyone would've forgotten about them being in the movie in the first place. Everyone would be caught up in the film itself rather than looking for *NSYNC anyway. Who are you watching?? The movie or the band? (by srok82)

Please let this hit the Cutting Room Floor. (by It Was Going So Great...)

Maybe in the Ultimate Edition of ROTJ on DVD they can digitally insert New Kids On The Block to replace Lapti Nek. Return of the Jedi - Return of the Boy Bands. Don't do it George, please. (blue ones) (by JEDIFRAGGLE)

No, no! That's not true. That's impossible. (by Matt 421)

Wow. I must admit that I am really embarrassed. I was always proud of being a Star Wars fan. A statement that isn't always seen as socially cool. I don't think I could ever admit to once being a Star Wars fan again. (by Kevin)

It most certainly kills the magic to say the least. The least they could do is not tell anybody and let it be their little secret, instead of ruining the movie with pop culture and then going public with it. The whole thing is ridiculous. (by izzy)

Star Wars fans are upset about the cameo of *NSYNC. People feel this has marked Star Wars with indelible ink. Many feel Hayden Christensen is the band's missing link. They'd rather see the song Lady Amidala in mink. Sung by Christina, Mya, Lil' Kim and Pink. A two second long cameo you could miss if you blink. (by Perry)

If they want to put fans in the movie then put real fans like the ones who hit this webpage!!! (by darth diggity)

I can't begin to describe how disappointed I am with McCallum's decision to include *NSYNC in Episode 2. (by Keith)

May the farce be with them. It's nothing personal against them, but the Star Wars culture is famous using unknown actors in their movies. I know it's only for 2 seconds and the robes will cover their identity, but it would be reassuring to know that someone deserving would have that experience. (by Mike in Cincy)


I don't mind really, I don't see why anyone would mind, it's just a cameo, and people need to get over it. (by jedi-wraith)

I would like to say that I don't think *NSYNC should have cameos in the movie. It takes away from the feeling that you are experiencing something amazing and magical. Mostly I feel like this cheapens the movie for fans and non fans alike. George, you could have put *NSYNC in and snickered behind your hand. It would have been ok. It's blatant advertisement. Star Wars is a piece of art that some of us love(d) and respect. (by Tyria-Solo)

Why stop there? Use technology to put the Beatles in too! (by Morgan Solo)

It's OK for me. I don't know *NSYNC, so I won't recognize them anyway ! (by Jedi Librarian)

First off, some of you need to really get your heads out of the clouds and come back to earth. Hey, I like star wars just like the rest of you but OMG, it's a movie! And anyways, are you gonna let the fact that some guys you don't like ruin a great movie experience for you?!?!?! I've been very impressed with all of GL's Star Wars movies, do you really think he is going to let something like this make his movie any worse? Chill out and wait for the movie. (by Midnight_beta)

Yeah, I might not see them in the film, and yeah, I might be so into what's happening with the action and plot in EP2 to care, but I'm concerned about the aftermath. The E2 DVD extra's that will be published with its documentaries will always tell me how, where and why *NSYNC can always be found in the SW saga. It's just disappointing. (by Mike (Struggling #1 SW Fan))

Good Business move by George Lucas; get everyone saying lets go see it *NSYNC's in it. Smart, but who knows. I trust Lucas in whatever move he makes & U fans out there do 2. (Attack Of The Clones) wasn't so cool at first, but u get used to it. (by Rik Skywalker)

I don't think that it will be a big deal by the time the movie comes out. I think that Lucas is selling out in a way, but we the fans will be so engulfed in the movie that I'm sure we won't even notice them. I just hope this thing doesn't get blown out of proportion. (by Tony Gleason)

I myself wouldn't recognize any of the members of *NSYNC if I looked one dead in the face. So, with that, if they are dressed appropriately, and made to look like actual Jedi Knights, I won't even be able to tell. I will submit though, I hope they don't have dialogue. (by Chris Wells)

I love most of the cameos and background stuff on SW, but this is an Insult ! I used to like E.T. when I was a kid (not as much as star wars), but E.T. will be remembered for a long time to come so no problem with that!!. I think star wars doesn't need this, or maybe they don't need the fans opinion and they want new, temporary fans. (by Jose Luis Gil)


As long as they don't sing, talk or dance, and they wear alien masks, I'm okay with it. (by Anon)

I am very insulted by this. It detracts from the greatness that is Star Wars. It's going to be forever flagged as an *NSYNC cameo movie! AAAHHHHHHH!!! (by Darth )

SIGH! I think that this can be a HUGE mistake on Lucasfilm's part. By releasing the information months before the film comes out just adds to the hype. I just hope that this is the last we hear of this. If *NSYNC graces the cover of the Insider, or *NSYNC action figures are made, then I think that the true feeling of Star Wars will be changed forever. (by mrmforce)

I was truly looking forward to Ep.II until this happened. I have never listened to an *NSYNC song, nor do I even know what they look like, but Star Wars has now been relegated to the level of every other Hollywood blockbuster. I know they're in it only briefly (hopefully), but the door has now been opened. Maybe George won't even be needing John Williams for EP. III. (by Bacta Tank)

Look, if it's a small part with a bunch of extras I doubt we'll even see them. (by Qball)

I would like to see Weird Al' Yankovic in EP3..... PLEASE ;-) (by Claus)

Like Obi-Wan and Luke said "Noooooooooooooo" (by Matt)

That is just awful, especially if they're Jedi knights. Lucas what are you thinking??? (by Jonathan)

I have lost all enthusiasm for the prequels. If everyone who has some fame was able to be in it because they asked, would it really feel like the original trilogy. George Lucas has already secured the fact that these prequels will never be called classics. In my opinion they are not even Star Wars films. (by Derek)

What boggles me (and always has) is how the fans seem to think that Mr. Lucas does not always know what he is doing. They are his movies, his stories. How can anything that he does be wrong? A bit strange, sure but c'mon! (by tryon)


Who cares? it's not like they're doing a musical number (G-d forbid). (by yodayid)

Star Wars is a fantasy. When u watch a good fantasy, with good acting and a good story, you forget the rest of the world exists. You believe what's shown to you for those couple of hours. When u put a group of recognizable (not acting) singers in there, you drop out of that world, and u spend the next hour of the movie trying to get back into the fantasy world. If anyone who is anyway affiliated with the production of Star Wars episode II Attack of the clones can read this, take it off, take it away. (by Paul Grabovac)

Movie-makers have been throwing in subtle anecdotes and tidbits since the beginning of Movie Making. Whilst I care little for this particular "boy band", I still find it amusing and interesting. (by Owen)

We only pray that the franchise will be revived to its once great glory with Episode 2. What do we have now to look forward to? *NSYNC! In what will be, in any form in the film, an unbearable cameo to stomach. (by J.D.Hogg)

I can't believe it's true, until today I have been a strong Lucas supporter but I can't Bellevue this. (by Mike)

It's degrading to Star Wars! (by Thrawn69)

It all depends on how recognizable they are. If they're right smack in the foreground, it'll bother me. (by AriB)

I'm a fan from the beginning. I'm bothered by *NSYNC's inclusion in AOTC, but more so am I bothered at the publicity stunt that is this announcement. I liked to think of Lucas as a rogue filmmaker who did (does) what he wanted (wants) in spite of Hollywood conventions. But his action of publicizing an appearance, which will undoubtedly alienate the Gen X-ers, who still have vivid memories of seeing ANH the first time is inexcusable. And to think back to how I wept at the opening crawl of TPM. (by Matt)

What about all the struggling professional actors out there. With this kind of reputation, all kinds of celebs are going to be calling George asking to be in the movie. (by Derek)

Having *NSYNC in EP. II is like watching a Picasso burn. It's not your creation, but it still hurts. There's going to be a lot of pressure on these next coming prequels, and I can't see how these new 3 movies will be taken as seriously as the original trilogy. Already the kids are not feeling the first the way we did when A New Hope came out.. (by Darth Vegas)

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