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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


This is another smack in the face to all the Star Wars fans. Looks like George is saying "I will do what I want and you will all still pay me money for it". (by James)

"In other news today, *NSYNC is in Attack of the Clones. Though none of the boys will be recognizable as they will all be wearing stormtrooper helmets" (by IronParrot)

My only interest is the quality of the film, not who is or isn't an extra. (by AttackOfTheCorn)

I just hope they don't have a song and dance number. (by Carrie)

Say it ain't so, George. (by hockeypuck)

:P need I say more? (by Lachlan Newman)

My biggest problem with *NSYNC being in the movie is they don't belong there. I could understand George, Rick or Ben being put in the movie but why *NSYNC? What have they done for the Star Wars community? What an awful message to send out to fans. If you've got money and are famous, you can be in Star Wars. I believe that the fans should be the ones to make cameo appearances. Anyways, Hayden is much better looking than all of them combine! (by Hobbit_Feet)

I hate it, but now when it's a fact, we can only hope that the cameos are very, very, very small. (by Jesper Jensen)

I guess at first I wasn't very happy about it, but as long as it's as small a part as they claim it'll be fine. It's Star Wars and nothing's going to make it suck, especially a little cameo. Besides, Star Wars will be around long after *NSYNC and the next generation of kids to see this movie won't even know who they are, and maybe by then we'll all have forgotten also. (by Matty)

I'd rather have to deal with 5 minutes of Jar Jar than a one second background shot of *NSYNC. (by Darkmaster5150)


A year ago, if someone would have asked me what would make Episode 2 suck, I would have said if *NSYNC was in it. But whatever, I guess I can live with it. I hear O-town are going to be in the Two Towers. (by Annatar)

They'll take me right out of the movie, and have me looking for them. I don't want to be looking for them. Your movies, George. As a fan, I have an issue with putting "big names" in films just because you can. What's more important to you? Creating a believable other world? *NSYNC would seem to provide the answer. Cut them out. (by Scott Wallace)

EP1 was childish enough but adding *NSYNC? What was going to be a great movie is a bad move now. Aside from the title "Attack of the Clones", I was hoping it was be a great movie. Now I won't bother seeing it and I'm sure a lot of dedicated Star Wars fans will follow. (by Joe)

This is the worst idea we have ever heard. I don't want to see the film anymore. (by Tom & George)

Hey George, way to alienate your fanbase. Celebrity cameos take the audience's attention out of the Galaxy Far Far Away and place it squarely in Earth-bound reality. In the immortal words of Peter Wolf, "My blood runs cold...my memories have just been sold." : ( (by Darth Sifl)

As long as I don't notice them, I don't care. (by Qraahn)

George, very few people over the age of 14 like *NSYNC, please, please reconsider putting them in the movie. Even a cameo is horrible. (by Rich McFadden)

I don't care that they're extras, but it seems almost sacrilegious to have them as Jedi. (by jedinightlife)

As long as the scene is 24 frames in length and unnoticeable, I don't really care. Remember, Anger, Fear, *NSYNC. The Dark side are they. (by ObiWan Jabroni)

After Phantom Menace and now this!!! Should have just kept it as a trilogy! (by Jason Brunner)


Mistake 1- Jar Jar Binks, Mistake 2- *NSYNC. What's next? If LFL is putting them in, and it is them being well known (good for ticket sales I guess). Then who can say that they will not get bigger parts or a longer scene. It would ruin everything for me. But since I can not stop it at least put them in a lot of makeup so you do not notice them! (by kiefferm)

We had better not see their faces. (by DMaul)

Star Wars is dead to me. (by Lysol)

I gotta admit, I'm not a big fan of *NSYNC, but I'm really sort of indifferent to the whole cameo thing. Samuel L. Jackson got his part as Mace Windu the exact same way, and he actually had lines. Nobody complained then. In the end, if the boys are only going to be in one scene for five seconds, fine; it's not going to hurt the movie and will probably put a few more (female) people in seats that wouldn't otherwise have gone to see a Star Wars movie. (by Michael)

WHY??? :::dumbfounded::: (by StarQuarters)

If they can have a cameo, SO CAN I! (by Darth James)

Can't you get it that Star Wars is a MOVIE!! I've seen them all hundreds of times (Including Ep1 which I think is GREAT), I collect the toys, and *NSYNC having a cameo is not going to change the way I feel about Ep2. I've had the chance to meet a few of them, and they are really nice guys. Joey is a HUGE fan and toy collector just like the rest of us. Stop the insanity (by BGarret-Orlando)

Why would you want to take a whole universe that you can lose yourself in, and commercialize it like everything else in the world that was "once, long ago", original and fun? It steals away from the authenticity of Star Wars and destroys the whole point of it. (by Obi-Wan)

I hope this means that there will be more chicks at Star Wars showings. (by Darth James)

K, I'm a 13 year old girl and one of the newer Star Wars Fans, and most people think that I would totally love *NSYNC, but the fact is it is totally disgusting. I have friends who don't like Star Wars and I almost had convinced them to come see EP2 with me, and now this news, they won't even think about it. I mean, not one of my friends can even stand *NSYNC. We know way more than *NSYNC will ever know! I luv ya George, but I'm not to fond of ya right now! Star Wars is a culture, not an over commercialized movie! (by Naboo Chick)


It's over. The final piece of flesh left on the bleached bones of what once defined my childhood has been snatched away by the vultures of Generation Next. It's over. (by Steve)

By adding *NSYNC to the Star Wars universe, even as fleeting extras, you ruin the SW mythos. Do you see Britney Spears riding by when Braveheart charges the English? No. (by Rarc Flask)

Why not just put the Backstreet Boys in while we're at it Lucas? (by Lance)

As for me :), I do not like *NSYNC, but, bringing them in for a scene is a good idea by George. It will bring a lot more publicity and Perhaps MORE Fans ;). Plus, TheForce.Net's Cutting Room Floor team will have a scene to be happy about :) (by Obi-Juan Kenobi)

I hope that they aren't recognizable. If they are, it's a travesty! (by Todd Porter)

I quote Han Solo: "It's worse". Listen for large numbers of pre-teenage girls screaming out at the part where *NSYNC appears to totally rip you away from the SW Universe. "I have a VERY bad feeling about this". (by welew)

This isn't Star Wars. This is one lifelong fan who has officially given up -- I won't be seeing the movie and letting it dampen my memories of the "real" Star Wars from 1977-1983 anymore. Maybe I'll go see Lord of the Rings again that weekend. (by Joe Vader)

Please, focus less on cameos George, and more on the story and dialogue! (by dennis)

Bad news. (by fshgdugjdjhg)

Just goes to show what can happen to a franchise in today's world. (by Neher)


There is a reason why I am selling off my collection. (by Down with Star Wars...)

Utter Disgust. (by DangerGuy)

Well it's no big thing. If you let this ruin the movie for you, then you didn't have a chance of liking it anyway. (by Nathanielstarr)

I think *NSYNC in Star Wars is a terrible tragedy. It seems with each new film, he is trying to bring down the seriousness of it all with stupid comic relief (Jar Jar). Even if they are only in the movie for a split second, they are still in it. Everyday I appreciate the wonderful original trilogy even more. (by vinnie)

I am disgusted. My stomach sank to the floor when I saw the report on CNN. (by Jason Rivers)

They're only extras. What's so bad about that? (by HBMC of Australia)

They would look like young jedi along with Anakin's own looks. They'll be good as long as they're not used in the movie more than once. (by Brian)

No sir, I don't like it. But I'll see it anyways. (by Darth Hall - Clayton.)

As long as they don't start singing and dancing, and as long as they are in a big crowd, I couldn't care less! (by Jaina02)

How come someone put a pop band into a series of the best movies this century??? (by Jaderz)

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