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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


If they had waited until after the film was released, this wouldn't seem like such a calculated marketing ploy. But they didn't, and it does. Sorry George. (by J_Hotch)

As long as they don't have too big a part and people don't make a big deal out of it. Because this is not about *NSYNC, it's about the best movie ever made. So I'm not gonna worry too much. I'm too excited about the movie to let *NSYNC ruin it for me (by Leia)

Can those guys even act? Now it's probably gonna be screaming teengirls watching the movie because *NSYNC appears on it. (by DG)

On their being in a 2+ hr movie for a split second, who cares. I just wish the press would lay off of it. It's not relevant to the movie at all; just a little sight gag. (by Just Mike)

It is ok, because you won't notice them. (by christian)

I heard they're digitally inserting ABBA into the bar scene in star wars. (by mike)

Hey people, the guy from Cheers was also in Empire, so calm down. (by Hitchcock)

I don't mind that they are in the movie especially since they will not be given the spotlight. They are just doing what many guys are trying to do - get to live the dream of a lifetime. I am upset that they can just walk on and get a role as "unknown jedi" because of their name, while many of us are working hard to get a role as the extra alien in the corner. (by Jeremy)

I don't think I'm going to see the movie now because I realize what a bunch of whiny little nerds will be sitting around me! If your mental and emotional well being is so dependent on a 'perfect' fantasy movie, you've got problems. (by wah my life is over)

As if Star Wars needs a boy band to sell tickets. A cameo from a present day group would totally ruin the fictional fantasy world of Star Wars. I hope it's a short part and that they can't be seen. (by David)


Pure desecration. (by B'omarr)

Absurd and heinous. (by Joab)

I don't really care too much, even if they were shown "singing" a song as the band in the nightclub scene or something. (by _Tenel_Ka_)

To be honest, I feel slightly betrayed by this news. (by Rosie )

The Star Wars series never needed cheap gimmicks to achieve big box office returns. Why George, why? As a huge fan, I find this a big blow to my bubbled ideal of what Star Wars is and what it's about. (by FearAndBullets)

I'm shocked by all these negative comments!!! I love Star Wars as much as anyone but people!! It's only a film!! I doubt anyone will even notice their fleeting appearance!! There are more important things to worry about in life!! (by Chris)

I guess the jedi academy doesn't have a don't ask don't tell policy. (by darth smack)

We can only pray they have no dialogue. Just call up McCallum, say you are a big SW fan and you're in the movie? There is a legion of us that would never get that chance. Just unbelievable. Sad, sad day. (by adam)

I have a bad feeling about this. To me this is a slap in the face. For all of you saying its no big deal, it would be the same thing if the Bee Gees had a cameo in ANH. (by bran)

Absolutely, incredulously, beyond belief! How do you take an act like *NSYNC and put them into a piece of film-making that is supposed to stand as a monumental saga for history? I am totally shocked. (by Max)


Though I love *NSYNC, I think it would be wrong to cast them as jedi knights in EP 2, even if they are in there for a brief moment. I think it will ruin the film, sorry. (by brandie sump)

We the fans are dishing out our money for SW because we love it. They should cast us fans not because we're popular, but because we invest so much more time and money in SW than any other rich and famous kid on the block. (by Fan Solo)

I question the motivation of this whole thing? Is it to attract a different demographic (young girls)? If that is so, then I am disheartened b/c the Star Wars experience shouldn't be about attracting demographics to make more money, or to appeal to a certain age group. I didn't buy that argument with Jar Jar and I don't buy it with *NSYNC. (by Rosie )

This is the worst thing ever to happen to Star Wars. (by Happy Haggis)

Why don't they do any african-american cameos, like Al Sharpton or Cynthia McKinney? (by LandoModelo .45)

Why? All I ask is WHY?! (by Jakolantern)

I hate the fact that *NSYNC is in the movie, and I will not watch it if George Lucas paid me. I am disappointed in this development and will boycott anything Star Wars from now on. (by Ralph)

It's all about the money. To me it just kinda makes a joke of the whole thing. I'd take a hundred Jar Jar's over *NSYNC!!!! (by Kansas City fan)

Out of bad ideas in the Star Wars universe, this one takes some beating! (by angry)

There goes EP2! I'm not seeing it. (by Dave H.)


I do not even like Star Wars, but now that *NSYNC are going to appear in the movie, I would go see it, so I do not know what the problem is. You can get more fans, money, and people will know more about Star Wars. (by darianne)

Um yeah, I'll have a McSellout with double cheezy-fries, and a coke, super-sized please. (by SansRespect)

I, of course, hate to the core of my being the kind of music that *NSYNC represent; and on the other hand I couldn't care less cause they'll be in a blink and you'll miss cameo, if that. But what I haven't seen in any of the submissions is a comment on why they actually did it. It means they're fans like you and me, and we should realise that. (by Darth Rimmer)

If you're going to have cameos, give them to people we can respect. (by Warlock)

It's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. (by Michael A.)

Well at least its not just more Gungans. (by David)

Lucas! No! I have a good mind to protest & not see it!! (by Roger)

I'm outraged. I think this completely ruins the magic behind star wars. If they are cast as extras and no credit is given to their cameo, then why cast them?! Sad to say it, but star wars is becoming another commercialized film where the real fans have no say. (by christine)

The fact that he is putting *NSYNC in the movie makes me not want to watch it. (by Kameleon)

Jar Jar Justin. Joey Fodder and Lance Calrissian? (by Alphie Jimenez)


Truly sick, nauseated, and disappointed. Keep the cameos out of the movie. (by Trooper TK 602)

Can anyone say "Cannonball Run2"? (by Mr.Crowley)

When the ET's made their cameo in the Senate chamber scene in Ep1, I don't recall too much criticism. Don't worry, hopefully we won't even see them, and it'll be a shorter take than the ET cameo. (by Andy)

As Luke himself once said "That's not true! That's Impossible!" The whole thing makes me sick. I just hope it goes by so fast that they aren't even noticed. But, I suppose it could be worse - we could have an Anakin named Leo. (by Rocketboy)

Personally, I do not like *NSYNC. I feel that even a cameo of the infamous boy band would detract from the movie. However, it's your movie, Mr. Lucas. You call the shots in it. I request that *NSYNC not show up in EP3. (by Empress of Justice)

The worst thing in Star Wars history!!!!!!! (by Sky)

Honestly, I wouldn't recognize any of them if I saw them on the street, so unless they do some co-ordinated pivot-twist-jiggy-parry move, I doubt I'll even notice. (by JettFunk)

I'm already dreading this movie with that title. It's still offensive even if they're in it for 2 seconds in the background! (by Kyle)

You people need to face life. I'm about as disgusted at Star Wars as all of you, BUT remember that these new movies are for the KIDS now, just like the original were for all of us as kids back then. (by SW)

They aren't acting and they aren't contributing any dialogue to the film, so it doesn't bother me that much. (by Lord Jason)

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