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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


I have to say that this is a bad move. I have defended Lucas for years. I even defended Jar Jar. The real problem I have with this is that it is probably a marketing move, otherwise it would have not been announced this early. The thing is many fans will be really turned off by this. He does not need to do this!! I really think true unknown fans should be the extras. (by Bobafat)

I think that George and Rick are trying to get more money for the movie (more young girls attending). (by Cha681)

I think it's harmless. They will probably not even be noticed by people not searching (like the geeks we are) for them. Celebrity has its privileges, so let them have their fun. Maybe nobody would like to see you in a cameo, but you would love to be in the movie wouldn't you? (by Jay Eyler)

Negligible effect on the film. If they were performing in the nightclub, that would be different. Cheesy, yes; Apocalyptic, no. (by Darth Bill)

*NSYNC does not deserve to be immortalized within the Star Wars Universe. (by Paul V)

I had remained optimistic about Clones, but this is the last straw. I feel deflated. (by Bill Sorrell)

Just when we thought that Episode II would make up for the disappointment of Episode I. I am ashamed to call myself a fan anymore. (by Rob)

GL should give some lucky fans the chance to be an extra, not guys who are doing as well as they are. We are the reason for his success!!!! (by Sith1)

Who Cares? It will only have an effect if you allow it to. Had we not been told you would have never known they were there. I trust George Lucas impeccably. This is his dream, his movie, I have no fear of a bad movie experience. Get over it. (by Steven)

This is just disgusting!! First, it was bad enough to have to hear all the rumours about Leonardo DiCaprio being cast as Anakin. Luckily that was just a rumour. Now we had to hear this rumour for the last few days, but it turns out to be true !?!?! At least The New Kids on the Block didn't ask to be in it too!! (by obi-wannabe)


Three Simple words: "Worst idea ever!!!" (by slic3r)

At least Leo isn't Anakin. (by Bryan Hodges)

Well...what kind of discussion is this? Do you think really that the presence of five guys in a movie will affect a maybe two hours movie mega production, because they are there only barely a few seconds? If you didn't know they were there it would be a good movie, maybe, maybe not, but sure not because of them. But you know that they are in, and you are sad because it. For you it is the difference between a good and a bad movie? Well, why am I discussing it, at all? (by Criaturilla)

I appreciate that they are in, in so much as they will push all the overly sensitive, selfish, petty little fan boys out of the franchise for good. (by TravCon12)

Who really cares?!?! if no one would have said anything, we'd never even have noticed. It's just a movie! get over yourselves for a minute and understand that. (by too_dark_park)

Since *NSYNC will be in EP2, the movie may (I am going for a long shot here) have a chance of coming close to Harry Potter's box office numbers. This is better than all star wars fans getting upset that Leo may be the lead in EP2. *NSYNC will save EP2. Just keep the force close doubters. *NSYNC will bring dirty pop to the jedi. (by *NSYNC Rules)

Star Wars has been a huge part of my life. Jar Jar was a bad move, but the more I read about EP2, the more worried I get. My whole attitude toward SW is changing. I was already worried about people laughing when they see Yoda fighting, now this. (by Disappointed)

I really don't care, as long as it gets cut out during the editing phase. (by SpAcE aCe)

Yeah, they have a small part and we won't notice them. But there is still that thought that these boys are in a STAR WARS film. There is just no excuse. It's kinda hard to get over although they are extras. (by darthmetal)

I don't care about it, but I wouldn't think people would go so far as to be sick to even see them. Not like they have a musical number or anything like that. (by Duke Groundrunner)


I really don't see the big deal about it. If I had the clout that they do and was a true fan, I would have asked for a part in the next movie also, no matter how small the part. If you ask me, it shows that they are true fans for taking a small cameo in a scene with a lot of extras. (by Juan Hicks)

Very unfortunate, this is. (by Iggs)

If they are only non-speaking extras then so what? (by Ben)

I don't care if they are just cameos, they are in a movie where they don't belong. (by Virginia)

Could you botch the beloved series any worse? EP II was suppose to be the movie of the prequel trilogy. I used to say Lucas can do what he wants, but enough is enough. Fans have to draw the line somewhere, even after Greedo shooting first. I'm slowly losing the force George, and going to start looking for the 1 ring. (by Elegant Weapon)

Not that I am a fan of them or that I am thrilled about this, but who cares? They are going to in the background and you won't notice them unless you are looking for them. Trust me, if I could be a background Jedi I am there. (by Ric Frederick)

I'm sorry but they have nothing to do there. A SW movie has enough pull to bring people to tethers w/o such an obvious marketing strategy. Don't complicate things too much, just let the story flow. It's such a nice story - don't pollute it by over selling it to people. (by Socotroco)

I am all for a good hidden cameo, but *NSYNC? Come on George! (by Luis Cabello)

I think that putting *NSYNC in the movie basically shows a lack of care about the seriousness of the film. To put pop culture cameos in a Star Wars movie is a blatant attempt to appeal to the MTV generation, just as Jar Jar was a blatant attempt to appeal to children. (by Mike Keller)

It's just an extra part. Really! It is George's movie. If he wants to have Reba McIntire, DMX, Kidd Rock, or your mom, it shouldn't matter. It is his movie. Please people. It's not like they were cast as headliners. (by Htowndood)


I don't care, since the only have a quick shot, and I don't know how they look so I will most likely not notice it. It's still Star Wars. (by Valdemar Haugaard)

This is like when we heard that Leonardo DiCaprio would be cast as Anakin, only this time it's actually happening. When we watch AOTC 20 years from now, those boys will be long gone!!! I'll just shut my eyes when they come on screen. Why, George, why???!!!??? (by alienne)

Come on, give me a break. I don't think is even worth the effort to worry about this, I mean, it's not like they were cast to be part of the Jedi Council. Besides, I don't think I'm gonna be able to find them on screen, simply because I don't know them as individuals :-). (by Erick Oros)

Star Wars Holiday Special 2: Attack of the Boy Bands. (by Darth Laurentius)

I agree with those who don't care as long as there are no serious acting parts. I'm not a fan and wouldn't even recognize them anyway. (by Luther The Bezerk)

Hey George, I like Star Wars too, so why don't you let me be a jedi extra, huh? (by starwoid)

Who cares? They're extras. You probably wont even be able to see them without "freeze fame" and "zoom" features on your DVD player. (by Louis Skywalker)

What's next, Barry Manilow playing the older Anakin and Barbara Streisand singing a duet with Michael Jackson for the new Star Wars theme? (by CrosseyeLion)

Well I'm sorta upset, yeah. But you know, we're only going to see them for like 2 secs, so I'm not going to throw a huge fit about it. From what I heard they love Star Wars. If you guys noticed though, Episode II is more like the world today, for instance the costumes, the people etc. It's really weird though. And to let everyone know, I'm not an *NSYNC fan at all. (by JediJen)

I didn't think he (George) needed another publicity stunt to increase "popularity". (by cat)


Come on people, I mean it's no worse then putting E.T. in Episode 1. (by Jodog1)

Don't like it, it's just more publicity for the band. (by JarJarBynks)

This is funny as hell! (by Willie)

Why not Menudo and Boyz II Men? Why they cutting the brotha's out? (by cameron)

This kind of reduces the myth and magic of the Star Wars universe into pop culture. If Lucas intended Star Wars to be pop culture, more power to him. But, we who see Star Wars as a myth are very, very, very disappointed. (by Siclops)

It's just another excuse to make a few new figures aimed at the teeny boppers and to try and draw them to the movie. (by Bulbous Fett)

I thought the boy playing Anakin Skywalker was a member of *NSYNC??? (by JoJo)

Your most loyal will fans will be "Gone........GONE..........They'll be GONE" (by Willie)

This sounds like a Simpsons episode. (by Wingut)

No Lucas, don't do it. I had so much faith in you. Please!! (by Aaron)

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