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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


I never thought I'd say it, but this is a horrible decision by Lucas. Hey George, I'm a fan too, can I be in the movie? This is completely flabbergasting!!! (by edit them out !!!)

It's not a big deal. Think of them as set decorations! (by Norseman)

As long as they don't talk, move, breathe, look at the camera, move, are in costumes so they aren't recognizable, don't sing, don't dance, or do anything at all associated with boy bands. And if they are Jedi, then God have Mercy on us all!!! (by Curt Janzen)

People are blowing this way out of proportion. Hundreds of movie sites are all talking about this tiny, insignificant cameo by a group of Star Wars fans. I admit, I do not like *NYSNC's music, but hey, if you were offered a role in a Star Wars film, wouldn't you take it? (by Phillip I.)

This is super bad!!! (by a person)

It's a shame and a travesty that Lucas would submit to such a an act for media attention for AOTC. (by Joel Slater)

It won't even matter, just like Nathan Hamill's cameo. (by Doug)

I am disappointed. Star Wars is not a game, it's art. You're hurting a lot of people. The part where we party because SW is back is over. It's time to get serious and get down to the film-making part. (by Devin Whiting)

Being a huge Star Wars & *NSYNC fan, I have decided that this is one reason to lift my boycott of Episode 2. Plus, JC is a big fan of the series. I can't wait to see them!!!!! I am in the minority, too. This will mean more ticket sales. Maybe AOTC will beat Titanic!!! (by Jedi_Liz)

Jar Jar was a mistake in the 1st episode and now they are trying to follow it up with another one? Come on, Episodes 4,5, and 6 didn't gain the fan base they did based on gimmicks. By letting these guys in your film, it loses credibility with me, and probably most of the people out there that got you where you are today. Why don't you go back and watch Episodes 4 and 5 and relive the magic that was created there. I thought these films were supposed to be serious and not about insulting true fans. (by Troy Bronner)


Please, please God... let this be a hoax. (by Kiki)

I'm a huge fan of the movies and they didn't let me be in one! (by KUYoung26)

Well, since they're only appearing as extras, I can breath easy. It's not as though it really matters, and hey, it's just more hidden stuff to look for. (by BigBossNass1138)

Sweet Mother of Ghandi say it isn't so! (by Darth Bill )

It's not a big deal! We probably won't recognize them because they'll have make up on. (by Chris)

May the boy band be with you! (by Harry Knowles)

I think Uncle George is trying to hurt me. I survived Ewoks, I survived Boba Fett looking at the camera in ANH:SE, I survived Luke screaming in ESB:SE, I survived Jake Lloyd, and I even survived Jar Jar. (by Mr. Anderson)

ATOC is a perfect title, because *NSYNC are just another one of those cloned boy bands. Sheesh...you want a *CAMEO*, put KISS in the battle scene with full makeup ::snicker:: (by Gary X)

Get Over It. You'll never even see them in there until the DVD is released and you can step through frame by frame. (by TV's Frank)

I don't care what kind of buzz this movie gets, I am not going to see it in its first week (if at all). Maybe I'll rent the DVD, but they are not getting my box-office dollar. (by SuperKarater)


I know that they're "just" going to be in a shot with a lot of extras, but the plain fact that they will be in the movie just sickens me. This is another stunt to pull more money into the film. *NSYNC are the last people I would ever want to see in a Star Wars movie, they have and will taint the SW Universe forever. (by Ashley (Obi-Bunnie))

This is simply a manoeuvre to try to get the female audience to have a reason to see Episode II and rack in more dollars. They're focusing in on what can rack in more money and less on being true to themselves and the fans. Things took a turn for the worse somewhere between the classic trilogy and Episode I. (by Jon Meyer)

Having been a child of 8 when the original trilogy started, I never remember things like this transpiring. We went to see Star Wars for all of the magic that it held, not to make sure we could see some cameo by some guy who wanted to be in the far corner just so that he could brag about it later. The Lucasfilm cameos in EP 1 had me wondering, but this *NSYNC thing takes the cake. What will be next? *NSYNC doing dance steps in a video called " Jedi Unique"? (by Timponobi)

First the title, now this? Does Lucas actually *want* people to watch his movie or not? (by Byron)

I find the decision to let an extremely recognizable group of pop culture figures play extras in a scene dishonourable. (by sam_speer)

Disgust, pure disgust. Star Wars will never be the same! (by JawaGirl)

Dear God WHY?!?!?! was my first reaction. In my opinion, they should never have said anything about it. Now when I see a big scene with a lot of extras, I'll have the idea of *NSYNC being in there somewhere! (by Steven)

It's just sad disturbing news to hear. Why wasn't Michael Jackson in ROTJ? At least Michael Jackson still lives around today. Where is Hanson? Why didn't you just stick them in a Special Edition of the trilogy? Their fame was soaring in '96 when the films made their new debut! (by Speer)

I think this horrible, truly horrible. Not because it's going to make the film any less good in quality, but because it's adding to much self-consciousness to the magical experience that is Star Wars. Does Lucas not realize that this will be an unpopular decision in perhaps 99% of his fans' eyes?! C'mon Mr. Lucas, please! Show the same love for Star Wars that the rest of us do! Please! (by The REAL JC)

A lot of apologists are saying: "If you were offered the chance, wouldn't you be in it?" There is a huge difference between "ordinary" Star Wars Fans, and *NSYNC. Someone else hinted at this "spoiled rich kid" concept. *NSYNC won this cameo based on their fame, and that's irritating. If George Lucas were to organize a contest to allow normal Star Wars fans the opportunity to be extras in EP2, that would be 100% different than choosing a popular boy band that has Hollywood connections. (by Why This Is a Big Deal)


You know, I am so disappointed in GL's decision's about the new trilogy anyway that this doesn't surprise me in the least. EP1 with Jar Jar and little Anakin all catered to the kids. The original trilogy was real, true Lucas genius. Now it's just all a ploy to make money and give kids something else to scream for. Well fans, we should have seen this coming when George decided on Ewoks instead of Wookies. (by JB-Jedi)

Long as Britney Spears is also in it wearing the princess Leia ROTJ outfit, the one from the Jabba the Hut scene, I wont mind one bit (by nevets1)

Really, really ill. (by J. Browne)

Big deal. (by Antilles01)

We (the fans) spend hundreds of dollars on collectibles and haven't been offered one chance to be in a film as an extra. You would think that maybe a contest of some kind would be offered that the average person could be cast as an extra, not just the 'rich and famous'. That's my 2 cents. (by HanSoloOfOmaha)

Man, why do they get to be in Star Wars ? George could have taken, I dunno, orphans or something, and everybody would be happy. But NOT *NSYNC !!! NO !(by sam)

Now I'm embarrassed to have liked the first 3 films. Will Lucas become synonymous with sell-out? (by nolongerafan)

Well the movie is about clones. (by Max)

Now I'm really disappointed that New Kids on the Block were not included in the special edition cantina scenes of the original trilogy. (by amos)

As an awe-struck 8-year-old in 1977, it was evident that George Lucas was not going to cater to my preferences. I asked my Mom why he used Kenner to make action figures without elbow and knee joints, when Mego could make them with joints. Her guess? Cheaper to make. I didn't like it. As an adult, I don't believe Mr. Lucas wishes to alienate fans, but he's in the business of making money. That means Jar Jar Binks and cameos stay. I don't like it, but at least *NSYNC can bend their arms and legs. (by Darth Serious)


I think it's perfectly fine. They'll be totally unrecognizable so what's the big deal? People really need to find something else to moan about. (by Greg In WA state)

Hey, as long as we don't have to deal w/ them having dialogue or getting action figures, so be it! (by JediMike)

Episode III has a cameo with Britney Spears playing Jabba's new slave girl. (by Dasjerm)

Honestly, Does Lucas know how many people hate these guys? (by novafire)

Hey it's a Cameo.. big ole deal. And another thing, it's just more than likely a publicity stunt. I mean, look how many people are hearing about the movie now and think of how many *NSYNC fans there are too. Making it public makes it seem as if Lucas actually planned it. (by SkywalkerG)

Dude, as a girl I couldn't care less if *NSYNC is in the movie. We won't be able to see them in the background, they can't mess up the plot line or take away from the real characters in the story, and if you are a true fan, it won't make a difference anyway. Star wars is Star Wars, with or without *NSYNC. (by Amidala)

I think this goes against everything Star Wars has been about. If this affects anyone's view on how the movie will be they are ignorant. Can't wait till Episode 2! (by Aaron Klausing)

All the brilliant actors out there who would love bit parts, let alone all the millions of fans who have dedicated their live to Star Wars, and they put *NSYNC in the movie. =( (by Lacrox)

Who cares? An extra is an extra. Just don't pay them. (by Sandfarmer)

I am totally and utterly disgusted about the boy band appearing in EP2, even if only for one shot! (by Jessica)

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