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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


These films are dear to me. This saga has become part of my life. To see it treated so cheaply diminishes the films and the fans who hold them in high regard. The frivolous inclusion of this group, however brief, makes me feel at once sad, embarrassed, and angry. But I'll still see the movie. (by Wookie_scalp)

Not that I'm asking for a part, but I don't think the *NSYNC boys are more of a fan than most of the people here, and we didn't get a part!!! This is frustrating. (by Jeremias Echeverria)

It doesn't matter if they're in EP2 for a second or the entire movie, just the fact that they're in there already ruins the movie. The bad taste in the mouth is still going to be there. I'd rather see Jar Jar in every frame of video than *NSYNC for a second. (by Flasm2)

I'm OK with it, if they really stay in the background, don't have any lines, and can only be seen for a few tenths of a second. (And don't have a song on the soundtrack CD). (by Jussi)

I refuse to see it now. It's hard not to swear, but this is just sick and wrong. I don't care if it's for 10 seconds. It's just not right. It's a total sell-out and will ruin the entire series for me. With Lord of the Rings here, I think it will rank as the new king. (by Phil)

It is ridiculous that Star Wars cameo's are up for grabs, all you gotta do is express interest. It worked okay with Samuel L, he's an actor, but *NSYNC? I wish I was famous, so I could be on Leno and mention how I'd love to be a jedi, and get a part. I hope it's the smallest fleeting moment in all of history. (by Razbo)

I like the juxtaposition of Tfn headlines: "Lucasfilm Confirms *NSYNC in Episode II", "Church Burns Star Wars Items", "Big Box Office Receipts in 2001", and "Silly Predictions for 2002". Everything's coming together in a weird way. (by DanielT)

I'm sure it won't ruin my movie experience, however, it is a pretty silly and disappointing move. (by Iwakura)

I don't care if you can't even see them, it's still stupid. This is just a big popularity contest. They say they're Star Wars fans - if they are Star Wars fans, I want them to sing about it, I want see their collections, I want them to come and tell me about Star Wars. If I'm impressed, then it's ok, but right now, it's not ok, because we are much bigger fans than they are, and why aren't we in the movie. (by Nic )

So much for "suspension of disbelief"... (by Dark Lady Valeris)


People, who cares!!! Let's get over this hating Boy Bands. I dislike pop music as much as the next 20 year old male, but I'm happy for anyone who gets to be a part of the making of AOTC, even if it was *NSYNC. So let's get past the fact that we don't like these guys, and let's be happy for them. (by JoeFOREiS)

For all you geeks complaining, get a life. It's a small non-speaking role. (by vick82)

Could be worse, he could've got Culture Club to cameo. (by Darth Nomad)

George didn't let Michael Jackson in EPI, so why did he let *NSYNC in EpII? Getting way too commercial for me. First Jar Jar, now this. (by SRF)

The integrity of timelessness has been compromised. (by Sid Mussburger)

Decisions like this prove that EP2 will not be good. Just knowing they're in the movie is enough to ruin it. He finally did it. (by WHAT!?)

I realize with this news that the new Star Wars films are not meant to be great pieces of cinema, as the original trilogy was. Instead, they are being made simply to be made. Worse, they are not being made for fans of the films. They are being made simply to fit into present pop culture. A New Hope created pop culture and is hailed as a classic movie. Unfortunately, it appears as if the next two films will not. (by Bill Margelewski)

This is just another way to commercialize the Star Wars franchise much like Episode 1. Just keep them out of it George and make Star Wars how you made in those many years ago. Unknown actors and actresses and a great story which led to three great movies. (by big_d_70)

They could of at least kept it secret and a mystery until the movie came out!! Anyone else would have been fine. (by dskywalker)

Well, I would not mind Lance in the movie, but if Timberlake is in it ... (by Angelic_308)


Why? I am a big Star Wars fan, why didn't McCallum put me in as an extra? Why is George Lucas killing the legend that he started 20+ years ago? At least Lord of the Rings hasn't sold out yet. (by Michael Steed)

You know, this is not that big of a deal in the end. It is not as if these boys are gonna be dancing into battle or anything. We probably would never have noticed if it hadn't been announced, and this will probably boost the numbers for the film in the box office. The girls may even go multiple times if the cameo is so short that they can't see them the first time around, who knows? (by The Wedge)

Well I think it's a major disappointment. I don't mean to be mean either. Putting them in is just lame. (by James )

I'm not happy about this but I hope the scenes of *NSYNC will be short. (by Davey Boy)

"I've been in Star Wars" - any jobs going in the music business? How about a dancer for *NSYNC - I'm your biggest fan - yeah right!! (by Dringy)

Is this real? I think I have had this nightmare before. First the decipher contract, now this? Maybe this is some sick early April fool's joke or something. (by DBane)

Just the fact that those dancers can go around saying they were in Star Wars should make any true SW fan upset. There used to be an elite list of names that were linked to Star Wars, well that list is no longer elite. (by why, why, why?)

This is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to the 'Star Wars' franchise. I'm not usually moaning about so much of the tedious things you hear from little SW fanboys, but this is truly ridiculous. On one hand it's just a few extras, but on the other hand, what on earth is Lucas thinking? A boy pop band in Star Wars films?!? Man, he is really trying to sell this to 9 year old girls - first a love story (which is ok), and now n-sync. This movie had better be good. (by Patton Smith)

Why does Lucas continue to torment the real fans? Did we not buy enough Episode I paraphernalia the last time? (by Rod)

As if the theme music isn't good enough, the marketing push behind the movie will now be "It's gonna be May" (by eddie)


Petition, anyone? seriously. (by Dave)

Fame and fortune buys you a spot in SW history? It is a hard life. (by Ozhaggis)

What real talent does *NSYNC have that would warrant them being in SW? Tomorrow I'm going to start a boy band. (by Dirk)

*NSYNC in the new "Stars Wars" movie!? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! That's bad enough to get Christopher Lee angry, and conjure up the Orcs. (by Steven Millan)

You guys are making too much of a big deal about this. I doubt you will barely even be able to see their faces in the movie. (by wwfmike)

As long as they don't make action figures of them it's ok. I don't want to see *NSYNC on EP II merchandise, that would simply kill it for me. Well, one things for sure. If they weren't famous, they wouldn't even make it into the movie. In the end, who cares. (by Master_Jedi)

I don't know what to think actually. The entire principle of cameos makes me squirm in this case. Maybe it's the fact that something so bubble gum is entering the Star Wars universe has me on edge. (by Sean)

Jedi knights are supposed to be talented, brave, strong, guardians of the galaxy!! And then they cast *NSYNC as jedi knights!! (by dark empire)

If people are going to get upset over who is an extra in EP2, then so be it. I won't think about it past today. (by Razorback)

A New Hope was the greatest movie of all time. Instead of creating another historical, epic film, it seems all they want to do is expand the fan base. (by Baelstrom)


I'm ok with a one second appearance. It's another treasure item to look for. Now if they were given speaking roles, that would be something else. As it is, I'm ok with it. I'm certainly not watching Episode II for those boys. (by Chad Evans)

Jar Jar dancing with *NSYNC, now there's a vision of Hell on Earth. (by xenophilliac)

Aaaaarrrrgggh!!! Horrible! No no no!!! Isn't it bad enough that Ep2 looks like a sci-fi channel TV movie?!!! What, Britney and Christina as Sith in Ep3? No wait, don't wanna give the guy any ideas. (by Andy H)

As long as they don't have a prominent role and are just background people, I couldn't care less. I will say if you were going to pick some type of stars to make an appearance like that, why not Sarah Michelle Gellar, Allison Hannigan or Gillian Anderson as female Jedi? (by Chris Tellez)

So let me get this straight, if I ask Rick if I can have a small part in EP II, he will cast me just like that? Wow! (by Groovy Tuesday)

I'm hoping George will listen to the fans on this one and wipe them out or replace them digitally. C'mon George, it's not too late to hit the delete key and say Bye..Bye...Bye to *NSYNC. (by JediAdmin)

Who cares??? They'll be in the background, and they have no lines in the movie. You won't even notice people. But of course, the jaded cynical whiners will dwell on this for the next 5 months, just giving them a reason not to like the movie. (by Brian Skywalker)

That's the end of Star Wars for me. I can't think about these films the same way I did. Thankfully they did not take Leo, but maybe this is worse. *NSYNC may be fans, but they don't deserve to be Jedi!!!!!!! (by JoeJoe the Idiot Circus Boy)

It really sucks!!!!!!!! (by Erik Fl?isbonn)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. This ruins the entire SW saga for me!!! (by John vd Laar)

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