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How do you feel about NSync being in Episode 2?


What next? Miss Cleo as a sith!? (by anonymous)

There is a disturbance in the force. (by krossfire)

Not a big *NSYNC fan, but if he's going to put SW celebrity fans in the movie, I was told by James Marsters he'd love to be in a SW flick!! (by Blech)

Samuel Jackson is a fan, he can act and his character plays an important role. Someone at LFL seems too be using this as a publicity stunt. (by Mack Windu)

If they can get a cameo, why can't I? Are they better than me? No, I just lack the proper "connections." (by Miklon)

The reason George Lucas keeps giving fanboys horrible movies, is because he knows that no matter what he does -whether it's Jar Jar Binks, horrid story telling or *NSYNC - he knows that you'll show up to see the latest Star Wars movie. If you don't show up in theaters, then he'll know you mean business. You can't say you hate something, if you keep showing up and paying money to watch it and buying its products. Don't go see Star Wars if you don't like the content! (by KAW)

*NSYNC? If George feels that he needs to give any Star Wars fan a cameo, how about Kevin Smith? He has done more to keep the universe alive than *NSYNC. I will reserve my final judgement till the credits roll. (by jobo fett)

Does it really matter who plays a cameo in the movie? Everyone here would love to be in the movie, but as soon as someone famous gets a cameo it turns into a bad thing. Get over it. It is only a movie, a special movie granted, but still a movie nonetheless. and *NSYNC are only going to have the briefest of moments on screen, it's not like it is going to be a big part. (by mj)

Jeez Louise! First Jar Jar, now this. I hear Alf is also available for cameos. (by McmAnakin)

I think this is terrible news. I've been a Star Wars fan for 10 years, but this takes the cake. It seems that Star Wars is slowly being destroyed. (by Jedidaniel)


I really don't care that much after thinking about it. My initial response was dread. Where is the franchise headed? But the scene is supposed to be minuscule, only half a second. The boys will be in the back, too. They're screen filling, nothing more. No dialogue. So I say it's fine. :) (by Kenny H.)

Who cares? I can see why this is news (SW fans are renowned for being obsessed with the trivial), but if it was someone more popular with the fans (like John Williams), would it be so much of a controversy? (by Devster)

My respect for Star Wars is fading. (by slayman)

All this has does is prove that Lucas feels he needs pre-release word of mouth buzz in order to sell tickets to AOTC. They're afraid AOTC will bomb, since after TPM many fans have become cynical towards the franchise, and won't be lining up or pre-ordering multiple sets of tickets (including me). (by 4Adam30)

It's a shame, since it cheapens the myth of Star Wars. George has even double-crossed his own words. When asked why he didn't hire Michael Jackson for the voice of Jar Jar, he said he doesn't hire celebrities. Well, apparently he does. (by jettison)

I can't believe it. (by smek7)

I would like to know how veteran actors like Christopher Lee, Liam Neesen and Ewan McGregor think, knowing the hard work they did to get this role. (by TKO)

George, I'm available for Episode 3 and a big fan just like *NSYNC. (by Mike)

I don't like it, but I'll deal. There are far worse tragedies in the world today, when you put things in perspective. And a two-minute cameo is nothing. It's not enough of an issue to throw a tantrum about. True fans will see the movie regardless. The rest can just stay home and whine amongst themselves. (by Galadriel)

They have a special attack formation where they all move in unison creating a nauseating effect to the opponent. This will also affect the audience if they speak so they were not allowed to do so on the set. (by Lame)


*NSYNC belong on a concert stage NOT Star Wars. It is just wrong. (by Jedi Knight 666)

I went to bed last night, hoping yesterday had all been a bad dream, but this morning, I realized it's all over. I'm 30 yrs old, and have been a fan since day one, not since the special editions like most fans. This tears my heart out. Don't yell at me and tell me to calm down. It's bad enough we got made fun of as geeks all through growing up, but now to defend *NSYNC? Forget it. You've lost me George. And don't tell me they have no lines and will hardly be seen, it doesn't matter. (by richie)

Sick to my stomach. I don't know what else to say except that maybe they won't hype it, we'll all forget, and then not even notice them until you freeze frame the DVD. (by Sean McMullen)

Episode II should be called "We've All Lost Hope" (by Jimb0)

Further proof that the new movies are aimed at the kiddies. (by jj)

Doesn't bother me, except I'm an actor, and nowadays it looks like someone's kids likes some band or something, and they get parts in films or TV shows, with auditions, while actors who went to school and learned to act are struggling to get auditions or noticed! (by JediMistressDragon)

This is a disgrace. My respect for Lucas has decreased. (by JeffB)

I will not pay money to see this movie if *NSYNC is in it! It isn't the fact of how long they appear, it's the fact that they are in a Star Wars film! (by Wayne)

I don't really support it but it probably won't matter (I could never find ET in TPM). Only problem is that the fanbase'll never shut up now. (by Crusader)

You know that all of you complaining about it are still going to see the movie 12 times. *NSYNC in a minor part where you can't even tell it's them has no bearing on the film as a whole. Why do so many of you feel that Lucas OWES you something? It's his world, he can do what he wants. The movie is still going to rack up a billion-trillion dollars and be the biggest movie of next year-thanks to all of you that complain about everything that you hear about it. (by kabe)


I suppose they'll pass off as Cantina creatures. (by yoda)

It seems like there's less and less to look forward to about this movie every month. I know Lucas isn't making these movies for the fans, but shouldn't their feelings factor in just a little bit? (by macleod_73)

What can I say that has not already been said? That's just disgusting. (by Yves-Marie Bougu?nec)

I plan to sell every thing Star Wars I own now. I am ashamed to even be a fan of the movies any longer. (by A.L.)

This is an outrage! Oh look, there goes my respect for any one involved in the new movies! (by Casey Brown)

Like anyone is actually going to notice them, they're just bodies, extras. They might not be the only celebs in there! Once we've been taken back to that galaxy a long time ago, far far away it doesn't matter what we're seeing - Ewan McGregor becomes Obi Wan, Sam Jackson becomes Mace Windu. To be honest, I find the whole thing quite amusing, and those who don't should really think about discovering their sense of humour - Star Wars or not! (by Nick)

I just wish they hadn't told anyone, ignorance is bliss. This news has taken a little of the shine off of AOTC for me. (by Deckerd)

Since I couldn't pick *NSYNC out of a crowd now, I wouldn't have known it would be them in a scene surrounded by hundreds of other people, but I don't like the idea. So, they're big Star Wars fans and they just ask if they can be in the movie? Well, guess what, I'm a big Star Wars fan too, and you don't me see me begging for a role as an extra. (by Donna Jonas)

Who Cares! It really isn't a big deal at all. I bet when we see the movie you won't even find them, and if you spend your time watching the movie looking for them, well then you got issues. (by Anthony)

If you would let a 2 second cameo stop your enjoyment of a movie, that's your problem. I couldn't care less who has a cameo. (by EvenPiell)


Alright, I hoped Episode 2 would be better than the first, but that's done for. I'll just erase any memory about the creation of EP1-3 and rely on the old series. (by did something happen?)

I couldn't tell you what *NSYNC looked like anyway. If they let me I'd make a cameo, wouldn't you? (by Anivin Nightcrawler)

Who cares? What's the big deal. ET made a cameo in Episode I right? (by Ellis)

Bah, whatever. It's not like they are gonna be Anakin for cryin' out loud. They'll just appear briefly. (by Darth Majin)

In 10 years no one will even know who they are. (by Rob)

I am seriously disturbed by this kind of stuff. You didn't see the Village People make an appearance in The Empire Strikes back and The Knack was not in the background at Jabba's Palace. This is pandering to the public, destroying artistic integrity and forever damaging the mystique of the Star Wars universe. (by Bob A. Fett)

They are just extras with no lines so no big deal. Plus they our on screen for two seconds. Besides, it is just talk. Until I hear it from Lucas or Rick's mouth I will not take it has set in stone. (by scott)

It's not just the fact that *NSYNC completely takes me away from the Star Wars universe, as some of the staff members at TFN so politely put it. But for all of the thousands of dedicated fans who would have loved to have been an extra, *NSYNC gets in because of their name and status. Plain and simple, it's just not fair. And after their cameo appearance in a recent issue of the comic Wolverine, wherein the boys' appearance broke the believability of the vicious crowd therein. (by Kae Sue)

Now every girl 8-14 will want to see EP II. The Movie records will fall like deactivated droids!!!!!! Hail Emperor Lucas!!! (by khaine)

I give up. I can't watch this movie anymore. Star Wars will never be the same again. ( I hope McCallum doesn't make *NSYNC Action Figures) (by Fabiano Skywalker)

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