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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I think it's GREAT! (by Darth Maven)

I love it. The trailer was absolutely incredible. The only thing I would like changed is the ability to save the trailers to disk. (by Dan Wendt)

One Word! CHEATED!!! (by Dustin)

I think it sucks. I just bought a new computer a month ago but passed on the DVD-Rom drive 'cause I have a DVD player and a killer sound system. Why would I watch movies on a computer screen? I've bought everything LFL has put out related to SW, and to get snubbed like this is terrible for the fans. It only makes bootlegging, something we know Sith Master Lucas hates, almost necessary for some of us! (by HarpuaFSB)

I think that exclusive content on the DVD-Rom is O.K., but I have a DVD-Rom computer. If I did not, I would feel cheated, and I think that those who do not have DVD-Rom are cheated. (by Hossmaul)

I was miffed that the DVD content was originally only for Windows users. Then they announce that Mac users can access the DVD content as well. That's great but the only problem is that the site for Mac users seems to be down all the time. Why don't they put the trailer on the website for all to see I don't understand. I really don't feel like buying a dvd-rom drive for my PC just to see a trailer. (by Darth Grouchy)

I think that the concept isn't too bad. You can't please everybody. However, at least let us be able to download it to our machines!!! I think a lot of the stink can be elimated if this one particular constraint would be lifted. (by FearAndBullets)

Well in a few months it should be legal to download the trailer. (by d JAR JAR)

Thanks for the Mac link, but I've still not been able to get it to work I've got a G4 with DVD ROM, a cable connection, and the Episode I DVD, but still not workin'??? I did see it on a friends PC, and it was quite wicked, the 'Mystery' trailer. (by Dislodge)

I wish it was not just for DVD-rom owners; I don't have a DVD-rom. (by Chris Merritt)


Lucas could had made a password on the DVD-folder, so you just could use that password on the main-page to see the exclusive content. (by Sneglwalker)

I bought the dvd, but because I have a mac. I cannot view this 'Mystery' trailer. How fair is that? (by JASON)

I wish it was not just for DVD-rom owners; I don't have a DVD-rom. (by Chris Merritt)

The events of the Nov 9th trailer day were just plain terrible. Lucasfilm's idea to implement the online DVD technology is fine, but they've basically deployed a software solution without the support infrastructure that such a thing requires to be successful. Not to mention the lack of server power and/or communication lines to solve the Nov 9th bandwidth problems. (by neojedi)

I can't believe this rubbish. No Mac support. It's freakin' QuickTime for god's sake. I am extremely annoyed right now. (by Jonathan)

I usually have no complaints with anything George does. And for the most part, I am not too upset over this. My issue is that I do not have a DVD rom player (or a computer currently) to see this extra info. I guess since I can't see it, then it doesn't affect me. I am not so engulfed in it, that I have to see everything, but I wish that I could. (by Matthew Houk)

The Mystery Trailer REALLY makes it worth it. If not for that trailer, it really is a waste of effort, money and anticipation, because the content isn't very exciting. But the Mystery Trailer makes it all worth it! (by Jeffskywalker)

I own the DVD but I have been unable to view the trailer so far, and it makes me mad. The interactual software is a joke. It is terrible. It crashes half of the time and is extremely slow. I do not have a broad band connection at home, but I do at work. Unfortunatly there is no dvd-rom drive at work. It just takes too long to try and watch it at home. Very dumb idea Lucasfilm. (by Robert)

I think that it shouldn't be just for the DVD owners. I think that we (the DVD owners) should get to see it first, but it should be released within a week or two to everyone else. (by Michael Gibson)

I am so sick of the "I don't have a DVD" & "I shouldn't have to own the DVD" whining I can't see straight. If you don't have one, GET ONE. The trailer was everything that I hoped for. If you don't have these components, stop whining! It's not like they cost a million dollars! (by Eric)


I think it's a lame idea, and it shows that Lucasfilm is taking away the fun and innocence from Star Wars fans. After all this pushing for the purchase of the QT Pro to see the trailer, those of us that only have the player and can't afford the Pro can't see the full trailer, and not even save to the hard drive the other ones (which by the way the "medium" is really SMALL!). Aand now this with the DVD. Makes you wonder why they want to milk the fans! They treat SW like any other money-making machine. LFL is starting to act like their own Empire and Trade Federation: ruthless greed, regardless of poor people or countries where the DVD isn't sold and things like that. (by Jedi Dark Knight)

The trailer itself was phenomal; however, I don't like having to use the player included to access it. If nothing else, allow DVD owners to simply download it. (by nobody)

It's a great idea, but since web technology isn't that great yet, it gets TOO slow; ALSO the trailers keep CRASHING on me. That sucks. (by WaffleKing)

I haven't seen the trailer because I don't have a DVD-Rom on my computer. I think it's totally unfair to limit access to the trailer to those who have a DVD-Rom on their computer. I paid the money for the DVD (heck, I paid the money for a DVD player for my tv!), I think that should entitle me to ALL of the features available. (by JediMom)

No mac support?!?!?! Are you kidding me? (by j mac)

I own the DVD and the content is awesome, but I think the exclusiveness is dumb. Why put off placing the Original Trilogy on DVD (which probably makes fans hesitate to accept the DVD format), then give perks to those who buy Episode 1 when it FINALLY comes out. People wouldn't be complaining if the OT came out on DVD in 1999 because everyone would have a DVD player. (by Darth_Nubian)

I love the trailers, but I think it's unfair to those without a DVD drive/player (by TK421138)

DVD Rom bonus features? Oh yeah, I have to BUY one, install it in my computer, and THEN I can access them! Talk about a waste! Even the VHS Trilogy had a sneak peek at Ep 2! What gives?? (by Jedi "nights")

Being in the UK, my region 2 DVD didn't seem to allow my access to the site (and yes, I was on a PC) - and so I've not seen the trailer. Can't say more than that really, other than that being a major disapointment (by Ferret)

Well I guess my only complaint would be the fact that I have a DVD player on my TV not PC. I think anyone that had the dvd should have been able to go see the trailer. I have seen the trailer and, Wow. Yeah that about sums up the trailer. Any doubt's I could have had are so far away from my mind.This show is going to be cool. (by Kyuss)


I hate the idea that they MAKE you have to UPGRADE to a DVD-Rom. I'm not going to for anything. There is no need to have it exclusive. There should have been a PW on the Ep1 DVD to allow access. (by The LingSter)

I loved the trailer. Star Wars is back! (by Randy Hutchinson)

Lucas has done bad this time. I do not agree with him. (by jordiguerrero)

I like it, but I think they should make it available to non-DVD owners at a later date, like a week or so, for those that don't have the DVD, or for those that don't have a DVD-rom. (by Patrick)

The trailer was too short. They should have had more spoilers. Hell, if I'm gonna pay for this, they'd BETTER ruin the movie! (by Darth Fingerhead)

What a joke! I plunked down my cash for the DVD. I even managed to find access to a not-really-that-common-yet DVD-Rom drive at work. Still couldn't see the content, since it was a Macintosh. - Thanks for nothing, gang. (by Darren)

It wasn't long enough (by 1001 jedi nights)

I quite like the idea, but it's not very helpful because I'm a Mac user. Linux compatibility would be nice, too. (by Jim Cabezola)

Well, all I have to say is I have DVD drive in my computer and I still can't see the new trailer. Due to the simple fact that the software doesn't support Creative drives. So you see, not all of us PC users with DVD can see it (by S.S.I. Shawn)

I thought the trailer was awesome. I almost wet myself. There was so much there that reminded me of the original trilogy. You could easily detect the tension between Obi Wan and Anakin. Padme's hairdo was reminiscent of Princess Leia's in Episode IV A New Hope. May cannot come fast enough (by John Bolier)


I think it's extremely poor of them. It's not that I cant get the content but it's that it's incovienient to do so. The marketing wizards should be very proud of themselves though. (by DarthGoat)

I thought the trailer was great. It's a shame that it was a little short. I think that anyone who might criticise the acting should wait until they see the film. (by Alex Ridyard)

One of the primary reasons why Star Wars could live through almost 30 years of waiting for the prequels was because it is so accessible to the fans. You can write fanfic, and play all you like with the galaxy far far away. Sure, it's all right to impose copyright laws, but keeping the fans away from a trailer and making them buy a DVD doesn't tick. Lucasarts is taking a huge gamble, and is turning the attention of some fans (like me) away from the mythology and into the commerce of it all. Bad! (by Hrishikesh)

I do not like it. I own the DVD, but I have not yet been able to afford a computer with a DVD drive. My wife and I have a mortgage and two car payments. The last thing on our minds is upgrading our computer. However, I have been a lifelong Star Wars fan, and I mean that precisely; I was born six months before Episode IV's release. I would very much to enjoy viewing all of the Episode II previews, but I am prevented from doing so due to a lack of funds. It is a poorly thought out idea. (by Adam Starling)

Since I can't access the exclusive DVD-ROM content because my DVD drive is also a CD-ROM drive, I can't comment on it. I think this is a very stupid technological distinction to make for such access - I bought a computer that plays DVDs, bought the TPM DVD now I'm supposed to buy another DVD-ROM-only drive to see the special material I paid for? Gee, thanks. (by StarTours)

Luckily i have dvd rom access. The Mystery trailer is a real buzz. Great stuff! I feel sorry for you guys that can't see it. It's wrong what lucasfilm has done in restricting it's availability though. (by marky d.)

I can't get my DVD to work properly! I'm annoyed! (by Roder)

I for one do not have a DVD-ROM drive because I have a DVD player. I think it was very stupid to put exclusive footage on a website for people with dvd-roms only!! The new Mystery trailer is awesome! (by Smokey)

It stinks for those of us who do not have computers with DVD roms. (by Obi_von Beethoven)

Not enough stuff to look at! We should be able to view the "Mystery" trailer in Large without QT Pro. We paid for the damn dvd for god's sake! (by Yudhistira)

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