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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


The idea of giving those with the Phantom Menace DVD exclusive Episode II content is sound. The problem is many with DVD home players do not have DVD-ROM drives. The solution? Perhaps there is a way where someone without a DVD-ROM drive can show Phantom Menace DVD proof of purchase and thereby gain access to the exclusive content. On the subject of access to DVD-ROM materials on Macs, a few people are upset with the studios because most of the DVD content on current DVDs are designed for Windows PCs only. For one, the Mac market is only a small percentage and two, the fault here doesn't lie with the studios. The problem is with Apple itself. DVD producers and content providers have said that Apple isn't letting 3rd party software companies have access to their OS code to produce software to view DVD-ROM content. (by jaredb1)

I think that exclusive DVD content is totally great. The implementation leaves a bit to be desired, and I guess that they need to make it fairly "secure" (in requiring the DVD), which makes the trailer difficult to view, but I think its a nice thank you for those who spent the money on the DVD. Lack of Macintosh support is a little dismaying, however I'm glad that they went the extra mile this past weekend and got the video portion of the site to work, as thats really what we wanted anyways. (by Darth Pedro)

At first, I wasn't too happy with the trailer. I found it somewhat disappointing. But when I watched it over a couple more times, I found it to be quite enjoyable. The reason I was having doubts was because of Hayden's acting, but when viewing the trailer multiple times, I guess that's just how Anakin talks. (by Darth Bubs)

It is exilerating. When you watch it, you just want to see the movie tommorrow. Seeing all the images excites you and heightens the anticipation. This movie looks to be fantastic with lots of action and evil present. No more stupid meanigless subplots, just the goods! (by Leonard Gise)

While I was intially upset that macs couldn't access the new AOTC footage, the recent change to that fact also changed my standpoint, hopefully though they'll keep it up. Go Macs! (by Adam Garcia)

It was breathtaking. I loved getting to see the flying whale come out of the water, more or the chase through Coruscant, and getting the see some of the Arena on Geonosis. (by Steven Kovacs)

I think it is a very stupid idea and is only used as a marketing gimic. Even though people have a DVD player others don't have one in their computer and shouldn't need to buy a $60 dollar DVD Rom just to view a 30 second trailer. Why not have the trailers available as a downlolad. What ever happened to word of mouth. Think about it. Even though it is a "streaming file", it is still being "downloaded" to your computer, which Lucasfilm is pretty much giving you permision to do what you will with it. (by Above Secret)

I hope ILM wasn't finished with a lot of those shots, because if they were, I might lost faith in their abilities (by Evan)

I think the whole exclusive thing is a terrible idea, it should be released for everyone. It's just a marketing ploy that shows how much they value their fans. I love Star Wars and it's really saddening to see stuff like this, depriving fans who WANT to see this stuff from getting hold of it because they dont own a dvd drive or didn't buy the dvd. If you bought the dvd, the extra material alone should be 'reward' enough. (by Jonathan Wells)

I've had so many errors and problems with my dvd it's not even funny. The Choices trailer would only load in 480 mode and the Mystery trailer wouldnt load at all. I've got all the plugins required, but the site claims that I shouldn't have access because I am not a dvd owner. If I were to give the site a grade it would be an F (by Solo)


Hey, George, Smarten up! It took you how long to release TPM on DVD? And then you make the AOTC trailer inaccessible to those people without a DVD drive on their computer. You know, not everyone has the money to waste on a DVD drive for a crappy 19 inch monitor. Next time, do us a favour and just put the trailer on the DVD like everybody else. (by Dan)

The DVD trailer should become available to everyone as soon as the Harry Potter Trailer hits theaters. I think it's unfair for all of us who do'nt have a DVD ROM (by OB1-kenobi)

I loved the idea. The dvd was like that old "secret decoder ring" George Lucas probably had in the 50's. Those that complain this is exclusive are just showing they are impatient they can get. You know starwars.com is going to eventually post this trailer for all to see anyways. Last weekend I didn't see the breathing trailer at the movies. No, I waited patiently and what do you know, it showed up on a few tv shows and on starwars.com. Wow, what patience does for a person! Saved money too! (by Kevin Closson)

It's a bit obnoxious. I do not yet have a DVD player, hence, i do not have the DVD. i realize that DVD is the way of the future and all, but at present im not ready to toss out a $150 for a player I do not have a ton of need for yet. I am also not about to spend that much on a computer upgrade at present. I am also sure I'm not the only one without a DVD player and who is a fanboy. (by cyzi)

Now that Mac owners have been served, there's still a population out there that's being denied material it's entitled to: non-DVD-Rom owners. Of course I bought the DVD, as any self-respecting Star Wars fan would. But now I have to have a DVD-Rom drive too? I like to watch DVDs on my couch, not in front of my computer. I pump money into the Lucasfilm machine like Lando Calrissian into a sabacc tourney, so why am I being punished? If you can't serve ALL DVD owners, don't serve any of them. (by AtariChampion)

I feel that there should be more content available, however, what i have seen so far has been very cool. Especially the newest trailer. I would have bought the DVD even if the exclusive content was not available anyway. (by JDorbs)

I think that the content on the dvd website was excellent and so was the trailer "Mystery." It could of had maybe a couple of more things. But it was still excellent. (by Sk8erAdam326)

I don't understand the fuss. How is it any different than just having the trailer on the DVD itself? Nobody seemed to mind that idea, and in fact most were disappointed with Lucasfilm for not putting on the disc. Stop whining and just enjoy the show. (by hoth monster)

I thought the trailer was fantastic. Cheers George, I finally found a purpose for my DVD Rom drive that has been sat doing nothing for 2 years. (by Windy)

Bad move, Lucas. Way to alienate your fans. (by Joe Powers)


With such a marketing ploy, George Lucas and his people at Lucasfilm became bounty hunters. Fans don?t deserve this. (by deckard)

I like the content, but how you get to it is awful. I noticed that I cannot have the interactual browser and and netscape or explorer at the same time. It causes sound and speed problems. It's just too much extra hassle to go through just to see a trailer. They didn't plan this out very well (by jedidude)

I think it's great, if you have a dvd-rom drive (by jedimdm)

I can't access any of the dvd content b/c im stuck behind a firewall... I think that it should be made public :) (by Jon)

I don't like the idea that the movie cannot be saved and watched offline. They have really put a lot of thought into making sure only DVD- Rom owners can view it. I don't think its very fair. "Very Disturbing this puzzle is!" (by jedidude)

While it's a good idea to reward fans, I don't think it's fair to those that have the DVD but not a dvd-rom. (by AT)

Mind Blowing (by KAZ)

The trailer is great, but I also do not agree with requiring a dvd rom. The things are expensive and we've already bought dvd players and the dvd. It's just a bit much. But I say again, Episode II is looking better with each trailer. (by Nicholas Jeknins)

I don't know. I bought the DvD to watch on my television. And even though I have shelled out the money for the film, I can't see the preview because I don't have a Dvd rom on my computer. (by Guy)

I don?t like the idea of splitting the fans in two groups. (by Alexander)


I apparently am one of the few lucky with the DVD, a DVD ROM, and a fast Internet connection. Although I feel sorry for my fellow fans, for my own sake, I must say that Mystery is absolutely amazing. I can't stop watching it. Everything I loved about Star Wars seems to be coming back just from these few scenes. Can't wait until the 16th! (by Mike P.)

I Have a DVD drive on my PC with WINDVD 3.0 and Interactual Player doesn't even work. I spend 3 hours working with it and all I get is errors. Thanks Lucasfilm for choosing a medium that is faulty. (by Russ)

As a true Star Wars fan I bought the DVD and will buy the following ones, however I dont own a DVD rom. Mainly cause I'd rather watch episode 1 (and the original trilogy) countless times in the comfort of my favorite couch, and my big screen. Should I go out here and buy myself a DVD-ROM drive just to watch a trailer? Well, lets just say its not practical. Do I feel cheated? nah, maybe just a little left out. And by reading other posts here I know my fellow fans share the same sentiments (by Eddie One Kenobi)

I think it is great. I like how you can watch exclusive stuff that nobody can get. I think people who won't buy a dvd player don't know what there missing. I think they just think it something that will go away in the future. And with stuff like this dvd rom content it just makes it all that much more nice to have a dvd player/dvd rom. (by buiredintime)

I wasn't as impressed by the trailer as i was expecting, but I've been waiting since I saw the phantom menace to see it. I think it was right to limit the Mystery trailers distribution. Those of you moaning because you've got the dvd and no dvd drive knew that when you bought it ,and can still go and see the trailer attached to Harry Potter. So stop whinging whether you can watch it or not. You still got a great dvd. (by WUV4EVER)

Although I just bought a DVD-ROM drive, I still feel that it is unfair. Lucas seems to be too fond of making us buy something in return for something 'extra'. Even the 'free' Breathing trailer required you upgrade to a new version of Quicktime (at a cost of $29.99). And who was sponsoring the trailer? Lucasfilm and Quicktime. Hmmm. (by Loomis)

This sucks, I own the EP1 DVD but watch it in the living room on my dvd player, I don't have a dvd drive in my computer because the family can't sit around the PC and watch the movie as it should be seen. Now I am screwed out of the trailer! (by Ron Feulner)

It's unfair of Lucasfilm to have not made the disc readable on CD-Rom, since that what the majority of fans will have on their computers, if anything. Either that, or they could have had us type in the serial number on the DVD box. I still haven't seen it and I own the DVD!!!!! (by Chris)

Gee, the trailer sounds really cool. Maybe if Lucas sends me a computer with a DVD-ROM I'll get to see to see it some day. (by Aaron)

I have the DVD but not a DVD-ROM. I'm really annoyed about that! (by Brian)


Great way to reward those who purchase the DVD - content excellent (by siddique hussain)

I think it should be available to everyone. My major fear is that we (the fans) will see so many trailers that the experience of seeing the actual movie might be affected. There's a third trailer coming up (shown with Harry Potter) and it's only November. (by Craig Lewis)

I like the idea of internet only stuff but I am dismayed I can't see it cause I don't have the $200 to plop down for a DVD-ROM. (by nash69)

I don't have the DVD and I can't get DVD-ROM, because my parents won't let me. I'm dissapoinded that I'll probably never see the "Mystery" trailer (by Erin)

Disapointed. The decision not to allow the trailer to be downloaded is a mistake. My computer is not compatible with Quicktime, therefore I cannot view the features. Who's worse? Lucas or Gates? (by tallguy1890)

The "Mystery" preview was awesome !! (by Inferis)

I thought it was very good. I could tell some pre-post-production problems in two scenes. One, a bald person in palpatines throne room looks semi-transparent. And Yoda doesn't look fluid or natural in his movement. Otherwise really great stuff. (by Jedi_TaganCalera)

I think having exclusive features for the DVD is a bad choice. For one, not everyone has a DVD-Rom drive (there really isn't much necessity to have a DVD Rom on your computer right now if you own a DVD player at home). They should make all new media accessible to everyone, or not make it at all. Making exclusive media only further divides the "haves and the have-nots". The wonder of Star Wars should be shared equally by everyone. (by Josie)

I like the concept but many users will not be able to take advantage as DVD is not available to everyone at this time. Another year from now it will be more available as DVD is quickly becoming the standard in home movies. (by Ron)

What a total load of poo doo that you have to have a DVD ROM to see it. (by Danny G.)

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